Phoenixes & Angels: Harnessing the Energy of the eighth and twelfth Astrological Homes

By Carmen Turner Schott/

Once I was 16 years outdated, I began finding out astrology. Most of my childhood was crammed with mystical and unexplained experiences. I’d typically dream about issues after which they might occur in actual life. Nobody might clarify why this occurred to me. I’d typically get emotions and intestine instincts about issues. These messages protected and ready me for upcoming modifications in my life or within the lives of these round me.

I at all times felt totally different from others, even my family and pals. I keep in mind feeling like I used to be on the surface wanting in. This sense occurred extra typically after I was round massive teams of individuals. I felt like an observer and at occasions didn’t really feel I used to be absolutely in my physique. I keep in mind strolling round and feeling like I used to be floating. I’d intentionally stomp my ft after I walked to attempt to floor myself. At occasions I felt like I used to be residing in a dream, just like the world round me was not actual. It’s a unusual feeling and laborious to explain in phrases. I felt like I used to be not from earth. It was like I used to be despatched right here from a faraway land and I didn’t belong. I felt like an alien and by no means felt linked to sensible issues. I used to be imaginative and loved daydreaming. I keep in mind staring out the window in elementary college as a result of I used to be bored. My thoughts would appear to go to a faraway place and time would fly by. Once I returned from my imaginative escape class can be over. Delicate at coronary heart, I at all times obtained my emotions damage simply. I spotted later in life that I used to be an empath. I’d really feel different individuals’s feelings, ache and tackle different individuals’s emotions.

Astrology modified my life in 1993. I purchased my first astrology e book and began instructing myself easy methods to do my very own start chart. I learn as many books as I might and began studying the fundamentals. I taught myself astrology and practiced my counseling expertise on family and friends. That is when all the pieces clicked for me. For the primary time in my life, I felt validated. I used to be not loopy or an alien. My character and non secular experiences had been all defined to me after I seemed up my planetary placements. I discovered the explanation that I had distinctive and strange experiences, it was due to the eighth and twelfth astrological homes. I discovered that I had many planets within the eighth and twelfth astrological homes. 

In astrology, homes in a start chart signify totally different areas of life and particular energies. After we are born the planets are in a sure star constellation (the indicators) and in a sure space of the sky (which we name homes). There are twelve astrological indicators and twelve homes that are dominated by the vitality of every zodiac signal. As an illustration, Pisces guidelines the twelfth home and Scorpio guidelines the eighth home. The solar was within the twelfth home conjunct Venus after I was born. Not solely that however the moon was positioned within the eighth home and conjunct the planet Jupiter, and asteroid Chiron. The solar represents our principal character, id and the face we present the world. The moon is our internal emotional nature and the place we search consolation. I spotted having all these key planets in these homes was vital.

What did this all imply?

It meant that it was fully regular for me to dream deeply, be afraid of the darkish, imagine that there was life on different planets, and realizing I used to be a soul and never only a bodily physique. It revealed that it was pure that I considered loss of life, dying and the place my soul would go if one thing occurred to me or my family members. Having eighth home planets validated why I used to put in mattress at evening as a toddler and fear about dying. In highschool I misplaced a very good buddy tragically by unintended gun violence. She was the primary individual I ever knew that died and that have modified me ceaselessly. These experiences pushed me on a brand new journey to analysis and accumulate different individuals’s experiences. After doing charts for a number of years, I noticed comparable themes and heard shopper tales that validated what I knew all alongside. Having planets within the twelfth and eighth astrological homes blessed people with particular talents. 

The twelfth home is a non secular space of life that’s typically related to temples, mosques, church buildings and escapism. It’s related to solitude and being hidden away from society indirectly. Cosmic consciousness, the totally different ranges of the thoughts, goals, sleep, secrets and techniques, mystical experiences, angels, sacrifice and being of service to others are all twelfth home territory. Twelfth home vitality is mystical, deep, illusive, imaginative, artistic and all of the character traits of the astrological signal Pisces affect this space of life. Twelfth home vitality is mushy, light, watery, emotional and non secular.

The eighth home is a mysterious, deep and reworking place. Points associated to loss of life of family members, inheritances, loss, grief, different individuals’s sources, sexuality, trauma, abuse, therapeutic, and hidden issues are all eighth home territory. Eighth home vitality is highly effective and related to rebirth. Change and regeneration are a continuing lesson of the eighth home. Scorpio vitality guidelines the eighth home and all of the character traits of Scorpio are discovered within the eighth home. Eighth home vitality is intense, highly effective, transformative and creates change.

What makes somebody a Phoenix or an Angel?

I started to check with individuals with eighth home planets as Phoenixes. In case you have the solar, moon, greater than three planets within the eighth home, Scorpio placements, or a powerful Pluto vitality in your start chart then you’re a Phoenix. Eighth home individuals are remodeled and reborn all through their lives. They expertise painful experiences that make them should survive issues that many others have by no means skilled. They’re linked to all of the taboo issues in life like loss of life, intercourse, and cash. Similar to the legendary Phoenix start, they stand up from the ashes stronger, wiser and ceaselessly modified by direct expertise.

I name twelfth home individuals Angels. In case you have the solar, moon, greater than three planets within the twelfth home, Pisces placements, or robust Neptune vitality in your start chart then you might be an Angel. Twelfth home individuals are born with compassion, kindness, sensitivity, perception in a better energy, mystical experiences, and need to assist others. They’re meant to stroll a non secular path and search the aim of life. They’re angels who fell to earth from one other realm to serve and assist alleviate the ache of others. Typically sacrificing their very own self, feelings, and luxury to offer to others, they will really feel lonely. Their best problem is studying to develop boundaries to guard themselves.

When Fb first began again in 2010, I created two astrology teams and nonetheless run them right now. I’ve a bunch concerning the eighth home and a bunch devoted to the twelfth home. I’ve devoted my life to researching these two non secular homes. I imagine that it’s vital to grasp easy methods to harness the highly effective vitality of the eighth and twelfth homes. The vitality can be utilized to assist us heal, remodel and change into extra resilient. I found there are individuals from all around the world who had comparable experiences and non secular items. Many had the precise astrological placements within the eighth and twelfth homes and I knew this was not a coincidence. Astrology is a science and a strong software that can be utilized to grasp ourselves and others. 

In my new e book, Phoenixes and Angels: Mastering the Eighth & Twelfth Astrological Homes, I increase and dive deeply into eighth and twelfth home points. I share my very own private experiences, emotions, and goals. I additionally embody shopper tales and direct analysis from working as a counselor with people with eighth and twelfth home vitality. This e book is devoted to anybody who has planets in these two spiritually remodeling homes. If you’re an astrologer, scholar, or simply a mean individual eager to study extra about astrology and if you wish to study extra about spirituality, transformation and therapeutic this e book is for you.

Phoenixes & Angels by Carmen Turner Schott is obtainable from and from wherever books are offered.


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