Spirituality of Death – How Spiritualties Changed

Spirituality of death – Everyone stands at the same level when we talk about death. It is because no one is an expert on death, nor anyone has any personal knowledge about it. Even if we think of death, nothing except an empty feeling comes to our mind. But none can avoid death. It is the end of life. People are dying every moment. According to the worldometer, 36,015,897 deaths occurred, this year, up to the time of writing this line.

Some people think that death is real, and, for them, it is like a blank wall. There are also others for whom death is not real. They think the spirituality of death is the door to another life. Whatever one may think or believe, everybody avoids mentioning death in their daily thoughts and actions. The reason behind this is the fear of death. But if one could forget this fear, then it is possible to discuss death from a detached point of view.

Spirituality of death – What is death?

It is not an old man’s quest, but the quest of humanity. Everyone should understand the meaning of death as we all are going to die someday. It is an absolute certainty in our lives. Generally speaking, death is the biological or organic ending. It is a permanent stoppage of all biological functions that can never be reversed. When a death occurs, the heart ceases to beat, and the senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling also stops forever. And the decomposition of the body starts after some time.

Relation between life and death

Volumes of literature are there on death. Still, the word death remains behind the cloud. In most cases, we separate death from life at the back of our minds. When one talks about life, we mean continuous living with identity. But death is the opposite of all that we call life and puts an end to everything. If we are spiritual, we believe in eternal continuity and struggle to bridge the gap between living and ending.

If one can know what death is while they are living, it solves all problems. But this is a difficult task, and there lies the fear of death. Only a spiritual mind never separates the two. Because when there is spontaneity and continuity, all experiences are intertwined. So, there can be nothing new and no renewal. But is it possible to die while living? Is it possible to become nothing in this world and end all memories? It is only possible when one can think and look beyond everything. In such a case an individual projects himself with the higher self and life, and death becomes the same as life, and he embraces the eternal.

Spirituality of death – What is a spiritual mind? 

Technology has made tremendous progress. But humans are, more or less, behaving in the same pattern for hundreds of years without any change in mind. It is where a spiritual mind can help.

Spirituality of death concerns inner transformation. It has many meanings and one should follow a spiritual path that suits the mental disposition.

A spiritual mind helps one to lead a conscious life. He is guided by some uplifting perceptions that influence the behavioral response. Beliefs generate from thoughts. As a spiritual person always identifies with a higher state of consciousness, he looks beyond the self and enters the vast realm of oneness. The spiritual mind is not convinced by arguments. It believes in continuous searching, seeking, and finding what is true and what is illusory. One such illusion is the thought of separate entities. So a spiritual man lives without any comparison and measurement. It is the true way to know the reality. 

Spirituality and religion

Religion can be said the organized version of spirituality. While following a religion, everyone takes a stance before that form of GOD one believes. But one can also be spiritual while not following any particular region. As the matter stands, they are not strangers. Their relationship is like that of the spirit to the body. All religions are backed by institutional structure, whereas spirituality involves individual effort to achieve excellence.

How spirituality can cope with death and dying

Death and dying are accepted as medical conditions in the West. Death is the most certain thing in life and one may experience sufferings towards the end. When one believes in certain religion or faith, it gives some idea about the afterlife. It helps to build a positive outlook toward terminal diseases and death. And, the spirituality of death helps an individual to believe in a transcendent power that controls everything and also teaches universal oneness. It destroys the self-ego and the individual learns to live in humanity. As the individual starts feeling for others and have love, compassion, and empathy, one becomes stronger to face death and dying.

Spirituality of death – The fear of death 

Humans have evolved due to their immense and sophisticated cognitive abilities. It entails self-preservation, and they also try to anticipate future outcomes. Since self-preservation and the inevitability of the spirituality of death lies on the opposite poles, it induces a queer feeling of anxiety and terror in the human mind.

It is an absolute certainty that all will die one day. Even then, humans do not like to think about the end of their early sojourn. So, the most common response against the thought of dying is fear.

But fear of death also has a brighter side. The thought that we all are nothing but mortal clays kindles the lamp of spirituality. If people never knew that they would die one day, no one would have felt any urge to look for something beyond life. As one gets older, the thought that of death slowly starts grabbing the mind. The feeling comes early for some, and some experience this at a later stage. And when the revelation of spirituality comes, a person becomes better placed to welcome the inevitable death. 

Summing up 

A spiritual mind believes that all living beings in the world are born from ‘that eternal bliss.’ They excel in ‘the eternal bliss.’ And, at last, they enter into ‘they eternal bliss.’ It is what the spirituality of death teaches us.

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