New Moon 9 February 2024: A Measure of Grace

‘The Wounded Angel’ By Hugo Simberg 1903 {{PD}}

The New Moon perfects at 2:59 PM PST on the ninth at 20 Aquarius 40. This additionally marks the beginning of the Lunar New Yr as celebrated in numerous cultures (it’s the yr of the Dragon in China, for these retaining rating). A New Moon in Aquarius guarantees new beginnings, providing a blueprint to combine emotions with understanding of the issues that set off these emotions. It’s a dawning inside the human psyche, a degree when Increased Thoughts can course of actuality in methods that can profit us, if we are able to let go of preconceived notions and degree up.

Three facets stand out instantly: a sq. to Uranus, a trine to Vesta, and a quincunx to Juno. It is a powerful image, implying sudden, spontaneous, and tough, disorienting occasions. Chaos, revelation, or revolution could end result, or we might discover it’s the person versus the group. What occurs is measured towards what we honor and discover sacred–that can decide our response to what happens, with changes wanted on our half to realize or preserve empowerment. It could possibly be a Uranian occasion that challenges us to reply, or it could possibly be that the Uranian motion is ours (and if that’s the case, we could not realize it’s coming till it arrives), based mostly on defending what we honor, notably in the best way of partnership, however in any case our means to reply from a place of non-public power would require modifications to our strategy and/ or our conduct. The contact between the New Moon and its ruler suggests a good relationship between Lunar occasions and the character of the Moon on this signal–all of it could appear random, haphazard, unpredictable, nevertheless it’s virtually sure that we’ll look again on this as one thing we might’ve anticipated–we could even persuade ourselves we did.

We’re provided a measure of grace, although, by way of a septile between the New Moon and Ceres, the latter newly arrived in Capricorn and nonetheless on the 00 diploma. This means there’s a non secular solution to synthesize actuality, what’s ‘pure’, our feelings, and our private energy and authority image; we’ll see the place and what we’re truly answerable for, and be given a grace interval throughout which we are able to vet the state of affairs and select a solution to meet it. This can be new to us and certain brings ahead ‘recent’ emotions; it virtually actually includes any place of duty we maintain or could contain Nature within the type of pure disasters or occasions, our well being, or inevitable adjustments akin to ageing. How we meet these can be paramount; it’s solely in accessing our non secular core that we’ll do our greatest when confronted.

The New Moon makes a semi-sextile to Venus, and I’m not snug claiming a sextile between the New Moon and both the North Node or Eris, each in Aries, however I’m able to say there’s a sextile to their midpoint, with a corresponding state of affairs involving a trine to the midpoint of the South Node and Zeus in Libra. It is a mirror state of affairs with a stand-off between energies of letting no stone go unturned (and so no concern not dredged up and flayed), and the weather of need (lust, even!) and ambition, with these latter asking us to focus up on long-term targets and let go of distractions. We’re prone to be keenly conscious of discord as distraction, at the same time as we consider we should deal with it with a purpose to preserve management of our life route, and there’s a corresponding sense that what we’ve accomplished to meet ambitions and targets previously ought to have pointed us to the best aesthetic decisions and the best companions for our endeavors. Each units of those perceptions are deceptive: the very value of working this out is very questionable, with the obvious conundrum primarily one large distraction. Our vitality greatest goes towards in-the-moment responses to new developments (Uranus sq.), with our responses each retaining what we discover vital in thoughts (Vesta trine), and orienting any response towards amplifying our personal empowerment inside the state of affairs (Juno quincunx).

The Sabian for this New Moon is, ‘A Upset And Disillusioned Girl Courageously Faces A Seemingly Empty Life’. This may occasionally converse of the anima, the receptive, ‘being’ energies in every of us, stirred by the cool Aquarian Moon to consciousness of the medical aspect of issues, our losses and failures, the methods through which now we have let ourselves down, and the fact of being existentially alone. Miserable, proper? However the nature of an Aquarian New Moon is such that it provides recent perception, even because it mercilessly reminds us intimately of the state of issues. Discover use of the phrase ‘seemingly’. That suggests the state of affairs solely seems to be with out something worthwhile, with the phrases ‘upset’ and ‘disillusioned’ suggesting that beliefs have been pummeled, hopes dashed, however that braveness is the key ingredient for re-framing, and so taking each a extra optimistic (that’s, much less detrimental) stock, and a extra correct one.

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