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Saint Francis of Assisi (1182 – 1226) might be the most well-liked Christian saint. His radiant spirit is a beacon for these in search of a lifetime of which means and repair. It does no good to place him on a pedestal; slightly we should always stroll with St. Francis on the trail of peace, openness, mysticism, poverty, reverence for nature, and love of animals. There are many religious sources on his exceptional life and his religious practices.

Picture Credit score: Icon of St. Francis of Assisi by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM, obtainable from Trinity Stores.

To Title This Day:

Religious Practices

  • Categorical your gratitude. Undertake St. Francis’s phrases “My God and my all!” as a sacred prayer and repeat it usually by the day.
  • Discover a church in your neighborhood that celebrates the Blessing of the Animals. Many church buildings may have a particular time in the course of the service on Sunday. Take your pets (or footage of them) and bear in mind St. Francis’s love of all beings as you take part within the service. Instead, you possibly can provide your personal service and invite mates. Right here is an example created by Bear Trip in 2019 for the Pilgrim Place neighborhood in Claremont, California.
  • Spend some high quality time within the firm of an animal. Here is a narrative from Residing the Knowledge of St. Francis about how St. Francis communed with a fowl:
    “As soon as when Saint Francis was about to eat with Brother Leo he was enormously delighted to listen to a nightingale singing. So he urged to his companion that they might additionally sing reward to God alternately with the fowl. Whereas Leo was pleading that he was no singer, Francis lifted up his voice and, phrase by phrase, sang his duet with the nightingale.”
  • Take a religious journey to see how the spirit of Francis of Assisi has the ability to liberate our lives at present by “The Spirituality of St. Francis,” an e-course by Jon M. Sweeney.


Watch the movie Brother Sun, Sister Moon directed by Franco Zeffirelli. It depicts the early lifetime of St. Francis.


  • Living the Wisdom of St. Francis by Wayne Simsic. The creator claims that the little poor man of Assisi presents us a brand new consciousness, a brand new observe, and a brand new imaginative and prescient. He explores St. Francis’s religious observe of kindness which was primarily based upon courtesy and reverence towards all beings.
  • Feed the Wolf by Jon M. Sweeney. On this practice-oriented exploration of dwelling with nothing to lose, a mild, understanding, multifaith knowledge permeates chapters on dwelling merely, refusing energy, spending time within the woods, utilizing phrases rigorously, starting to bop, making an enormous desk and alluring the neighbors, and extra.
  • St. Francis of Assisi by Jon M. Sweeney. This important useful resource on the lifestyle superior by the most well-liked of the Christian saints features a chronology, a quick recounting of Francis’s life, and Francis’s prayers, songs, poems, letters, oral teachings, Rule of Life, and religious practices.
  • The Ecstasies of St. Francis: The Way of Lady Poverty by John Ryan Haule. The creator notes how this saint referred to as for a radical reversal of values to place the emphasis on generosity and dependence on God’s grace. He additionally seems at St. Francis’s fantastic reference to the pure world and his closeness with animals, who may sense his inward peace and kindness.
  • A Model for Human Liberation by Leonardo Boff wherein he calls this saint known as “an archetype of the human perfect: open to God, common brother, and caretaker of nature and Mom Earth.” In 5 sections, Boff covers his life and finds there a mannequin of gentleness and care, his preferential choice for the poor, his liberation by goodness and repair of others, his creation of a well-liked church and his integration of the detrimental.
  • The St. Francis Prayer Book: A Guide to Deepen Your Spiritual Life by Jon M. Sweeney. Drawing from varied sources, it helps us faucet into the spirit of Francis’s devotional life by a weekly liturgy with a unique theme for every day, akin to peace and care in human relationships and love for all creatures.
    Right here is likely one of the benedictions:
    “Now, wherever we’re,
    and in each place,
    and at each hour,
    all through every time of every day,
    might all of us truthfully and humbly imagine,
    holding in our hearts
    to like, honor,
    adore, serve,
    reward, bless,
    glorify, exalt,
    enlarge, and provides thanks
    to the Most Excessive and Everlasting God,
    Trinity and Unity.

Video Clips

This clip tells the story of how St. Francis helped the little Italian city of Gubbio take care of a wolf.

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