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The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius - cover of book translated by Louis J. Puhl, SJ - available from Loyola Press
From the quilt of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, translated by Louis J. Puhl, SJ

Within the guidelines for the Second Week the evil ways of the enemy current themselves beneath the looks of excellent. At first look they appear smart and reliable. Ignatius right here takes an much more delicate have a look at non secular comfort than within the first algorithm. These guidelines are involved extra with a specifically delicate enlightenment of coronary heart wanted to tell apart true from false comfort.

As an example, in his Autobiography, Ignatius describes two spontaneous internal experiences that seemed to be holy and good however required a extra delicate discernment. In his every day routine at Manresa, which was crammed with prayer and penance, the time he had put aside for sleep was being invaded with “nice illuminations and non secular comfort”; these experiences “made him lose a lot of the time he had put aside for sleep.” Later in his life, after his return from the Holy Land, when God’s will that he do extra research had turn out to be clear, he skilled “new gentle on non secular issues and new delights” that had been so sturdy that he couldn’t do the required memorization of Latin grammar. In each these cases, by means of some prayerful reflection, he realized that these apparently good spontaneous experiences had been really temptations luring him away from following what clearly was God’s will for him.

—Excerpted from Stretched for Greater Glory: What to Expect from the Spiritual Exercises by George A. Aschenbrenner, SJ

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