Sage Goddess Shade Magic 101

Within the magical arts, we research the sacred correspondences or connections between colours, numbers, days of the week, indicators of the zodiac, phases of the moon, and plenty of different mundane sides of life that, to others, appear unrelated. To us, magic is the intentional use and layering of those correspondences so as to harness vitality for a objective. At its base, magic is about intention, and colour magic is about utilizing the colour spectrum to assist manifest intentions. It’s very similar to The Magician within the tarot utilizing the 4 parts to make his “magic” occur. Discover ways to work with colour magic for your self with this useful information to Shade Magic 101.

What’s Shade Magic?

Consider colour magic as a rainbow of instruments at hand to deliberately increase the vibrations of sacred objects and areas. Chances are you’ll already be utilizing colour magic and don’t even comprehend it. Are you drawn to a particular colour of flowers or crystals you wish to have in your house? Does that change relying in your temper or event? Do you’ve a favourite colour you put on on a primary date or for an interview? Do you’ve a fortunate scarf or a favourite lipstick that invokes confidence? These are all examples of colour magic and also you tapping into the rainbow for a desired objective!

Shade Magic & Gems

One among my favourite methods to work with colour magic is by working with gem stones. Whether or not you retain them in your altar or put them in your pocket or bra for magic on the go, they’re a simple technique to increase your vibration with colour. Under I’m sharing a easy overview of the ROYGBIV rainbow of chakra colours with some corresponding stones. Nevertheless, the colours exterior this spectrum (white, brown, black, and the shades of colours in between, like teal) even have their very own magic and necessary properties.

Crimson – Root Chakra

The colour pink corresponds with the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra retains you balanced and related with our bodily world. Emotions of security and comfortability with life generate from this vitality heart. Crimson can be the colour of ardour and need. It represents blood, the life drive, creation, and the total cycle of being. A few of my favourite pink gem stones to work with are hearth agate, pink aventurine, coral, garnet, pink jasper, and pink tiger’s eye.

Orange – Sacral Chakra

Orange represents optimism, luck, prosperity, pleasure, and success. It resonates with the Sacral Chakra, your vitality heart of delight, ardour, creativity, and emotion. Every thing you delivery comes via your Sacral Chakra. A few of my favourite orange gem stones to work with are tangerine quartz, orange calcite, carnelian, orange kyanite, peach moonstone, and sunstone.

Yellow – Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra

Yellow prompts the Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra, the middle of your energy and confidence. This chakra is the place you manifest all of the belongings you create. A balanced Photo voltaic Plexus ends in a confident but humble sense of energy. Yellow is the colour of the Solar and represents prosperity, power, and optimism. A few of my favourite yellow gem stones to work with are yellow aventurine, citrine, bumblebee jasper, yellow fluorite, tiger’s eye, and golden quartz.

Inexperienced – Coronary heart Chakra

The colour inexperienced prompts the Coronary heart Chakra, the middle of your physique’s vitality that regulates all of your vitality stream. Love for your self and others arises from this chakra, together with compassion and affection. Inexperienced is the colour of affection freely shared and brings therapeutic, concord, stability, prosperity, progress, and success. A few of my favourite inexperienced gem stones to work with are bloodstone, emerald, inexperienced fluorite, fuchsite, Kambaba jasper, and inexperienced tourmaline.

Blue – Throat Chakra

Blue resonates with the Throat Chakra, the vitality heart positioned at your bodily throat that holds your reality and the way you categorical it. When your Throat Chakra is balanced, you converse your reality with readability and conviction. Blue can be related to spirituality, calm, knowledge, loyalty, and interior depth. It’s the colour of the sky and sea and represents expansiveness. A few of my favourite blue gem stones to work with are celestite, blue lace agate, blue calcite, aquamarine, larimar, amazonite, and blue kyanite.

Indigo – Third Eye Chakra

Indigo blue prompts the Third Eye Chakra, the seat of your instinct. Receiving knowledge past our world of time and area, together with psychic imaginative and prescient, is a part of this vitality heart. When your Third Eye is open, your perception is eager, and also you’re in a position to understand what’s occurring round you. Indigo symbolizes your deepest ideas and religious knowledge. It’s related to meditation and comprehending religious mysteries. A few of my favourite indigo gem stones to work with are blue tanzanite, iolite, azurite, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, and sodalite.

Purple – Crown Chakra

The colour purple prompts the Crown Chakra for peace, unity, and reference to the upper realms. The Crown Chakra is a bridge between the bodily and religious and your crown of divine knowledge. When it’s balanced, you are feeling related with Supply with a deep sense of religion and self-respect – for you’re a divine being, accepted simply as you’re. A few of my favourite purple gem stones to work with are amethyst, charoite, lepidolite, purple fluorite, violet flame agate, and auralite 23.

In Closing

There are lots of methods to experiment with colour magic to assist your intentions and affect your temper, vitality degree, and general well-being. Along with the concepts above, strive altering your wardrobe and make-up. Add objects like crystals, flowers, or decor objects to your area. Paint your partitions and furnishings to harness completely different energies. Dye your hair or put on glasses with coloured lenses. Nevertheless you select to work with colour magic, I hope this transient introduction sparks your curiosity in correspondences, connections, and the interrelatedness of all issues. And so it’s.

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