Marvel and Studying To See

Visitor blogger Evan Clendenin


I stood there with two individuals from church, searching by the window on the full moon and Jupiter. Whereas our hosts fastened dessert within the kitchen, we wonder-ed collectively on the evening sky. They described how trying up at evening, or beholding pictures of far off celestial objects, woke up in them a way of surprise, of humility, of gratitude, and of religion.

When have you ever discovered your self in surprise at some side of the earth and cosmos, the creation?

So we start some reflections upon the primary of Wild Indigo Guild’s 8 Themes of Creation-Restorative Spirituality, Wonder and Learning to See.

Starting to Marvel

Your sense of surprise on the creation opens a window into ‘seeing’ with God and others.

(I exploit the phrase ‘see’ with care, that means greater than the bodily sense of sight, out of recognition for many who traverse the world bodily blind or with low-vision.)

We develop in ‘seeing,’ in understanding with love and more-whole hearts, with ‘the eyes of our hearts enlightened.’ As you look and encounter the creation in surprise, the restorative work of divine love grows in you and via you.

What else occurs in surprise?

Marvel attracts your complete being into the act of ‘seeing’. We would name it awe, reverence, even ‘worry of the lord’, which is the start of knowledge. Marvel heralds a response of your complete particular person. You stand at reverential distance, but know your self drawn close to.

Reflecting on Marvel

Think about what occurs while you encounter things like…

The fantastic thing about the planets and stars within the evening sky.

A forest of bushes, superb within the dawn.

The music of tiny frogs rising in vernal swimming pools the place historical past and bulldozers spared a wild swath.

The thriller of bread and wine.

A black bear encountered within the berry patch, or alongside the path.

Stopping to Marvel

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