Full Moon In Leo – An Previous-Usual Girl Is Confronted By A Hippie Lady

On January twenty fifth, 2024 we’ve a Full Moon at 5° Leo. The Full Moon is reverse Pluto in Aquarius, and it’s sq. Jupiter in Taurus. 

The dynamic rigidity of the Full Moon opposition (Solar in Aquarius, Moon in Leo) seeks launch by the planet on the apex of the T-square, Jupiter. 

We principally have a fastened T-square with Solar in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, and Jupiter in Taurus. Mounted T-squares are VERY intense, as a result of fastened indicators are probably the most resistant to alter.

But, the inherent rigidity of the T-square presses exactly for change.

One thing’s acquired to present. 

Full Moon In Leo And The Opposition Facet

A Full Moon, by definition, is an opposition facet. A Full Moon is THE most essential opposition facet as a result of it engages the two basic components of ourselves – our Yang, Photo voltaic id, and our Yin, lunar id.

To create life, we’d like power and matter, we’d like Yin and Yang, we’d like day and evening.

To convey the potential of the New Moon conjunction to life, we have to develop into conscious of the inherent duality of our nature. We want to have the ability to “see” these 2 entities inside us. 

The Solar and the Moon put this story on show for us each month: when we’ve a New Moon (Solar conjunct the Moon) the Moon is invisible. A seed has been planted, but we’re not conscious of it, in the identical method we will’t see the Moon, which has disappeared within the glare of the Solar. 

It’s solely when the Solar and the Moon are on the most distance from one another – at a Full Moon – that we will see the total disk of the Moon. 

The opposition comes with the paradox the place on one hand we’ve full readability and are absolutely conscious of the energies at play. But, as a result of these energies are on the most distance from one another, we relate to them as in the event that they have been 2 separate entities.

Full Moon In Leo – Projection And Paradox 

In psychology, the method of changing into conscious of 1’s paradoxical, twin nature begins with the so-called mechanism of projection. Projection means we take elements or qualities of ourselves that we discover tough to just accept or acknowledge and attribute them to others.

We cut up our inner panorama into dichotomies. There’s “me” and there’s “them”. There’s “good” and there’s “dangerous”. There are values we resonate with, and values we despise. 

If we establish with one pole of the spectrum (let’s say with the Solar), we routinely reject the opposite pole of the spectrum (let’s say, the Moon). 

If we resonate with one specific worth, we then really feel compelled to align ourselves with all of the supporting values and concepts related to that major worth.

If we help a sports activities group, we are going to like the whole lot about that group, and dislike different competing groups.

If we help a political get together, we help all of the people inside that get together (and really feel animosity towards everybody else) and all of the concepts promoted by that get together – even after they contradict our private values.

And it does make sense to take this method – at the least to some extent. There’s that a part of us that’s Jupiter. This “Jupiter half” likes coherence. It likes route. It likes to have 1 clear reply. Finds it simpler to narrate to 1 large fact. 

However there are occasions when Jupiter’s coherence turns into Jupiter dogma – a hideaway from our personal resistance to alter, a straightforward solution to (not) cope with our inner paradoxes, and the complexities of our existence.  

Once we get caught in our preliminary narrative – with out questioning it – we find yourself on a incorrect path, distancing ourselves from the very factor we tried to hunt within the first place: the reality. 

How can we resolve this riddle? 

By embracing our inner paradoxes. By proudly owning our darkness, or the ‘much less fascinating’ traits. And much more importantly, by proudly owning our mild – all that we might develop into, all that we might develop into. 

If we don’t like one thing about somebody, that’s seemingly as a result of 1) we don’t like that factor about ourselves 2) there’s one thing in regards to the optimistic qualities of that person who reminds us of our personal unfulfilled potential, triggering emotions of inadequacy or insecurity. 

Full Moon In Leo – A Conservative, Previous Usual Girl Is Confronted By A Hippie Lady

The Sabian image of the Full Moon in Leo is “A conservative, quaint girl is confronted by a hippie woman”.

The Sabian image speaks of the collective, cultural and social disaster that challenges us to just accept the relativity of social values – which in flip, helps us embrace the relativity of our personal private values (Full Moon sq. Jupiter). 

What wants to alter? It largely is determined by the person, by yourself story, mirrored by the natal homes and planets triggered by the Full Moon in Leo.

Pluto – intently aspecting the Full Moon – is now in Aquarius. 

The Full Moon in Leo has a Pluto in Aquarius message for each single considered one of us.

We live in a completely digitalized world, but there are nonetheless individuals who don’t know how you can ship an e mail as a result of they’re “not into this tech stuff”, or as a result of “tech is simply too tough”. 

But, tech and computer systems are a part of our on a regular basis life – our complete society is now constructed round tech, whether or not we prefer it or not.

Even when we select to dwell in distant areas, with out a Wi-fi sign, – until we select whole isolation, or dwell in an ashram-type of neighborhood, – there are nonetheless instances when we have to make a cellphone name or ship some paperwork by digital means. 

Full Moon In Leo And Pluto In Aquarius

This primary Full Moon in Leo with Pluto in Aquarius will increase our consciousness of who we’re as a person on this new Pluto in Aquarius period. 

Is there a solution to be true to 1’s self (Leo) whereas adapting to the altering realities of the world we dwell in (Aquarius)? 

What elements of your self require acknowledgment and acceptance? What paradoxes should you reconcile to embrace the transformative potential of this new Pluto-in-Aquarius period?

What conflicting values do you could reassess and combine to bridge the hole between your particular person fact (Leo) and the shifting realities of the world (Aquarius)?

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