Heal Your self and the World with the Violet Flame

There are such a lot of methods to work with power for therapeutic and to free ourselves from the bonds of negativity. We speak about these on a regular basis in our religious circles, however most of us by no means actually dedicate ourselves to placing them to make use of. We get excited studying about one thing new, perhaps strive it a couple of times, after which return to “life.” As our present circumstances are exhibiting us, we will’t return to “regular,” and most of us with any consciousness don’t wish to. We know there’s a greater manner. I’m right here to let you know it’s time to DO and BE what you have been born for, and it begins with clearing away these outdated damaging patterns, ideas, and feelings. In reality, you are able to do higher than simply transferring it out of your manner. You possibly can transmute negativity into positivity by working with the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame, which I’ll let you know all about within the paragraphs that observe, doesn’t simply take away power or shield us from it…it transforms it. The Violet Flame is essential to particular person and world transmutation. It restores freedom to no matter it touches – the liberty to maneuver and stream in pure concord. That is an “outdated” observe of religious alchemy that’s been ready for us to appreciate its true price. That point of realization is now: To heal your self and the world with the Violet Flame.

What’s the Violet Flame?

All through time, enlightened beings have come to us within the type of saints, shamans, sages, and grasp practitioners of the sacred arts. These masters understood learn how to work with the Violet Flame, however it solely got here to be shared with us by Saint Germain, a grasp alchemist who lived throughout the 18th century. Saint Germain is called the luminary of the twenty first century, and he believed mild is the alchemical key. The Violet Flame is a present and power for all of us, and its essence is religious alchemy. Identical to some alchemists sought to vary lead steel into gold, religious alchemists have been dedicated to transmuting the lead of negativity into the gold of divinity. They practiced the alchemy of self-transformation – to lift the decrease self to unite with the upper self – and so they used the Violet Flame to do it.

The colour violet has lengthy been related to religious power. It’s bodily and emotionally therapeutic and brings ease, concord, and religious progress. Violet corresponds with the Crown Chakra, our reference to the Divine, and the infinite compassion and peace of Supply. Violet has the best frequency within the seen spectrum, and what’s past violet is invisible to the human eye. Nikola Tesla, one of many biggest scientific minds of the trendy age, understood and labored with this larger spectrum by his research on the Violet Ray, and he carried out miraculous healings by utilizing Violet Flame power. The Violet Flame emerges from the Violet Ray, possessing the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom, love, justice, and transmutation. By way of the Violet Flame, we will transmute all negativity, particularly our damaging ideas and feelings, and free ourselves from ache and struggling. The Violet Flame equals pleasure; the enjoyment that arises after we overcome the restrictions we’ve positioned upon ourselves. The Violet Flame frees us from karma, because it transmutes time and house. 

How does the Violet Flame work?

The Violet Flame adjustments the energetic vibration of issues. Vibration is without doubt one of the Airtight Legal guidelines or Ideas. Every little thing, together with thought, emotion, purpose, and need has a vibration. The one factor distinguishing one type of manifestation from one other (matter, thoughts, and spirit) is the distinction in vibration. Vibration charges and modes fluctuate. Spirit has the best frequency (think about a wheel turning so quickly it seems to be nonetheless). And on the different finish of the dimensions, kind with tremendous low vibrations can even appear to be at relaxation. In between the best and lowest, there are thousands and thousands of various levels of vibration.

The thoughts will be transmuted from vibration to vibration. Think about warmth. Cold and hot are levels of the identical factor and all of us have expertise altering the thermostat setting. We are able to reproduce psychological vibrations, identical to recreating colour and sound. Reaching larger vibrational ranges and totally different levels liberates sure types of power from their confinement of molecules, atoms, and so on. The Violet Flame is religious power, the best frequency. It raises and frees up power, particularly something that’s develop into caught, heavy, and sluggish. Those that have realized to vary the vibrations of power kinds are stated to carry out “miracles,” and that’s what the Violet Flame will help you do.

Working with the Violet Flame

You possibly can Google tons of information on the Violet Flame, so if you would like extra, it’s there for you. However proper now, I don’t wish to get difficult or too prescriptive as a result of that may get in the best way of truly working with it…and doing it constantly. Listed here are three straightforward methods to consciously convey the Violet Flame into your life.

3 methods to convey on the Violet Flame 

1) Invoke it inside your self by saying: “I AM the Violet Flame.” Say it as typically as you consider it. Go away your self a reminder to return again to it. Really feel your self embody it. Saint Germain gifted us with this data, however it’s simply as a lot yours and mine. Something of Spirit is All of us, which suggests it’s inside you simply as a lot as with out. Name it ahead and let it radiate by you.

2) Visualize the Violet Flame. Think about a violet pillar of sunshine surrounding you and lengthening above, under, and throughout you. Really feel it coming out of your coronary heart, increasing and rising in momentum. Think about it multiplying after which ship it out into the world. You possibly can even see the complete planet by a filter of purple, protected and healed within the Violet Hearth.  

3) Go purple loopy! I’m being humorous, however it works. Simply carrying purple, taking a shower with amethyst crystals in it, portray the partitions violet, sleeping in purple sheets, utilizing a purple pen, or activating your Crown Chakra faucets into that religious mild. It’s all Violet Flame-invoking, particularly when your intention is there. It’s no coincidence we LOVE purple right here at Sage Goddess. Encompass your self with it and share it with others. It’s straightforward to mild a purple candle, ship a purple card, add a purple coronary heart emoji, or change your textual content to purple. If you wish to be taught extra about chakras and chakra therapeutic, try my ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Chakras.

It could appear to be we don’t have all the pieces we’d like, and that COVID-19 is taking us over, however it isn’t true. We now have lengthy uncared for to faucet into our true and everlasting sources. The Violet Flame is only one of them and it’s not going wherever. The extra we decelerate, hear, and clear the interference we’ve develop into accustomed to, the extra we bear in mind. Thanks for being part of this remembrance. Might it heal and bless you and all of us. And so it’s.

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