New Moon in Virgo 14 September 2023: The Shock of Actuality

‘Within the Magic Backyard’ By Paul Klee 1926 {{PD}}

There’ll be an accounting, with this New Moon in Virgo (6:39 PM PDT of the 14th at 21 Virgo 58), one which lays out what actually is, who owes what to whom, what sources can be found to us, and what property and help we’re missing. It’s some extent once we get issues straight after a Venus retro interval that was, in its personal method, dazzling–as in Venus in Leo backtracking had us wrapped up in our personal heads. We have been meant to be Self-focused–however now it’s time to get some perspective, a nuts-and-bolts stock of issues on the whole, and our emotional state specifically, that this New Moon guarantees to ship.

Are we prepared for this? The New Moon’s trine to Uranus in Earth indicators says, no; the fabric world will simply current us with a shock, shock, revelation, or pointless insurrection (with this latter, maybe us from the group, or the group from us!) that reveals our precise place. This can, by definition, be one thing we will’t anticipate. Through the retro we have been fascinated by, mulling over, measuring our property in all kinds, and contemplating the place this locations us in our world–however now we discover there’s one thing we missed, have been unaware of, or didn’t rely–and keep in mind, that is coming forward of the Mercury route, so might push us to behave or draw conclusions too early, when there are nonetheless issues to be revealed.

Let’s name this an interlude once we collect info (or fairly, it comes at us! Prefer it or not). And that trine to Uranus is it, by way of related main points. I think, although, that our consideration gained’t actually be on the New Moon vitality, a minimum of not instantly–we might as a substitute be centered on Venus-Juno conjoined in Leo (an consideration hang-over from the retro, maybe) sq. Jupiter in Taurus (which after all has the potential to blow something it touches out of proportion). This says we’re nonetheless preoccupied with our private empowerment and our private standing, nonetheless attempting to work out our applicable place, our public standing.

Hi there! Get up! That’s over–at this level if continued it turns into navel-gazing, with a assure that you just’ll miss vital revelations when you proceed to ponder a la Venus retro. The New Moon will ship a standing report, a transparent accounting of the place we’re. No have to attempt to learn the auguries–the data will likely be printed out, bullet-pointed, spreadsheeted, so–apparent, apparent, apparent–if we’re keen to search for and absorb what’s taking place/ proven us.

Additionally there’s Sedna, Vesta, Pallas at 00 (Sedna trine Pallas, Vesta sq. Pallas), and these are in varied states of contact with Pluto and Ceres very late in Cardinals. It is a lot of ricocheting vitality, predominantly Cardinal and Air, and a few of us might discover ourselves distracted by this, this anxious urge to do do try this dominates thought. What we have to see is that some issues are ending (Pluto and Ceres as methods of doing, as types of energy expression) and a few issues are too new to their energies to make sure how to precise (Sedna as an awakening of instincts and the surfacing of issues we ‘know however don’t know’, Pallas as knowledge, practicality, and expertise, Vesta as consciousness of what we really honor), and meaning, once more, that we nonetheless take time to think about, to look earlier than we leap.

The New Moon Sabian is, ‘A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Valuable Stones’. A Coat of Arms is roofed in shorthand, symbols, for id–precisely how the Universe will inform every of us at the moment as to what, exactly, we have now and have turn into, utilizing symbology that’s acquainted to us. Too, a Coat of Arms doesn’t signify only one particular person, however a bunch of them, associated, in some way–so we’re again to that Uranian potential for our place within the group to be a part of what we uncover, a part of what we now operate beneath/ name ourselves/ determine with.

I wish to point out what the Moon after which days later the Solar will contact, as a preview of doable near-future developments. That’s a quincunx to Eris-North Node in Aries, simply as Moon, then Solar, opposes Neptune. This hints at tensions that crop up as we pursue our path–after which need to face an phantasm, a challenged superb, a inventive or religious matter, that requires us to know ourselves (Aries) higher than we most likely do–as a result of in any other case, the place would the stress, the battle, the problem come from? The New Moon will introduce some aspect of what we might face–so contemplate it getting a head begin on what you’ll quickly need to cope with.

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