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For as we speak’s Muslim inhabitants, considered about 1.9 billion folks, Mawlid al-Nabi is a day to have a good time the delivery of the prophet Muhammad and his function of their faith. When Muhammad was about forty years previous (round 609 or 610 CE), he started to habitually withdraw to a cave to meditate in seclusion. On one such event, the angel Gabriel got here to him and knowledgeable him that he was a messenger prophet and that he had been chosen by God to obtain His phrase. By means of Gabriel, God transmitted revelations of His phrase to Muhammad orally in addition to urgent them into his coronary heart. Muhammad, who was illiterate, in flip associated these imprinted revelations to his followers orally, and his followers promptly memorized them.

These revelations carried a robust message of monotheism to seventh-century Arabia, a time and place of many tribes and kingdoms whose folks worshipped diversified and a number of gods and goddesses. Muhammad obtained these revelations over a interval of twenty-two or 23 years, till the 12 months of his demise (632 CE). Within the years following Muhammad’s demise these revelations have been written down and compiled to make up the Holy Qur’an, the sacred textual content of Islam. At this time, Islam is the world’s second-largest faith; additionally it is presently the quickest rising faith on this planet.

Whereas the precise date of the delivery of the prophet Muhammad is just not identified, Mawlid al-Nabi is widely known by Sunni Muslims on the twelfth day of Rabi al-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar. Shia Muslims consider the prophet’s birthday was on the seventeenth day of the month. Mawlid al-Nabi is a significant public vacation in lots of nations and is widely known with varied festivities and devotions, equivalent to salutations upon the Prophet and Qur’an recitation.

To Identify this Day:


Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters by Omid Safi is a well-developed, rounded, and revealing portrait of the life, work, and legacies of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs by Freda Crane and Sarah Conover is a top-drawer assortment of Islamic tales and folktales for households to learn aloud and reply to with their hearts. It options the next story:

“As a deliberate insult, one neighboring girl would empty her rubbish in entrance of Muhammad’s home every day and verbally insult him at each likelihood. When Muhammad did not see her for 2 days and there was no rubbish on his doorstep, he requested somebody about her. Muhammad was advised that she had fallen sick. So he instantly went to go to, to ask what he may do to assist her.”

In Sacred Energies, Daniel C. Maguire relates the next story and commentary on Prophet Muhammad:

“Upon the passing of a funeral procession close to the place the Prophet gathered with a few of his buddies, he stood up in respect, and so did the remainder of them gathered. After the procession handed, one individual within the crowd mentioned: ‘O Messenger of God, do you know that this was the funeral of a Jew?’ The Prophet replied: ‘Wasn’t he human and had a human soul? Was he not a human created and made by God? Wasn’t he a being with dignity?’

“In the identical spirit, the instruction given to a Muslim ruler was this: ‘Fill your coronary heart with mercy and like to your topics since they’re of two sorts: a sibling in perception (i.e., a Muslim) or a human created by God the identical means you have been.’ The Muslim and non-Muslim have equal human rights.”

Private Exploration

Discover the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad on a wide range of subjects, together with Islam, an ideal Muslim, God, religion, service to humanity, phrases to recollect, and normal recommendation in A Collection of Sound Hadith on Peace and Justice by Dr. M. Hafiz Syed and Kabir Helminski.


“Muhammad was a thinker, orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, normal and statesman. He’s a job mannequin that every one honest Muslims search to emulate.”
Robert Frager,The Wisdom of Islam

Non secular Apply

Salawat provides methods to wish for blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad.

Real Faith encourages us to do our greatest to embody a hadith (saying of the Prophet) about religion.

It’s also possible to take part in a Mawlid celebration close to you or through Zoom. Islamic facilities everywhere in the world, such because the Islamic Center at NYU, might be celebrating the life, classes, and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad.


The Wisdom of Muhammad by Kabir Helminski and Camille Helminski is a welcoming examine of the compassionate, versatile, and noble character of the Prophet Muhammad.

Beauty and Wisdom in the Qur’an by Jamal Rahman provides timeless insights and practices gleaned from reflections on verses of the Qur’an.

The Essence of the Qur’an by Jeremy Henzell-Thomas and Shaikh Kabir Helminski presents commentaries on passages from Islam’s holy ebook about common religious ideas that may information our hearts.

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