New Moon in Leo 16 August 2023: Standing Up for (and to) Your self

‘Girl Standing at a Virginal’ By Jan Vermeer van Delft c1670-1672 {{PD}}

The New Moon happens on 16 August at 2:38 AM PDT at 23 Leo 17, and kinds a good sq. to Uranus in Taurus, successfully making a T-square (after we embody the always-opposed-to-the-Solar Earth in Aquarius). The strain includes our life route, the environment this has resulted in, and sudden surprises or revelations about these, significantly about how the atmosphere has been both Self or group generated. A Leo New Moon primes us to turn out to be conscious of recent emotions or intuitions concerning the function of the Self, concerning the id, and particularly who we’ve got turn out to be, with the dissonance of the T-square pointing to disparities between what we anticipated to turn out to be, the measure of our as soon as ambitions and needs, and what we’ve truly fabricated from our life (NM sextile Zeus-South Node), particularly the id we supply, each the one we see ourselves as having, and the one(s) the group could assign us or see us as fulfilling.

The New Moon kinds simply earlier than the Black Moon Lilith level. That means the lunation brings a sort of dawning realization, accompanied by rising feeling, round some matter of equal therapy, significantly the place you might be being seen as ‘lower than’. Leo will be prideful, too Self-involved, and approach too Self-reverential, nevertheless it will also be wholesome ego, the type that reminds you you’re on (or ought to be on) an equal footing with others, and provides you the constructive Self-regard that permits you to converse up, ask for what you want, and set boundaries–all very essential, challenged solely by those that will lose their benefit while you respect and honor your self. That is strengthened by the NM’s sextile to Vesta; if you happen to can muster the Self-respect it is going to turn out to be abundantly clear what you will need to make investments your vitality in, what you will need to honor.

Luna and Sol additionally type a semi-sextile to Mars=right here’s the vitality, associated to the Warrior intuition, or perhaps survival intuition, that may gas Self-assertion, and take care of the id/ function points that may inevitably come up. And lastly, the New Moon trines the combo of Chiron-Eris-North Node=this can be a potent grouping that would simply (the trine) lead us into reacting to circumstances with harm or vengeful ideas, however we have to stay conscious that might form the long run–and no person intentionally creates catastrophe (at the same time as I write that, although, I consider the Self-important and the short-sighted–however even they don’t imply to tug the home down round them–or in the event that they do, they’re considering it’s constructive in another sense, assembly some aim).

If we obtain this Leo Moon vitality in its most constructive type, we are able to achieve: admiration, goal, a wholesome respect for the person, correct boundaries, and a a lot clearer thought of how we, uniquely, shine within the roles we tackle. This requires, although, that we honor not simply our personal individuality, however that of others, as effectively, and it doesn’t imply we instantly turn out to be a regulation unto ourselves–these with authority do maintain it for a purpose (although that purpose can be corrupt, generally it’s as a result of they honestly know extra, or are empowered to assist in methods we are able to’t) and that’s true of others accustomed to areas we’re not: generally they are going to know greater than we do, and we’ve got to have the ability to acknowledge that, give them their due as people. It’s referred to as humility, and Leo can present us examples of this, too (generally by instance of what not to be like!)

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘Completely Concentrated Upon Inside Non secular Attainment, A Man Is Sitting In A State Of Full Neglect Of Bodily Look And Cleanliness’. That is a picture of excessive imbalance, which happens after we see some roles and capabilities as much less worthy, after we put the bodily and the non secular at contrasting ends of the spectrum, after which completely fail to honor one finish, and massively exaggerate the sacredness or significance of the opposite. Search for the place and the way you could be carrying this perspective; disdain for the bodily and extreme worship of the non secular, as an illustration, are seen by some as a ‘larger’ way of life, nevertheless it’s truly an ignorant way of life. Actuality is the non secular in tangible type. We have to honor the seen and unseen equally; it’s vanity to imagine we are able to decide the worthiness of something, of the world or past it. Conceitedness is usually a Leonine trait, nevertheless it doesn’t should be; use the Moon’s sensitivity of notion to be aware of the methods the unseen manifests by the bodily, how the what’s aligns with thought, feeling, and intention–and notice how all of it performs out towards a background of Common constancies, often known as Fact.

Subsequent up: Mercury Retrograde! I hope you all bought a glimpse of the Perseid showers, and have a beautiful New Moon!

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