Sage Goddess Honoring our Photo voltaic Cosmic Father for Father’s Day

June 18, 2023, is Father’s Day, the standard time to honor the daddy figures in our lives. Being and having a father may be fantastic — and likewise difficult. Many people have misplaced our fathers or are experiencing damaged father relationships. A few of us discover father figures in surrogate or adoptive fathers, uncles, or grandfathers. A few of us don’t discover these father figures till later in life — whether or not it’s a instructor, mentor, or one other optimistic position mannequin. Masculine ‘father’ figures may be anyone — even ladies! Female and masculine don’t exist with out one another, and bringing them into steadiness has the profound energy to heal ourselves and the Earth. Irrespective of how father figures present up for you on this bodily airplane of existence, I’m inviting you to think about the position the Divine Masculine performs in your life whereas honoring our Photo voltaic Cosmic Father for Father’s Day.

Who’s the Photo voltaic Cosmic Father?

The Photo voltaic Cosmic Father is the personification of the Divine Masculine and has been identified all through time and throughout cultures by many various names: Ra, Anu, Jesus, Surya, Zeus, Ranginui, and plenty of extra. The Divine Masculine represents consciousness itself — that which by no means modifications. Masculine power is assertive, lively, and at all times desires to discover new territory. We’re every made up of female and masculine power, and our masculine nature is the a part of us that desires to interrupt away from the established order and set up a robust, individualized self. The Photo voltaic Cosmic Father additionally embodies the power of the Solar — the first ray of power from which every little thing else is created. The Solar by no means fails to shine, at all times ‘rises’ to satisfy us, and sustains all life on Earth. Father’s Day falls within the week earlier than Litha, also called the summer time solstice — the longest day of the 12 months. It’s the Solar’s day, honoring the Photo voltaic Cosmic Father and bringing us all again to our heart — to our hearts and the artistic supply of every little thing. It’s a time to step out in religion and picture what’s attainable for your self. The Photo voltaic Cosmic Father helps us on this by inspiring us to be assured and unbiased. He guides us to let our interior mild shine as we forge new and thrilling paths.

5 Methods to Honor and Join with Our Photo voltaic Cosmic Father

1. Be a Father to Your self

This Father’s Day, I problem you to show the lens inward and study your wounds. Take into consideration the male figures in your life. Had been they supportive? Take into consideration your male pals, romantic companions, or siblings — is there a sample? Generally, we have now hidden blockages stopping our development. Be a father to your self and dig deep with logic and motion. Place these wounds below a microscope and take into consideration how masculine power has positively and negatively impacted your life. Forgive the previous as wanted and have a good time the great — not for anybody else, however for your self. Though we are able to’t bodily return to repair and alter the occasions that created the chasms, we are able to achieve this energetically, liberating ourselves and the individuals in our wounding story from the ache and guilt.

2. Have interaction Your Internal Warrior

The Divine Masculine is your interior warrior, able to standing up for and defending you. Nice warriors strategize and combat with their minds as a substitute of the brute pressure and domination our society correlates with masculinity. The Divine Masculine is about interior energy. The place do you want it most? Is your confidence or shallowness wavering? Do you are feeling susceptible to your day by day struggles? Embrace your Divine Masculine and face your points head-on. Take up boxing or martial arts, or raise weights. It helps to align your bodily physique with the power you want to emanate.

3. Create a Photo voltaic Altar

This Father’s Day, you could really feel referred to as to create a sacred altar area to honor our Photo voltaic Cosmic Father. Your altar might be a easy shelf, desk, or cupboard, or it may be one thing extra elegant and elaborate. You possibly can place your altar inside your own home or outside. Select a spot that feels best for you. Incorporate Gadgets into this area to honor the Cosmic Father and Divine Masculine, comparable to pink, orange, yellow, and gold candles or a brazier, pictures of the Solar, wands, arrowheads, and ‘fiery’ spices and resins like cinnamon, chili, ginger, dragon’s blood, and copal.

4. Work with Crystals

Crystals emit energetic vibrations that affect how you are feeling, sense, and work together along with your surroundings — and you’ll add them to your Father’s Day altar or maintain them in meditation to strengthen your intentions to attach with our Cosmic Father. 

  • Golden labradorite is thought of a masculine stone of the Solar and Golden Ray and helps you progress extra confidently on this planet. It’s empowering, enhances instinct, and provides you the braveness to do what you want to do. 
  • Kambaba jasper is the Divine Masculine in stone kind. It invokes and enhances all of the masculine qualities, comparable to assertiveness, motion, independence, journey, logic, and safety. 
  • Sunstone carries the power of Ra, the Egyptian Solar god, and brings benevolence and optimistic power to your sacred area. It’s a management stone that fills you with optimism, openness, and heat and evokes consciousness and co-creation.
  • Pyrite enlivens your self-image and connects you to the heat of the Solar, serving to you be a supply of inspiration. This gem corresponds to the zodiac signal Leo and brings positivity, vitality, and total well-being. 
  • Citrine is a stone that will increase psychological readability and attracts prosperity. This gem regularly transforms your power with its vibrant, expansive energy. Citrine’s sunny and vivid disposition imparts marvel, delight, and enthusiasm.

5. Take Motion

It’s useful to acknowledge if you’re holding again your needs and items out of concern or doubt. With out motion, your goals, creations, and concepts by no means attain their full expression. Your instinct will knock in your door in some unspecified time in the future, telling you that your items are able to be seen and felt by the world. It’s time to reply if you happen to’re prepared. Don’t let concern or doubt get in the way in which of your happiness. Harness the Divine Masculine to bravely make a transfer and declare your future.

In Closing

The female and the masculine can not exist with out one another, and a ravishing spectrum of how they categorical themselves lies inside us all. Whereas the Gaia Cosmic Mother helps and nurtures us, the Photo voltaic Cosmic Father evokes us to be unbiased and assured and let our interior mild shine. Integrating the 2 energies brings us into concord with ourselves, the Earth, and your entire universe. From the deepest area in my coronary heart, I want you a Completely satisfied Father’s Day. Might today mirror the Divine Female and Divine Masculine union and bridge new beginnings of peace, belief, and chance. And so it’s.

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