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How Quarantine Led a Laid-Off Waitress to Discover “Money Prayers” and Manifest Up to $1,732 In 2 Days

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Hi, my name is Abby Fuentes.
Here’s how a strange prayer book took me from laid-off waitress…
…to manifesting MORE money during quarantine than in the last 2 years!
PLUS, see how 33,437 people are using “money prayers” to:

  • Lift financial curses (and remove evil spirits)
  • ​Receive unexpected gifts and checks in the mail
  • Enjoy total financial relief with no more money worries
  • ​Attract lucrative job offers – even without special skills!
  • Manifest UNLIMITED financial blessings

And while this may sound astonishing…
it’s only a glimpse of what “Money Prayers” can do for you.
Take it from me…

Eviction Was 3 Weeks Away…If I Didn’t Manifest A Money Miracle Fast 

Lockdown flipped my world upside down:
The restaurant I worked at shutdown overnight…
I was laid-off with NO money to make rent.
NO health insurance if I got sick.
NO food in the fridge.
With nowhere to go, I spent my days smoking at the park.
As I lit up a cigarette, a stunning woman turned to me and asked for a smoke…

I Was Too Ashamed To Show My Face

I hadn’t showered in days.
Meanwhile…she looked like one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Like she never had money troubles a day in her life…
…she had perfectly manicured nails…
…a massive princess-cut diamond on her finger…
…and a Balenciaga purse on her lap.
And I don’t know what it was about her, but…we got to talking and I spilled the beans.
I revealed all the things about my situation that I was too embarrassed to tell anyone else.
Turns out, I was DEAD WRONG about her.. 

She Cleaned Toilets For A Living Only 2 Years Ago

After escaping an abusive relationship, she moved to Oregon with her 4-year old.
She needed to make ends meet for herself and her daughter.
With NO skills and NO education, she took a job as a cleaner at the Hilton.
And with limited funds, she moved into ACORN Place…(a crime-ridden housing project).
Like me, she thought her story was already written…
…that she was cursed financially like the rest of her family.
UNTIL she discovered a book while cleaning the presidential suite that changed everything:

“I Know It Sounds Crazy, But That Prayer Book Changed My Life

Today, she lives in a 5-bedroom dream home on the “rich side” of town.
And she spoils herself with luxury spa retreats, business class travel and designer clothes.
Although I was happy for her, I couldn’t help but feel deep envy in the pit of my stomach.
I guess she could read it on my face, because…
…before I could say anything, she pulled a book out from her purse and set it down on my lap.

Then thanked me for the cigarette and said she had to go.
As she walked away, she looked back one last time and said:

“Be careful: Money Prayers work AGAINST you if you’re not in a blissful state.”
Stunned, I looked down at the book in my lap and saw:

Urgent Money Miracle: 

37 Morning Prayers For Immediate Financial Blessings
I almost fell off the park bench when I opened the first page.
Have you ever felt a ‘knowing’ that your life was about to change?
That’s how I felt in that moment.
Like I held the real key to financial abundance in my hands.
And that night, it was almost impossible for me to fall asleep.
I couldn’t wait to wake up and say my first prayer.
I recited it word for word… and my hands were shaking as I refreshed my bank account…

I Burst Into Tears When My Bank Balance Plunged Below $200 

It felt like my world crumbled…
…a stupid cellphone surcharge set me back $73!
It was money I needed for food.
Determined, I re-opened the book of prayers and said another prayer…
I refreshed my bank account every hour, hoping for a miracle.
Finally, my phone rang…
“Hi Ms. Fuentes, I’m calling from Geico Auto Insurance. We were unable to process your payment of $293.64. Please make payment as soon as possible.”
An intense rage of fury swept through my body. 
I kicked the garbage open to throw out the so-called “money prayer book”…
…but then, I remembered what Anna said just as she left:

“Be careful: 

Money Prayers work AGAINST you if you’re not in a blissful state.”
Those words echoed through my mind.
So I danced around, exercised, tried singing in the shower…
…I did anything to change my state.
Hours later, I felt like I was flooded with enough “feel good hormones” to try again.
So I opened the book, said a prayer, and tears streamed down my face when I discovered…

I Received An Unexpected Bank Transfer Of $1,732 Just 9 Hours Later

And it didn’t just stop there…
I kept up my “abundance ritual” day after day, week after week…
…and more and more money came flowing through my hand…
…and all while being holed up in my apartment during lockdown.
In a matter of weeks, I went from:

  • Not having enough money to make rent – to having over $20,000 for a downpayment on a new condo.
  • Barely having enough for KFC – to getting fresh, organic food delivered to me daily.
  • A dirty closet with my waitress uniform – to a wardrobe full of designer clothes ready to wear post-lockdown!

But most importantly…
I went from teetering on the edge of poverty – to getting on the right side of the massive wealth transfer happening now.
And I want the same for you…
That’s why, I want to pay it forward with a special gift: 

Yours FREE 

Urgent Money Miracle: 37 Prayers For Immediate Financial Blessings
The fact that you are here right now is PROOF that manifesting power is already within you.
That’s why, I consider it my duty to help the Chosen Ones like you manifest prosperity like I did.
Just like a complete stranger did for me on the park bench that fateful day.
So here’s the deal:
I’m gifting you FREE instant digital access to Urgent Money Miracle: 37 Prayers For Immediate Financial Blessings.
Yes, you’re getting FREE access to the exact same prayer book that manifested unlimited financial blessings into my life.
And in case you’re wondering if it will really work for you…

How To Make Urgent Money Miracle Work For You – Guaranteed!

Remember, the “Money Prayers” inside Urgent Money Miracle ONLY work when you’re in a blissful state.
If you’re in a “low vibrational” frequency, the prayers can make you poorer, and more vulnerable.
And I don’t want that for you…
So I enlisted the help of the best hypnotherapist in the country.
And together, we created the A State Of Bliss audio for you to listen to BEFORE your Morning Prayer.
It works to put you in a blissful state so you can manifest immediate financial blessings.
WARNING: Listening to the A State of Bliss audio before saying your Money Prayer is a MANDATORY step.  

It’s That Easy! Just Two Steps To Manifesting Financial Blessings Now

Step 1: Download the A State of Bliss audio on your phone or computer. Then, press play and close your eyes.
Step 2: After listening to the A State of Bliss Audio, open your digital copy of Urgent Money Miracle and recite any Money Prayer.
That’s right:
There’s no books to read
No expensive courses to study
No awkward seminars to attend
Just listen to the audio, say a prayer, and receive urgent financial blessings – starting right now!

“I Said My First Prayer And I Got My Stimulus Check In The Mail”

It’s True: Urgent Money Miracle is already working for 33,437 Dear Ones.

Enter The Post-Corona World With More Money Than Ever Before

Whether you embrace your fate or not, you were Chosen to see this message.
The Universe doesn’t make mistakes.
The Law of Karma has brought you here…
And now it’s finally time to accept that the Universe has decided you are destined to:

  • Attract more financial blessings during this pandemic than in the last 1-3 years!
  • Manifest more riches than 98% of everyone you know
  • ​End money worries during these uncertain times
  • ​Become the “lucky friend” who is effortlessly steered towards tremendous financial gifts
  • ​Not just survive but THRIVE during the oncoming deep global depression
  • ​Never rely on the government for help again!
  • ​Come out on the right side of this massive transfer of wealth 
  • ​PLUS – be in the fortunate position to financially help the people you love with ease!

Don’t Go Another Day Without Saying One of These Morning Prayers

Soon, it will be YOUR manifesting success story you’re sharing with a stranger on a park bench.
YOU will have received an abundance of financial gifts.
And YOU will be in the fortunate position to pay the prosperity forward…
Normally, the Urgent Money Miracle prayer book would cost upwards of $1000 at rare book shops…
…but for a limited time, I’ll let you have instant access to these life-changing prayers for FREE when you get…
A State of Bliss Audio – if you don’t listen to this audio BEFORE you say a Morning Prayer, you could be manifesting by default and unwanted experiences will show up in your life.
That’s why, I’m giving away the Money Miracle prayer book for FREE when you get the A State of Bliss audio now!
And you can get it all for just $27!


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