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By Peter Canova

The title of this text is a double entendre. Partly, it refers to an ongoing hen/egg debate about which got here first, consciousness or matter. However it additionally refers to one thing not often mentioned in non secular or New Thought circles, which is that various types of matter exist simply as various types of consciousness exist.

By the use of disclosure, I’m squarely coming down on the facet of matter deriving from consciousness, not the opposite method round. Many theories have been floated making an attempt to exhibit how acutely aware life arose from matter, all of them inconclusive. That places them in the identical class of the consciousness theories that materialist scientists criticize as unprovable, so we will acknowledge that we’re coping with a thriller.

Which means that mystical teachings are each bit as legitimate in explaining acutely aware life as scientific gropings and cracks are showing amongst scientists themselves as a number of theories are being put forth viewing the primacy of consciousness to clarify actuality.

The matter vs. consciousness-first difficulty is definitely a segue to debate the connection between consciousness and matter so just some extra phrases on the subject of origins. It’s fairly a stretch to say that inorganic matter simply sooner or later turned natural by itself then one way or the other gave rise to sentient life. Nonetheless, if we assume consciousness is the supply of all that got here into being, it eliminates the entire infinities and paradoxes in quantum physics, and physicists hate infinities. Rating one for consciousness. I’m positive materialists could have a lot to say about this, however that’s a debate for one more time.

On to the connection between consciousness and matter, however first, let’s outline the character of consciousness. Consciousness and power are intertwined. Consciousness is an clever power current in all phenomena in various levels. Power is the automobile consciousness employs to disperse itself, that’s, to mission its desired impact in each bodily and non-physical types.

The creation story of many mystical, non secular, and non secular traditions have a typical perception about consciousness and power. A supreme primordial Supply—name it the One, God, Supreme Consciousness or no matter you want—stirred to specific Itself and know Itself. A factor can solely perceive itself in relation to a different factor. So, this passive, static Oneness wanted to solid Its consciousness into a special type of expertise. It did this by limiting Its personal consciousness to mission different factors of consciousness that felt a way of individuality of their restricted state of consciousness. These spirit consciousnesses had a way or an consciousness of being a part of the One Consciousness that generated them, but additionally had a way of particular person self.

Maybe probably the most compelling and scientific of all of the creation tales comes from the Gnostics, western mystics who had an incredible deal to do with the earliest type of Judeo-Christian mysticism. Gnostic knowledge was sadly destroyed by the rise of the orthodox Church, although many corrupted parts have been retained in trendy Christianity. The Gnostic creation story is so wealthy in which means that it described phenomena just like the Massive Bang, the God Particle, and parallel universes hundreds of years earlier than quantum physics.

Within the Gnostic story, an necessary facet of God’s projected being was knowledge (Sophia, in Greek) who fell right into a state of chaos. Chaos was a dimension of random probability potential that could possibly be regarded as the unconscious thoughts of the Creator. It was not a void however contained inert seeds of potential that the Gnostics known as proto-matter. Because the story goes, Knowledge Sophia plunged her excessive non secular power into chaos searching for to emulate the artistic energy of God, however issues didn’t work out as she had hoped.

Her excessive non secular power activated the proto-matter, engulfing her and inflicting her to tackle mass. This led to the creation of a brand new dimension, a psychic dimension characterised by matter that was incompatible with the non secular dimension from which Sophia had fallen. 

Herein lies our first key to the connection between consciousness and matter.

The matter characterizing this psychic dimension shouldn’t be bodily matter, however a finer type of delicate matter. It seems that the spirits or souls that fell into this dimension searching for to specific higher levels of individuality assumed energetic types via any such matter. Now, the Gnostic texts describe numerous dimensional gradations, parallel dimensions for brief. Every dimension and the souls grouped therein have been characterised by their vibrational degree of consciousness or consciousness.  

A near-universal axiom of various non secular traditions and even sure elements of psychological idea imagine that people are composite beings current at differing ranges of consciousness with corresponding delicate our bodies composed of ever finer levels of matter. So sort of like layers of phyllo dough in a Greek pastry, we’re strolling sheaths of various levels of consciousness and matter.


If the concept of delicate, invisible matter appears a bit speculative or “New Agey” to you, you would possibly need to contemplate just a few postulates of contemporary science. Our universe shouldn’t be solely permeated by unseen energies however by unseen matter known as darkish matter. Actually, darkish matter is six occasions extra current within the universe than seen matter. It’s what holds the universe collectively, counteracting the drive often called darkish power that’s inflicting the universe to develop. 

Scientists know the way to manipulate power and perceive a few of its properties, however they don’t know what it’s or the place it comes from. The concept that unseen forces or matter are leaking into our universe from different dimensions is gaining floor in some scientific quarters. 

One other extra well-known reality provides us an extra clue in regards to the energy-matter relationship  Now we have Einstein’s well-known equation E = mc2. This tells us that matter and power are interchangeable. Every little thing we understand as strong on this world is only a type of congealed power. Matter originates with power and resolves again into power, as demonstrated by the atom-splitting course of that unleashes the super nuclear drive. 

What does all this inform us? It tells us that consciousness and matter are intimately certain collectively (and bear in mind, consciousness and power are synonymous in various levels). If, as Einstein confirmed, power and matter are inextricably certain within the materials world, now we have each cause to imagine that the delicate our bodies the paranormal traditions communicate of are additionally types of matter, albeit of a lot larger, undetectable power vibrations.

The conclusion—and right here the extra spiritually-minded would possibly need to take word—is that matter could be the automobile that spirit wants to specific itself in any respect ranges of being, so with out matter there can be no particular person existence past the purely non secular being of the Supply. Matter usually has a foul title in non secular circles and positively the grosser it will get the messier consciousness turns into, however we’re in bodily type. That’s what now we have to work with.

The excellent news is that we don’t must be certain by random materials destiny. The interconnectedness of thoughts, power, and matter point out that if we study to work with these elements, therapeutic, dreaming, imagining, and meditating can all turn into actual channels for private and collective change in our lives. 


Peter Canova is a world businessman who, after a sequence of life-changing non secular experiences, started writing on spirituality and consciousness. He’s the creator of the 25x award-winning First Souls Trilogy and has contributed to the favored Hen Soup for the Soul sequence. His newest ebook is Quantum Spirituality.     

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