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At its roots, manifestation works on the premise that an everyday person can take their hopes and dreams and begin working on turning them into reality. It’s the same principle behind the idea of trying to will something you desire into existence.

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The Cellular Sound Tuning System – What Is It?

It’s a principle that has raised a lot of controversies, especially because it makes it appear that you can use different ‘non-traditional’ ways to introduce wealth and abundance into a person’s life. Today, many guides claim to show people how to meditate.

And while the Cellular Sound Tuning System may appear like one of them, you should note that it’s a bit different. Unlike its companions, this guide focuses on teaching you to retune your cells so that you can get them into a vibrational state.


The Nitty Gritty of the Cellular Sound Tuning System

cellular sound tuningGetting your body into a vibrational state paves the way for you to give yourself the life you have always desired. Though this may sound like a complicated goal, the Cellular Sound Tuning System has been tried and proven to work and comes backed by scientific studies.

The 5D Biofield Technology behind its design allows for the introduction of mental changes that an average person may have a hard time achieving on his own. Its proponents lack the right words to describe its effects, but those who have used it have achieved life-changing results.

Many users have described feeling aligned after listening to the four audio tracks that are included in its packaging. And all they had to do to get it to work was set aside 20 minutes daily for four consecutive days to listen to the audio tracks.


Components of the Cellular Sound Tuning System

The Cellular Sound Tuning System is described as a unique manifestation program that assists in getting your body in harmony and in eliminating any barriers that may stand in its way. Its creator has equated it to a manifestation retreat lasting four days.

It aims to help you to manifest on a cellular level. Some of its components include the following:


Day 1: The Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony

The first audio is known as the Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony and comprises energy blockers that you need to eliminate from your body. 5D Biofield Technology has been used to create the audio track vibrations.

These vibrations are meant to assist your cells to vibrate in harmony with a sound that the program creators refer to as “The Sound of the Universe.” This cleansing ritual aims to promote a sense of calmness and help shed away all your burden.

By the end of the ceremony, your body will have eliminated all blockages present in it, including back pain, migraines, stress and anxiety. It will assist in promoting a wave of calmness that will allow you to continue to the next step of your manifestation journey.


Day 2: Heart and Mind Coherence

As suggested by its name, this ceremony aims to create harmony between your mind and heart, enabling a steady flow of energy to take over. After retuning the cells in your body on the first day, it now becomes easier to create harmony between your mind and heart.

Their alignment will enable you to feel more connected to the universe. Research suggests that the energy your heart produces supersedes that of your mind. Therefore, taking part in this ceremony will allow you to melt away all negative feelings that may have taken over your life.

Examples of such feelings include loneliness, sadness, and jealousy.


Day 3: Healing Beyond Body Ceremony

The ceremony on the third day involves targeting the energy points in your body. In short, the third day revolves around your chakras. As a result, the frequencies that are produced on this day will assist in unlocking the energy pathways present in your body.

Unlocking them will make it easier for energy to flow freely all over your body. The ceremony will go a long way towards eliminating any roadblocks that may hinder positive energy flow in your body.


Day 4: Deep Soul Connection Ceremony

Last but not least is the Deep Soul Connection ceremony which relies on the healing frequencies of both ayahuasca and mushrooms to work. At this point of the program, the focus is on helping you unload the baggage you have carried with you all these years.

The ceremony assists in promoting clarity and focus and enables you to discover who you are and your purpose in life. Its goal is to promote a sense of calmness in your soul and body coupled with a feeling of overwhelming peace and relaxation.

By the time it ends, it will have helped you get in sync with “the sound of the universe.”


Benefits of the Cellular Sound Tuning System

Some of the benefits offered by the Cellular Sound Tuning System are:

  • It helps you to manifest everything in your life, allowing you to get a better connection to the universe
  • It assists in reducing stress and anxiety
  • It makes it easier to manifest money, personal and professional relationships and other vital aspects of your life
  • It helps in enhancing positive feelings




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cellular sound tuningCellular Sound Tuning