Poem: Creativity: A Poet’s Boss?

By Dr. Archan Mehta

Poem: Creativity: A Poet’s Boss?

A artistic individual

Has no boss:

In spite of everything, creativity

Itself is the boss,

The method is the boss:

To create one thing

Out of nothing,

Is the true pleasure of life.


Bosses change into irrelevant:

Bosses really feel like strangers,

Who’re finally compelled

To resign and are quickly forgotten.

In spite of everything, bosses are mediocre

And can’t situation marching orders;

Can not drive a poet to carry out

Menial, mundane and trivial duties.

A poet just isn’t like

The plenty: the poet

Is an ethereal being,

Who has a protracted and

Intimate dialog

Together with his muse in odd

Venues and at ungodly hours:

A poet has a date with future.

A poet creates spontaneously

And can’t be confined to

The 4 partitions of a room,

Whether or not a jail cell,

Or an workplace house or a classroom.

Poetry wants room to breathe

Freely, in any case, within the open

Air and wild jungle in

The lap of Mom Nature.

A murals can not

Be commanded into

Being by a military

Normal or Warlord.

An autocrat and dictator

Of a Failed State or Banana Republic

Can not bark at a poet

Like a wild, prairie canine,

Anticipating a genius

To undergo his needs

Like a slave to his grasp.

Mercifully, the plenty understand

Their mistake, bow to motive, 

Push, shove and protest,

And, lastly, the boss falls into

An empty void of obscurity,

Which results in oblivion.

A poet is a delicate soul,

Who ignores those that

Disturb the peace, create noise,

Name consideration to themselves,

And reveal loutish

And boorish habits in

Public locations and well mannered society.

A poet, artistic soul,

Reviews to no one else

Save for his muse;

An inside and silent figuring out,

Which nudges the poet

On to a hidden pursuit

Resulting in the emancipation

Of our human race.

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