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Unhappily Single & Dominated By IBS A picture of a lady called 'Donna' who healed herself of IBS

Donna labored with me after having had a studying with me, she was very unhappily single but once more and now discovered herself in her 50’s & ‘alone’.

Relationship Distress

Donna couldn’t perceive why her relationships stored failing, she put a lot time, power & love into them, she’d accomplished a lot for the boys she’d dated just for the relationships to finish as soon as she’d ‘healed’ them (see my recent blog on why we recreate patterns in our life that don’t serve us).

Donna additionally had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the bloating, abdomen cramps & the upset tummy which she had 24/7 was making her life hell & was eroding her confidence.

How NLP Methods Helped Donna

Throughout our periods I used numerous NLP strategies, the primary one known as 2 Chair Work & concerned placing her IBS in a chair & giving it a persona, we then chatted with it to search out out why it was right here. Primarily based on the data Mr IBS gave us we knew it was making an attempt to maintain her protected, it was making an attempt to guard her, it simply bought a bit misplaced on the way it selected to do this!

Subsequent I used a way known as Timeline Remedy which merely includes taking the thoughts again in time to the originating level of the IBS, it turned out that as a small little one she’d been left with a household good friend so her mother and father may exit for his or her first night time since turning into mother and father, however as an alternative of explaining this to her, they distracted her & left as quickly as she wasn’t trying.

The younger Donna felt heartbroken at being ‘deserted’ by her mother and father however Donna in 2023 had no recollection of this occasion in her concious reminiscence as a result of she was so younger when it occurred.

When she was about 9 years previous, her mum & dad divorced & dad moved again to his residence nation & then when she was 19 her mom died. These occasions devastated her, understandably, nonetheless, they created her future.

These occasions all left her feeling ‘deserted’ however they have been very previous occasions, her physique was sending her a message that she had previous feelings that wanted releasing, this was the position of the IBS as this was her feelings being internalised as an alternative of processed.

She Was Recreating The Childhood Abandonment

In the course of the Timeline Remedy Donna realised that as a result of she’d been harm by being deserted, her trauma was truly creating behaviour that resulted in any relationship she had, breaking down, by creating these behaviours she was sabotaging the relationships so that they’d go away her, simply as she knew they’d, as a result of in any case, didn’t her mother and father go away her greater than as soon as? It is a self-fulfilling prophecy! Donna wasn’t conscious she was doing it, it was all in her unconscious mind which truly drives 95% of our behaviour (sleep, starvation, being scorching/chilly and many others are aware mind actions).

We used one other NLP method known as Reframing to alter how she felt about these early experiences, she knew her mother and father liked her, she knew they’d returned & hadn’t deserted her, however the toddler model of her hadn’t recognized that so she wanted reassuring. By reassuring the toddler Donna that each one was accurately, that rippled alongside her timeline & was launched by Donna 2023.

After Releasing The Behaviour She Healthily Plans Her Wedding ceremony

Donna now launched the behaviour that was sabotaging her relationships and I’m happy to say that in her final studying I noticed a marriage for her and she or he smiled & informed me she was in a relationship & they’d set a date for his or her wedding ceremony.

The even higher information although was the truth that her Irritable Bowel Syndrome had cleared up utterly and her confidence was already coming again.

That will sound actually wonderful, nonetheless, no miracles have been occurring right here, we merely simply cleared a load of outdated feelings. Do you will have a well being difficulty that’s making your life a nightmare or a behaviour that isn’t making you cheerful?

You don’t have to reside with it any extra, I’ve the talents that will help you remodel your life. You’ll be able to resolve proper now to get my help & finish the struggling.

Discuss to me in a free Discovery. Book now. 

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