Full Moon In Sagittarius – The Nice Pyramid And The Sphinx –

On June 4th, 2023, we now have a Full Moon at 13° Sagittarius.

Each time we now have a Full Moon in Sagittarius – and that’s yearly – the growth, truth-seeking Sagittarius inside every certainly one of us lits up.

Dominated by Jupiter, Sagittarius desires to seek out THE reality. Not any reality – however that sort of reality that it’s absolute and encompasses all truths.

Sagittarius is our quest for that means. Half-answers, half-truths are unsatisfactory to Sagittarius. There have to be ONE reality that’s so encompassing, that when discovered, it solutions all life’s mysteries.


Maybe that’s why large issues like faith, philosophy, morals, or legislation are archetypally related to Sagittarius.

If Sagittarius doesn’t have that deep interior realizing, if issues don’t ‘click on’ or fall into place, Sagittarius will maintain looking out.

Full Moons in Sagittarius are an invite to attach with that power – with the truth-seeker inside every certainly one of us.

Full Moon In Sagittarius – The Facets

After all, not all Full Moons in Sagittarius are the identical. The Full Moon at all times makes completely different features with completely different planets, so there aren’t any two Sagittarius Full Moons precisely the identical.

This time, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is trine Mars in Leo, and sq. Saturn in Pisces.

There’s so undenying friction coming from the Saturn sq.. The side is separating, so we’re properly conscious of the place the friction is coming from. However then there’s additionally the releasing, go-ahead power of the Mars trine.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius jogs my memory of the saying:

“The reality will set you free – however first, it would piss you off”.

There’s one thing in regards to the nature of reality that’s at all times a bit annoying at first. Discovering “the reality” means we uncover one thing that goes towards what we believed to be true. And that’s uncomfortable. However finally, as a result of there’s such a factor as “the reality” – the true reality, in Sagittarius phrases, will at all times set us free.

There’s one thing in regards to the nature of reality – whether or not it’s nice, or disagreeable – that feels proper, and units us free.

Why? As a result of reality – in Sagittarius phrases – means an alignment with the universe. Once we stay in fact – we stay in alignment – and this feels proper. Once we stay a lie – we stay in misalignment – and this feels mistaken.

I really like this saying as a result of it captures very properly our on a regular basis journeys to maturity, after we embark on micro-journeys of self-discovery, studying from our experiences each single day.

The ruler of the Full Moon, Jupiter, is conjunct the North Node. There’s a door ready to be opened. There’s a threshold ready to be crossed. Jupiter conjunct the North Node is an invite to do issues in a different way. We will not inform ourselves the identical outdated story. Deep inside, we all know it’s time to maneuver on.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus, inviting us to belief the divine obtain. Or our intestine, how a Taurus would name it.

Sagittarius vs. Taurus – Quincunx-Primarily based Indicators

We have now a Full Moon in Sagittarius and 4 planets in Taurus. It is a very attention-grabbing dynamic. Sagittarius and Taurus are quincunx-based indicators, which suggests they don’t have a lot in frequent.

Sagittarius likes to go on a journey. Sagittarius is a mutable, hearth signal who likes to be impressed and observe the crumb breads.

The vacation spot? That issues much less, it’s the method of discovery that retains Sagittarius . Is the “not realizing what’s subsequent” that retains the Sagittarian coronary heart fluttering. Sagittarius is that drive all of us have inside us to go on an journey – after all, so we will discover THE TRUTH.

It’s this Sagittarian spirit of journey that has impressed our ancestors to sail internationally. It’s the Sagittarius a part of our chart that retains the airways busy.

After all, not all of us have the means to journey the world. However we will discover the identical name to journey inside a fascinating e-book, or a lecture, or a standpoint that expands our perspective and makes us see the world in a brand new gentle.

What about Taurus? Taurus is a really sensible, down-to-earth signal. Taurus will not be involved in Sagittarian dreamy beliefs – Taurus is anxious with the right here and now, with the practicalities of on a regular basis life.

So what occurs when we now have 2 indicators in quincunx? The quincunx indicators don’t have anything in frequent – so to get alongside, they should discover a inventive answer. They should marry the unmarriable.

However the biggest breakthroughs in life occur precisely when 2 issues seemingly irreconcilable are imagined to merge.

The Sabian image of the Full Moon in Sagittarius is “The Nice Pyramid And The Sphinx”. It is a metaphor for our religious ancestry – of our capability to offer Taurus form, to offer Taurus type to our Sagittarian beliefs.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is asking us some crucial questions: What are sensible methods you possibly can convey your Sagittarian very best to life? How are you going to get, one step at a time, nearer to your Reality?

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