Is it attainable? How would be the delivery chart?

It’s fairly totally different from the delivery chart.

She bought married and meet separation from her husband inside two years.

Then once more she bought married. Once more separation instantly. 

Then she look forward to an extended 12 months after which bought married.

So She met three marriages.

You will notice the delivery chart and research the identical.

You can’t predict this delivery chart merely.

Earlier than prediction, some form of guidelines have to be utilized.

1)As per umbrella yoga the fifth and the eleventh homes are exterior the purview of Rahu Ketu. This means that the Unhealthy Previous Karma homes the fifth and the eleventh is free hand.

So there shall be good and dangerous points in her life.

The dangerous Planets surrounding Lagna point out that there shall be one thing which may be unimaginable issues in her life.

With these outcomes, we now go to investigate the delivery chart.

The seventh home is Marriage Lagna.

The wedding life sturdiness needs to be analyzed by way of the eighth home from the seventh home.

seventh home Lagna is Libra.

The eighth home from Libra is within the sixth home of Pisces.

Venus in Pisces is exalted indicating there shall be a severe breakup in her life.

Venus is aspected by the sixth lord Jupiter and the eighth home occupant Ketu.

The eighth home Taurus Phatak lord Saturn from Gemini aspected Venus is indicating a essential word.

The eighth home Taurus bundled with malefic Planets. In Aries, the twelfth lord Mercury. In Gemini Aries lord Mars.

Mercury is the twelfth lord of the seventh home.

Mars is the twelfth lord of the eighth home.

Mercury and Mars mutually trade their homes. It is a dangerous place.

Within the Feminine delivery chart, Venus is an indicator of male.

We draw a Venus Lagna.

Lagna is Pisces.

The Phatak lord Mercury is Markashthana of Aries.

The Phatak lord Mercury with the sixth lord Solar within the 2nd home spoils the household.

The twelfth lord Satun aspected the Venus Lagna

The marakshthana lord Mars aspected the seventh home of Venus lagna.


Lastly, we conclude the evaluation with the next remarks.

1)The seventh home Libra Lagna, lord Venus aspected by malefic Planets like Saturn and Jupiter.

2) The 2nd marriage indicator home is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius lord Jupiter posited within the twelfth home of Scorpio.

So the 2nd marriage can also be in hassle.

3) The third marriage indicator home is Aquarius.

Aquarius lord Saturn posited within the fifteenth home of Gemini.

Venus in Pisces very robust place from an excellent household by way of the third marriage.

Jupiter from Scorpio aspected the 2nd home.

So the third marriage is nice.


The Feminine was born with Aries Lagna. The Unhealthy Previous Karma Planets are Saturn and Mars. 

Saturn and Mars in Gemini which is Parigara Karma home.

So Karma is severe however shall be managed by the treatment.

It is a notable chart for Astrology learners

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