Assembly the Desert Fathers and Moms: Paula of Rome

drawing of Paula of Rome
by artist Trey Everett

The Desert Fathers and Moms of the 4th century had been the unique non secular administrators, sought out by pilgrims coming to them to discover their non secular life. On this sequence, I’m introducing a number of of those superb individuals. Some you’ve gotten heard of. And, some I’m guessing you haven’t.

Meet Paula

One of many earliest of the desert moms, Paula of Rome was born into nice wealth and married a Senator. She lived a comfortable life, donned in costly silk clothes whereas slaves carried her by means of the streets of Rome. However, her life took a dramatic flip at 32 years of age when her husband–who she dearly liked–died, leaving her alone together with her 5 youngsters.

After his loss of life, Paula grew to become deeply spiritual and started a life-long friendship and work partnership with Jerome, a well-respected scholar and ascetic. She traveled the Holy Land with him and a big entourage, taking just one daughter together with her—leaving the opposite youngsters behind with family, whilst they cried and begged her to remain.

Her Contribution to Scripture

In these days, spiritual males like Jerome not often paid consideration to ladies students. But Jerome labored with Paula and her daughter Eustochium to edit his translation of the bible from Greek into Latin, a translation referred to as the Latin Vulgate.

A lot of what we learn about Paula comes from a prolonged letter Jerome wrote to Eustochium after Paula’s loss of life. He speaks of her when it comes to non secular perfection, making it appear as if the one phrases she ever uttered had been quotes from scripture. He most admired her devotion to the poor — she spent all her wealth on individuals who had been in want, didn’t go away a penny of inheritance to her youngsters, slept on goats-hair mats, not often bathed, and fasted practically to the purpose of hunger.

Paula’s Legacy

Paula lived to be 59. Along with her work on the Latin Vulgate, she and Jerome based two monasteries—one for ladies and one for males within the desert of Bethlehem. Paula ran the ladies’s monastery whereas additionally serving as Jerome’s scholarly assistant.

Paula grew to become a saint within the Latin church just one 12 months after she died. She is the patron saint of widows.


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