A New Mars Cycle – Slaying The Dragon

On Saturday, November 18th, 2023, the Solar is conjunct Mars and we now have a brand new 2-year Mars cycle.

This can be a essential transit as a result of it initiates a brand-new Hero’s Journey

The Solar is our identification, and Mars is how we take motion, so when the Solar and Mars meet within the sky, we press the reset button.

This can be a cosmic name to reassess our targets, redefine our needs, and realign our actions with our genuine self.

Mars – The Impulse To Act

In contrast to Mercury and Venus, which by no means go a full circle across the Solar – as seen from Earth – Mars is the primary planet that makes a full orbit across the Solar. With Mercury and Venus we are able to’t have squares, trines or oppositions with the Solar. With Mars, we are able to. 

So Mars is the primary planet that challenges the fated dimension of our character – the Solar – and has a will of its personal. Mars is our free will – how can we get to vary our future and have a say in our evolutionary growth. 

Now we have our first Mars return on the age of two. That is the age of limitless “no’s”. At 2, the kid finds out that they’ve a will, and so they need to train it.

The “no” part is essential in our psychological growth. 

That is after we be taught that we now have boundaries, and that we are able to alter our circumstances.

And not using a correctly developed Mars, we really feel we now have no say within the making of our personal lives, being trapped in a perpetual little one part, relying on others for survival. 

The archetype related to the planet Mars is the warrior, and certainly Mars was historically the god of battle. What’s fascinating, is that Mars was not simply the god of battle, but in addition the king of the military. He doesn’t combat for the sake of destruction, however to guard the pursuits of the king (the Solar).

Equally, the actions we take are in the perfect pursuits of our inside Solar, or of our highest Self.

When Mars is wholesome, our actions merely observe our goal – and we develop and evolve. Once we don’t know who we’re and what our religious goal is, our actions are disjointed, and in consequence we are able to turn into scattered or aggressive.

If we really feel caught, uninspired, or torpid, this may be traced to an unhealthy expression of the Mars archetype. More often than not, we affiliate Mars with anger and aggression, however despair, in lots of circumstances, is rooted within the lack of expression of Mars.

When our actions will not be aligned with our true goal (Solar), when our inside fireplace shouldn’t be ignited, we discover ourselves in a state of stagnation and emotional heaviness. 

Mars is the impulse to behave and pursue our desires and needs (Venus). When this pure intuition is inhibited, when there’s no outlet for the dynamic Mars vitality, we dissociate from ourselves and neglect who we’re. 

It doesn’t assist that in our society, Mars vitality shouldn’t be at all times valued. Pursuing our needs is taken into account egocentric. Stating our standpoint in a dialog is taken into account confrontational. Nonetheless selfishness, anger, or aggression are often signs of misaligned Mars vitality. 

Mars in its purest expression simply ‘is aware of’ what to do. It’s deeply related with its instinct and takes actions that serve the perfect curiosity of our genuine selves. 

Do you’re feeling engaged and motivated? Do you go for what you need? Do you get issues performed?

Or do you lack vitality and motivation, procrastinate, and busy your self with issues that aren’t productive and never transferring you in the direction of your targets? 

Solar Conjunct Mars – A New Mars Cycle

If it’s the latter, there may be excellent news. This sample can change on November 18th. Once we begin a brand new Mars cycle, we now have a singular celestial alternative to press the ‘reset’ button. 

The Solar-Mars conjunction is our likelihood to rewire our Martian impulses, realign our actions with our genuine needs, and break away from the shackles of inertia that maintain us again.

Many people consider change is difficult. We’ve at all times performed issues ‘this manner’. Doing issues in a different way feels alien. 

However the fact is, change doesn’t need to be exhausting. The Mars sort of change shouldn’t be exhausting, as a result of it’s rooted in our desires and needs (Venus). However it does require a key high quality: braveness

With Mars, we don’t really know what’s going to occur if we take motion. We’d fail. We’d get criticized. However the final result shouldn’t be the purpose. It’s the precise act of standing in our fact that may do all of the heavy lifting for us. 

What do you worth? What makes you content? What’s the pure subsequent step to align your actions along with your genuine needs and step into the life you really need?

Solar Conjunct Mars In Scorpio 

The signal of the Solar-Mars conjunction will give us clues about the best methods to specific our needs and assert ourselves.

It’s one factor to have the Solar-Mars conjunction in Libra, and a totally totally different factor to have it in Scorpio. 

The Solar-Mars conjunction occurs at 25° Scorpio. This can be a notably potent Mars cycle. Why? As a result of Mars really guidelines Scorpio. 

In Scorpio, Mars finds it simpler to specific itself. Mars in Scorpio is a pure in any respect issues Mars. 

Mars guidelines 2 indicators: Aries and Scorpio. 

If Mars in Aries is spontaneous motion, Mars in Scorpio is the stoic dedication

When Mars in Scorpio desires one thing, it can get it. Interval. In contrast to Mars in Aries, which is the genius spark of initiation that will get issues transferring, however doesn’t essentially have the stamina to maintain them, Mars in Scorpio is a powerhouse of relentless dedication.

Scorpio is a water signal, which implies it’s motivated by its deepest feelings. Put “water”, “fastened”, and “Mars” collectively and also you get a Rocky sort of character – resilient, sturdy, decided, and able to face any problem. 

Mars in Scorpio is right here to remind us that we now have the in-built stamina and resilience to get completely something we would like.

The one query Mars in Scorpio will press you to reply is “Do you really need it?” “Would you like it badly sufficient?”.

As a result of when you do, you’re going to get it. 

Solar conjunct Mars In Scorpio – Slaying The Dragon

BUT. There’s at all times a however. 

Scorpio’s waters run deep. There are sometimes hidden layers of ramifications to Mars in Scorpio’s needs. Issues are sometimes not as simple as they seem like. 

Scorpio as an astrology archetype represents the deep bonds that kind between individuals – the kind of bonds which are essential for survival.

From the agricultural revolution onwards, a pair had a larger likelihood of survival than people on their very own. The two dad and mom knew they needed to be  collectively by way of thick and skinny, and labored exhausting to maintain issues collectively for the sake of their and their kids’s survival. 

These deep Scorpionic bonds turn into the unwritten guidelines of relating. Our dad and mom cross them all the way down to us. We cross them all the way down to our kids. However then it comes to a degree the place these unwritten guidelines not serve our evolution. 

We don’t need to do issues the best way they’ve at all times been performed. Sure, these guidelines served us properly. However there’s a time to make use of their legacy as a catalyst for alchemical transformation. 

How can we try this?

By metaphorically slaying the dragon.

Dragons symbolize our unconscious, and dealing with them is symbolic of integrating hidden features of the self. 

Carl Jung talked about confronting one’s inside dragons as a part of the individuation course of. 

In Joseph Campbell’s theories, slaying the dragon is a key a part of the hero’s journey. The hero faces challenges, undergoes a metamorphosis, and returns with newfound knowledge. The dragon is the final word problem or the hero’s deepest concern.

The dragon is portrayed within the earliest legends and myths, together with the story of St. George, a Christian martyr who slew a dragon that was terrorizing a metropolis.

This age-old narrative represents the braveness of doing the unattainable – essentially the most troublesome job, by addressing the formidable adversary, liberating the neighborhood from the grip of concern and oppression.

We discover the slaying the dragon metaphor within the Vedic Rahu/Ketu (North Node/South Node) fantasy too.

Within the fantasy, Lord Vishnu beheaded dragon Svarbhānu, who sneakily stole the immortality elixir, threatening the divine order, symbolized by the Solar and the Moon.  

A New Mars Cycle – We All the time Have A Selection

Slaying the dragon is a Scorpio metaphor for chopping the umbilical wire – not in the best way Aries cuts Pisces’, to depart the womb and turn into a person in its personal proper – however to chop our karmic umbilical wire.

When the dragon – a metaphor for our karmic baggage – is slain, the previous (South Node) and future (North Node) are separated. 

The newfound consciousness of their separation is the prerequisite of free will.

This understanding helps us untangle from the threads of our previous, permitting us to consciously form our future. 

Once we are not unconscious of how our karmic baggage influences us, we reclaim the facility to make selections aligned with our true selves.

On the Solar-Mars conjunction in Scorpio, mirror on the deep-seated fears or ingrained patterns which may be holding you again from getting what you need. 

What situation do you have to handle to interrupt free from previous conditioning? What dragon do you have to slay to pave the best way for private transformation?

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