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You listen to this frequency, and you will feel amazing.

You listen to this frequency, and your health will improve.

But most of all you listen to this frequency and start making more money.

We’ve had people start new online businesses…making 1000 dollars a day as soon as they start running ads.

The power of money this frequency holds is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Believe me.

I’ve tried the law of attraction.

And I’ve tried GRINDING.

I’ve been consistent and I’ve made sacrifices…I’ve always taken action….

And yet I never reached financial freedom. I never even got out of the gate…


Nothing comes close to the power I achieved when I listened to this frequency.

Yes. It’s silence. But only a fool thinks it’s just silence. It isn’t silence. It’s science.

There are tons of studies about the 1000 hz frequency, you can Google it.

Because that’s what we have it down to…a science.

It’s a frequency beyond your audible range, yet it’s a frequency that can bend the universe to your will…especially when it comes to money.

Fools will not understand this. The wise will understand and reap the benefits.

It will seem strange at first. To just sit there and do absolutely nothing but listen…something you do anyway automatically.

But within seconds, you’ll know you’re dealing with a tremendous power here.

You’ll know that you feel different.

That you have more energy.

That you have more freedom.

That you have more health.

That you have more peace.

That you have more courage.

That you have more abundance.


And when you walk out of that door, you can absolutely expect for money to be basically thrown in your face and thrown in your face multiple times a day.

Best part?

There isn’t a single thing anyone can do to stop its power.

Sure, you can tell them about it.

That’ll undo your unfair advantage. But it’s your choice.

I can’t live your life for you.

But taking with a grain of salt…

I say…. at least for a while…just use this power for yourself…and don’t tell a soul…until you’re comfortable showing it…

Believe me, they will ask about it anyway.

They will notice the differences in you.

And you’ll get quite a kick out of keeping the secret from them

And in case you were wondering about my safety…there’s really nothing they can do to shut me down. America has a nice rule called freedom of speech…

My freedom of speech is your financial freedom

I will however, shut down the website the moment I feel the frequency is being used for evil.

Because this power is a double-edged sword.

It can make lives and it can break lives.

And in the member’s area I caution you to only use it to benefit yourself and help others.

If you try to use the power of the universe to hurt others…that eventually going to come back to hurting you.

And you don’t want to see what that looks like

I have already seen a little of this misuse of the frequency….so we could be shutting our doors any day now.

But if you’re hearing the sound of my voice…that means you can still get the universe’s true frequency.


Not too long ago…

I took this frequency and uploaded it to the internet.

This required some really fancy sound engineering. But we got it done.

Once it was ready, I took all the other frequencies we had found to have positive effects……and mixed them all together in perfect harmony…

And this has made the frequency even more powerful than it was before…

It’s just like with people.

Having the help of a second person is not just going to double your productivity.

It’s going to MORE than double your productivity.

Because being alone and being with someone is a completely different matter.

So… we added these other frequencies which will enhance the original frequency… multiplying its power by many-fold.

As of today, this page has been seen by over 100K people.

25% of them have bought in.

And those 25% are already enjoying financial freedom…or at least are well on their way to financial freedom.

It has worked for me. For my superiors in the intelligence community. It has worked for others.

And it’s going to work for you.

The reason why I am sharing my knowledge and helping others improve their life is twofold.

First, it angers me that the elite privileged ruling class of this world are this greedy and want to increase their wealth further and control us by exploiting our labor…

… using the majority of Americans as virtual slaves to debt and poor financial planning.

By sharing this knowledge, I am helping empower people to become financially free and independent and also take people out of their “trance” while teaching them to see how things really work behind the scenes of this universe….

Secondly, doing this is my way of “giving back” to society.


This act of selfless service and giving to people like you, I believe, is already having even more powerful vibrations of blessing coming into my life…

Once you have this frequency in your possession, everything will become clear.

You go behind the curtain.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do to become financially free…and the more you listen… the more the universe will start giving you success in every single step you take.

In fact… the money will come more TO YOU…than you going to IT…

Best part?

There isn’t a thing anyone can do to stop you.

Recently I’ve made it stupid simple for anyone to improve their lives with the silent but deadly 1000 hz frequency…

It’s in the member’s area. All you need to do is hit play and your life begins to transform.

Will this be available forever?

I highly doubt it.

I’m already getting a lot of pressure from the higher ups to take this down…

Because we WILL see people using this for evil….and when that happens we have to shut our doors.

Once you get inside the member’s area, you’ll see my instructions on how to listen and when to listen.

The steps are very easy and you’re going to be shocked at HOW simple it actually is…

You’re going to create a listening SCHEDULE… that works specifically for you… that will keep you on track to financial freedom.

You’re also going to see my favorite ways of making money along with a checklist of what to do for each one.

These 5 strategies are barely known to the public.

I’ve been secretly creating a fortune with these 5 methods…

Then you’re going to start to listen to the silence… and your ears are going to perk up.

You’re going to realize that what you’re feeling is the best you’ve felt in your entire life.

And if you listen for the full 5 minutes…that feeling will stay with you all day.

But that’s just the beginning.

Because, as I did…you’re going to see things in your life start to change.

People will treat you differently. Random people will want to partner with you on million-dollar deals. You may get a promotion.

You’ll start one of the money-making tactics I’ll give you and succeed right out of the gate.

And that’s when the money will start piling up.

And you won’t have a hint of jealousy from the people around you.

Because they’re going to feel the same good vibes that you’re feeling.

In the end…. you’re going to rise up the corporate ladder…until you’re on top of your personal world…

And at that point you’ll be shooting off a testimonial to me…because you’re so grateful

Because this secret gave you everything you ever wanted in life.

I don’t care if you’re currently in thousands of dollars’ worth of debt

I don’t care if you’re on food stamps.

Everyone who listens…will eventually become financially free.

Without exception.

The only way that won’t happen is if you stop listening for your 5 minutes a day.

I am so confident this will work for you…that I’m going to make you an offer you can’t’ refuse.

Normally…if you wanted the rights to this frequency, it would cost you over 100k

But you’re not going to pay 100K

I’ve already bought in…and I’m allowed to share it with whomever I want…

That brings the cost way down for you…

Since this is all digital and you don’t need a fancy sound machine…. that’s another reason the price is going down…

You’re actually going to get access to the secret sound…. for a ridiculous price.


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Abundance Frequency
Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $39.00.