North Node In Aries, South Node In Libra 2023-2025

At some point, Alex and Lily discovered one luscious, completely ripe orange. They each wished the orange. What ought to they do? Battle over it? The winner takes all of it? Or cut up it in two, in order that they every get their share? 

Or maybe there’s a special approach – a greater approach? 

On July seventeenth, 2023 the North Node leaves Taurus and enters Aries, and the South Node leaves Scorpio and enters Libra

When the Lunar Nodes change indicators, that’s a giant deal for everybody. The Lunar Nodes spend 18 months in a pair of indicators, bringing into focus the archetypal themes linked to these indicators. 

When the Lunar Nodes had been in Gemini and Sagittarius (2020-2022) we had Covid and restrictions of motion, particularly in worldwide mobility (South Node in Sagittarius) – in addition to modifications in the way in which we conduct our on a regular basis lives (North Node in Gemini). 

The North Node inflates, and the South Node deflates. The North Node is “extra, extra, extra”, and the South Node is “much less, much less, much less”.

So with the South Node in Sagittarius, we had fewer flights – as a result of flying is long-term touring (Sagittarius), and extra couriers delivering takeaways within the neighborhood (Gemini). 

Then, in early 2022, the Lunar Nodes moved into Taurus and Scorpio. The South Node in Scorpio (much less, much less, much less) introduced us the vitality disaster. The vitality turned scarce. Vitality and shared assets are Scorpio themes. Which in fact led to “extra, extra, extra” Taurus, or inflation. Taurus guidelines cash and bodily assets. 

You bought the concept. The South Node often indicators an issue – after which the North Node makes an attempt to discover a resolution. That’s how the Lunar Nodes work collectively. 

Simply because the North Node means “extra” this doesn’t imply that the North Node is basically optimistic, similar to the “much less” South Node is just not basically unfavorable.

“Extra” can imply extra inflation (North Node in Taurus), or extra site visitors, chaos, and Zoom overwhelm (North Node in Gemini). 

If we actually wish to perceive the Nodes we wish to transcend the “North Node is sweet” and “South Node is unhealthy” paradigm. 

The Lunar Nodes are supposed to work collectively. They complement one another. We are able to’t have one with out the opposite. The Lunar Nodes characterize the evolutionary journey of our soul – the cosmic ‘push’ to repeatedly develop and evolve. 

The Lunar Nodes Equation

One equation I like to make use of to explain the Lunar Nodes is:

Drawback (South Node) → Answer (North Node) → Final result (South Node)

The set off of a Lunar Nodes transit is at all times the South Node. One thing stops working. Planes not fly (South Node in Sagittarius). The vitality pipeline is shut down (South Node in Scorpio). 

After which we have to do one thing about it. We have to make use of the North Node. The South Node is what we have to ‘kind out’. The North Node is what we do to kind out the South Node downside. We resolve the South Node downside with a North Node resolution

And as soon as we resolve the South Node downside by the North Node, the end result is just not the North Node, however the South Node. The South Node is the end result – the ripening karma, for good and for unhealthy. 

If what we reap (the South Node) is just not what we count on, that’s as a result of there’s one thing mistaken with what we sow (the North Node). 

TO RECAP: the Lunar Nodes are the place we wish to discover a stability between the outdated and the brand new, the place we’re referred to as to repeatedly reinvent ourselves and our lives. The Lunar Node in Gemini-Sagittarius reinvented mobility and schooling. The Lunar Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio reshaped the economic system. 

What concerning the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra?

Effectively, this time issues get private. Aries and Libra are the axis of “me” vs. “you”. Aries-Libra is the connection axis which we might additionally name the identification axis as a result of nothing shapes us extra at a private stage than our shut, 1-on-1 relationships. 

If we usher in our Lunar Nodes equation, what do we have now?

Drawback (South Node in Libra) → Answer (North Node in Aries) → Final result (South Node in Libra).

It’s Not Me, It’s You

The South Node in Libra will spotlight the ‘downside’ that must be solved.

The place are we too accommodating? The place can we care an excessive amount of about what others consider us? The place can we go away issues unsaid simply because we hate battle? 

The place can we lose ourselves in others simply because it’s extra snug to do “we” quite than “me”?

What we’re right here is the stagnant, shadow facet of Libra. There’s nothing mistaken with being thoughtful. There’s nothing mistaken with prioritizing relationships. There’s nothing mistaken with concord and peace. 

The issue is once we’re doing “half-Libra”. The shadow facet of Libra is rooted in a scarcity of stability on the Libra-Aries axis

We don’t communicate up and let our associate get away with unhealthy conduct not essentially as a result of we prioritize relationships – however as a result of we’re too snug in our establishment. “I received’t cope with the ache of battle, with unfavorable emotions that may ultimately come up if I tackle the difficulty – as an alternative, I’ll flip a blind eye and inform myself that I at all times do issues for others”. 

It’s one thing comforting about blaming the opposite for what goes mistaken. It justifies our selections. It makes us be ok with ourselves. It saves us vitality (battle decision may be very draining). 

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Deep inside, everyone knows it (and hate to confess it): WE are the supply of our personal distress. 

Not as a result of the opposite is faultless. However as a result of the one individual we actually have management over is ourselves. It’s as much as us what we tolerate and what not. It’s our responsibility to construct boundaries, set expectations and observe by with what’s vital to us. 

The answer to the South Node in Libra downside is North Node in Aries: having the braveness to reclaim our identification.

Taking possession of who we’re. Setting boundaries. Following by with decisive motion. Talking the reality – even when it feels uncomfortable, even when it results in battle. To seek out long-lasting peace, typically we have to go to conflict. 

Will this be simple? No! The North Node by no means comes simple. We are going to resist the North Node in Aries. Will discover thousands and thousands of causes to do the identical issues we’ve been doing.  

But, with the North Node in Aries, you wish to go for it – no matter “it” might imply – a brand new approach, a brand new you.

There’s Solely Us

South Node in Libra is “You win”. 

North Node in Aries is “I win”

South Node in Libra + North Node in Aries is “We win”. 

When the South Node and North Node work collectively, we get one of the best of two phrases: private development, artistic collaboration, mutual respect, and equal give-and-take in relationships. We have now a robust sense of self with out compromising the concord of {our relationships}.

When the Aries-Libra Nodal pair is activated, a couple of issues can occur:

  • Relationships, partnerships and alliances that aren’t constructed on wholesome foundations, fairness and mutual respect will come to a pure finish
  • Relationships, partnerships and alliances which have wholesome foundations might be reinvented to search out an much more equitable win-win
  • Separate entities which have one thing in widespread and are prepared to cooperate will be part of forces 

At a world stage, some partnerships, international organizations or commerce agreements might be restructured. Some entities, organizations, or geographical areas will search independence. Others might discover new alliances. 

At a person stage, we are going to restructure {our relationships} in order that they change into an actualized model of who we’re, as people. We would discover issues we don’t actually like concerning the “different” – that are actually issues we don’t like about ourselves. 

The North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra will present us that there’s a distinction between compromise, and win-win

Once we compromise, we lose one thing vital we worth, which in the long run, leaves us empty and life power depleted. When as an alternative we search a win-win, we achieve one thing by partnering with others. The entire is larger than the sum of its elements. 

However to search out that artistic win-win, we first must know what we would like. We have to know why we would like that orange: is it for the juice, or for the peel? Or for one thing else? 

If the reply is: “I need all of it, I need it now”, then that’s maybe as a result of we don’t actually know what precisely it’s about that “all” that we would like

What number of instances did you get one thing and it went to waste as a result of it was probably not what you wished? Virtually all of our disappointments in life – and in relationships – are sourced in a scarcity of self-knowledge. 

When as an alternative we all know ourselves, once we know what we would like (Aries) this trait turns into very engaging to others. We effortlessly entice that associate (who has additionally performed their Aries homework) with whom we will make orange juice and marmalade – from the identical orange. 

North Node In Aries Conjunct Chiron 

Crucial transit the Nodes interact in is the North Node-Chiron conjunction at 16° Aries. The transit turns into actual on February nineteenth, 2024 however we are going to really feel the affect slowly increase as quickly because the Nodes change indicators. 

We all know that the North Node is an evolutionary push ahead to rewrite our future. And Chiron is the wounded healer – usually a signature of a generational wound that has been handed all the way down to us by our ancestors. 

Due to this fact, the North Node-Chiron conjunction is a once-in-a-lifetime alternative to “break the generational cycle” and heal our deep-rooted identification wound.

I’ll write an in depth report about this crucial transit nearer to the dateTill then, we have now 2 crucial transits: Pluto sq. the Nodes, and Venus retrograde.

Lunar Nodes Sq. Pluto

Quickly after the Lunar Nodes ingress into the Aries-Libra axis, they sq. Pluto (at 29° Capricorn). The Lunar Nodes sq. Pluto transit turns into actual on July twenty fifth, 2023. 

Pluto squares the Nodes is a transit that evolutionary astrologers name a “skipped step”. 

Pluto is on the midpoint of the 2 Lunar Nodes, so it’s with one foot prior to now, and the opposite sooner or later. Pluto acts like a bridge, like an evolutionary step ahead. 

Pluto sq. the Lunar Nodes’ mandate is to cope with our karmic previous, and re-write more healthy, extra constructive behavioral patterns.

Pluto sq. the Lunar Nodes will assist us perceive the refined methods our identification is formed by our upbringing, by our household and our early life. This transit is a big alternative to launch karmic patterns that we’ve been carrying for many years. 

Venus Goes Retrograde

One other crucial transit that coincides with the Lunar Nodes ingress is Venus retrograde in Leo.

Whereas the Lunar Nodes don’t make a facet with Venus retrograde, the Venus retrograde transit is vital for various causes: within the final 18 months, when the Nodes had been within the Taurus/Scorpio axis, Venus was the ruler of the North Node (since Venus guidelines Taurus). 

Now that the South Node enters Libra, Venus turns into the ruler of the South Node. A completely completely different story. 

If within the final 18 months, we’ve been inspired to do “extra” of the Venusian stuff, now we’re requested to re-examine our method. Maybe whereas the North Node was in Taurus, Venus bit greater than she will chew. Now it’s time for some reflection and cleaning. 

The shift from the North Node to the South Node method is kind of a disruption for Venus, particularly because it coincides along with her 40-day retrograde journey. 

What does this imply? Everyone knows that Venus retrograde can deliver modifications in our priorities, values, and relationships. When Venus goes retrograde, we frequently have a change of coronary heart. And since Venus retrograde coincides with the Lunar Nodes shift, the impact might be much more dramatic. 

Issues might actually change for us when Venus goes retrograde. Much more karmic stuff might be delivered to our consideration

The Lunar Nodes ingress, the sq. to Pluto, and Venus retrograde will actually ‘push’ us to cope with some stuff we by no means wished to cope with.

It is a cosmic name to launch these skeletons within the closet and let go of deep-wired, generational karma that’s protecting us trapped in relational fashions that not serve our development story. 

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