Sage Goddess Your Direct Connection to Supply: The Crown Chakra

Have you ever ever merely “identified” one thing that wasn’t a chunk of information you explicitly realized? Have you ever skilled the sensation of being linked to greater realms and your personal divinity just by falling deeper into meditation or being in a spot the place you’re feeling energetically protected and protected? If you happen to’ve ever felt this, likelihood is you had been resonating along with your Crown or Sahasrara Chakra – your heart of embodying, connecting to, and channeling greater information. It’s by way of the Crown Chakra that we hook up with Supply and carry this vitality into our every day lives. On this weblog, “Your Direct Connection to Supply: The Crown Chakra,” I’ll present you easy methods to open your Crown Chakra and really acknowledge the Divine energy you maintain.

Shut your eyes and take a deep breath. Be aware of your sense of interconnectedness. Do you’re feeling an innate tie to the vitality that surrounds you, to the vitality that extends past this realm of house and time? Or are you extra attuned to the vibration of this bodily aircraft? Whereas concentrating on actuality within the right here and now could be necessary for on a regular basis life, failing to divulge heart’s contents to what’s past this world can result in a scarcity of religion in what’s to return – which provides solution to a much less fulfilling existence. Whenever you activate your Crown Chakra, your sense of belief within the universe is strengthened, and also you’re in a position to embrace the infinite information that lies inside.

Violet & The Violet Ray

The colour violet has lengthy been related to spirituality, Supply, and the Crown Chakra. Violet has the best frequency within the seen spectrum, and what’s past violet is invisible to the human eye. One of the crucial profound religious discoveries ever is the Violet Ray. It’s the quintessence of distinctive religious mild and is straight related to the Crown Chakra. Throughout time and house, mystics have grasped a glimpse of a “religious spectrum” past the bodily spectrum of sunshine that may be seen by the human eye. The Violet Flame emerges from the Violet Ray and brings all of the excessive vibrational mild qualities of Supply/Creator vitality – mercy, forgiveness, freedom, love, and transmutation.

The Crown Chakra in Astrology

The Crown Chakra is related to Jupiter, the planet of enlargement and progress. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our photo voltaic system and carries highly effective vitality of chance and abundance. Jupiter encourages us to belief in the next energy. This planet is the standard ruler of the astrological indicators Sagittarius and Pisces. We all know Sagittarius to be the zodiac signal of reality, freedom, and easily “going for it” with out wanting again. Pisces is the signal of interconnectivity – permitting us to attach deeply with each our personal internal knowledge and the religious world. Jupiter, Sagittarius, and Pisces vitality all inform us that if we merely belief our innate information and that one thing larger has our greatest pursuits at coronary heart, divine blessings will come to us.

The Crown Chakra within the Tarot

Within the tarot, the Crown Chakra is linked to one of the highly effective Main Arcana – The Hermit. Within the conventional Rider-Waite deck, The Hermit is depicted as a cloaked man on a mountaintop with a lantern. This card represents coming again to your self and your spirituality, sustaining a excessive vibration even within the darkest of instances and locations. He’s a pioneer, and along with his lantern, he paves a path to enlightenment by way of introspection. The Hermit exhibits that the solutions and otherworldly information are all obtainable to you for those who sit nonetheless and really hook up with the stream of vitality between you and Supply.

The Crown Chakra and Starseeds

Connecting to starseed lineage is a superb solution to plug into this vitality heart. We’re all multi-dimensional beings, and we’ve all had lifetimes in other places and kinds – due to this fact we’re all starseed or star youngsters. Connecting to starseed lineages merely means you’re connecting to the vitality of various star techniques, which not solely brings information however enhances your reference to all that’s. The Andromedan star system is related to the Crown Chakra. Connecting with this star system brings ardour for religious evolution and lets you step into your sovereignty and autonomy. It’s stuffed with freedom, enlargement, and religion within the unknown.

Opening Your Crown Chakra with Crystals


Amethyst is all about connecting with Supply and its title comes from the traditional Greek phrase “amethystos,” which implies “not drunk.” It’s a gem of the Violet Ray and brings divine energies of safety, mercy, love, forgiveness, freedom, and transformation. Amethyst has lengthy been related to spirituality and the Crown Chakra. It will probably assist you to fall and keep asleep, enter into deeper states of meditation, and its excessive frequency naturally repels decrease energies. It brings a clearer understanding of your life expertise and helps to combine greater knowledge. Working with amethyst brings steadiness, peace, purification, cleansing, unity, and religious evolution.

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite is a stone for soul work that helps develop your consciousness and deepen your religious apply. Past activating the Crown Chakra, it enhances your psychic means, clarifies your dharma, and attracts new alternatives. Fluorite cuts by way of the psychological muddle and confusion. It lets you turn into extra discerning in what you enable in, bringing scattered energies and ideas into larger cohesion. Purple fluorite is a stone of upper realm connection and manifesting your function, permitting you to align your pure abilities and presents along with your greater calling.

Embodying the Crown Chakra

Right here’s what all of it boils right down to – how do you carry this vitality into your every day life and BE a strolling connection to Supply? First, it’s necessary to know that the peace, knowledge, perception, and data from greater realms is an vitality stream that’s all the time accessible to you. Having a every day apply (even when just a few minutes) that resonates with you personally and makes you’re feeling linked to that vitality stream won’t solely deliver a way of calm. It’s going to make a serious distinction in receiving that divine readability and information. Don’t be afraid to bridge that hole between you and the unknown! Whenever you open your self to the channel of Supply vitality, nice therapeutic, interconnectedness, and understanding of your self and the world can be available to you.

In Closing

To open your Crown Chakra and join with the divine vitality of Supply and the upper realms, meditate or develop your personal every day apply that lets you really feel linked not solely to the universe at massive however to your personal sense of divinity as effectively. Bear in mind you’re product of stars – and whereas there’s a huge quantity of information and knowledge to attach with in planes past the one you exist in, that information and knowledge exists inside YOU as effectively. Name on astrology, crystal magic, tarot, or starseed vitality, belief that the universe has wonderful issues in retailer for you, and your Crown Chakra will flourish! As you hook up with your Crown Chakra, repeat these affirmations to attach along with your greater self and spirit guides, permitting the vitality stream between you and Supply to stream freely:

I’m Spirit in human kind, infinitely divine. 

I’m surrounded by the compassion and safety of the Violet Ray.

I belief within the divine timing of the universe.

I’m linked to Supply, and Supply is linked to me. 

And so it’s.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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