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Muhammad Yunus, founding father of the Grameen Financial institution, has loaned billions of {dollars} to thousands and thousands of poor individuals who have had no collateral as backup. A lot of the debtors have been girls, and they’re grateful to this program for serving to them to cross over the poverty line. Better of all, Yunus has given hope to those that have been handled shabbily and thought to be too lazy or uneducated to work; given an opportunity they’ve confirmed to be simply the alternative.

Yunus is one in every of solely seven folks on the planet to win the Congressional Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

To Identify This Day . . .


Discuss his ebook: A World of Three Zeroes: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment and Zero Net Carbon Emissions, Muhammad Yunus reveals the ethical rot in capitalist societies the place greed, corruption, and amorality have led to widespread unemployment, environmental chaos, and staggering inequality between the wealthy and the poor. A 2017 Oxfam report reveals that simply eight folks (together with Invoice Gates, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos) personal extra wealth than the underside 50 p.c of the world (3.6 billion folks).

It’s evident that such a large hole between the wealthy and the poor alerts the necessity for a brand new financial system that posits altruism and generosity because the central powers behind the human quest for which means.

Discuss concerning the implications of Yunus’ strategies with household, mates, or colleagues:

  • What have you learnt about “the sharing financial system” as an alternative choice to capitalism?
  • What variations would you anticipate to see if the financial system emphasised selflessness quite than self-interest, the place fixing issues would take priority over revenue?


Watch the documentary:
Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus is an enlightening documentary concerning the revolution wrought by Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Financial institution’s micro-finance loans to the poor. The director Holly Mosher takes us to Bangladesh to see how girls are chosen for this program and the way they use their loans. It’s inspiring to listen to the success tales of those that have confirmed themselves to achieve success entrepreneurs.


Mirror upon these quotes by Muhammad Yunus:

“In the future our grandchildren will go to museums to see what poverty was like.”

“Folks had been poor not as a result of they had been silly or lazy. They labored all day lengthy, doing complicated bodily duties. They had been poor as a result of the monetary establishment within the nation didn’t assist them widen their financial base.”

“Earning profits is not any enjoyable. Contributing to and altering the world is much more enjoyable.”

“The oneness of human beings is the essential moral thread that holds us collectively.”

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