MODI IS A HISTORIC MAN – PART II – Gokulam Astrology

Scorpio is a unprecedented home in Astrology.

The eighth home from Aries is a secret home.

Scorpio Phatak’s lord is Moon.

Scorpios enemy homes are the third, the sixth, the eighth, and the twelfth homes.

The third home lord is Saturn. However Saturn proprietor of the third and the 4th home. So there aren’t any critical detrimental outcomes.

The sixth home lord is Mars. However Mars proprietor of the first and the sixth home. So there aren’t any critical detrimental outcomes.

The eighth home lord is Mercury. Mercury is the proprietor of the eighth and the eleventh home. Mercury is Unhealthy Previous Karma Planet. Actually it’s a critical Planet for Scorpio.

The twelfth home is Venus. However Venus proprietor of the seventh and the twelfth home. So it is a critical difficulty as a result of life journey companions’ cooperation will probably be decided by Venus.

For Scorpio births, the hidden home lords Mercury and Venus are a giant risk to them.

Mercury is a harmful Planet for Scorpio as a result of Mercury immediately impacts the previous unhealthy Karma.

Mercury is Karak for Training oriented points. Their previous Unhealthy Karma from Training oriented points. 

The eighth home is a direct hyperlink with the 2nd home. The Previous Unhealthy Karma could be began by his household.

The eleventh home is a direct hyperlink with the fifth home. The Previous Unhealthy Karma could be began by his youngsters.

These are all elementary points and differ from the Mercury occupants in any home.

So Mercury is the one harmful Planet for Scorpio from hidden homes.

Concerning Phatak Planets, Moon is a really harmful Planet. 

Moon posited in any home, will have an effect on the nice nature of the home. Moon conjoined with any Planet will probably be weakened their energy. Moon aspected any Planet, with shedding the energy.

In Modi’s start chart, Mars is in Scorpio with Ruchaga Yoga. It’s wonderful Yoga. 

Any particular person born with Ruchaga Yoga will change into a Form or Ruller.

Ruchaga Yoga will probably be shaped in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

In all three, the Scorpio may be very highly effective and threatens everybody.

Any particular person born with Ruchaga Yoga,  the individuals, can’t be managed by others.

However the energy of Mars must be diluted by the opposite Planets will assist to count on sure kindness from the particular person.

In his start chart, Mars conjoined with the Moon.

Moon is Phatak lord. However right here Moon debilitated. So Moon with lesser energy. Nonetheless, Mars rebuilt the Moon to get Neecha Panga Raja Yoga. However resulting from Neecha Panga Raja Yoga Moon,  Mars misplaced its unique energy. 

So right here, Modi’s start chart, Mars cooled down by Moon. It’s good.

As a result of Mars with lesser energy will assist everybody.

Will proceed

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