The Artwork of Loving a Venus/Neptune Soul: Idealism, Phantasm, and Intimacy

When the planet of affection (Venus) is mixed with the planet of spirituality and goals (Neptune) within the natal chart, you’re taking a look at a delicate romantic. You’re additionally taking a look at somebody who can delude themselves and their companion, in a relationship.

The laborious points (conjunction, sq., opposition, inconjunct), between natal Venus and Neptune create pressure that may result in dizzying romantic highs and crushing lows. The magic of Neptune glorifies Venus’ ideas of affection and relating.

The Venus/Neptune Character

The hallmark of the Venus/Neptune individual is their perpetual search and dissatisfaction. Their sample goes one thing like this: they’re drawn to somebody (normally a artistic individual), and stare upon this miracle by way of rose-colored glasses.

They consider they’ve discovered The One and profess their timeless love. The Venus/Neptune individual units up a pedestal upon which their companion is positioned. Feelings are fevered and wonderful, till the Venus/Neptune individual notices flaws of their Soul mate.

This wake-up interval might be excruciatingly painful for the Venus/Neptune individual. They might notice that their love was a misguided type of compassion as they tried to “save” somebody. Or they might merely notice that their companion is human (like everybody else).

Disappointment units in and each events really feel betrayed. The Venus/Neptune individual wonders what occurred to their divine Soul mate. Their companion wonders why the Venus/Neptune individual, initially so romantic, has develop into distant and obscure.

Venus/Neptune Excessive Requirements

Disillusionment is the sticking level with laborious Venus/Neptune points. Neptune’s vitality isn’t grounded in the true world; it hints on the promise of religious perfection and union with the Creator/Increased Energy—very excessive requirements for mortals to realize.

Mix this with Venus, and you’ve got somebody who’s nice at providing common love (they really feel compassion for teams of individuals), however who has difficulties providing actual, one-on-one love.

The irritating glimpse of divine perfection (or the fantasy) that Neptune affords creates a continuing drip of chance that toxins their real-life relationships. The fantasy-based love that they provide is solely not actual.

Neptune additionally provides a glittering rush of fantasy to Venus’ need to narrate to others. Venus/Neptune folks have fabulous imaginations that stretch to a cherished (and really detailed) romantic fantasy. It normally includes a really perfect companion.

In his wonderful e-book, Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment, Adrian Ross Duncan factors out that every lover that they become involved with is in contrast in opposition to this fantasy and finally discovered wanting. The love they’ve will all the time have the life sucked out of it by their need for the love they’re lacking.

Handle Your Relationship With a Venus/Neptune Individual

What are your choices, in case you’re the companion of a Venus/Neptune individual? Nicely, you’ll be able to’t reside as much as their expectations. Nobody can. Likelihood is you’re a artistic kind, so your finest wager is to maintain being artistic.

Observe that muse.

That’s the place you’ll join together with your Venus/Neptune companion and the place you’ll obtain assist from them. Additionally, needless to say Venus/Neptune folks have hassle saying “no.” Their boundaries and shallowness (Venus) are blurred by Neptune’s compassion and empathy.

They’re simple to make the most of, and confuse sacrifice with love. It’s as much as you to set the boundaries and even say “no” for them occasionally.

Remodeling the Venus/Neptune Vitality

Remodeling this vitality to a extra constructive manifestation is troublesome for the Venus/Neptune individual. Step one is for them to confess that the proper relationship doesn’t exist. That is an addictive dream they’ve been nurturing for years, so it’s not simple for them to only let it go.

These are profoundly delicate people who find themselves hooked into the common disappointment and disappointment that everybody feels. Neptune’s present of heightened sensitivity might be overwhelming. It’s not a simple burden to hold, and that dream is a part of their escape.

Nevertheless, a part of Neptune’s lesson is studying to cope with disappointment. Neptune is about sacrifice: the sacrifice of the fantasy for what lies behind it. That is the lesson that each one Venus/Neptune folks should study.

One of the best ways to deal with laborious points between Venus and Neptune is to harness the great discontent that’s generated. The present of the laborious points is that the elevated pressure pushes folks to do one thing about it.

Many Venus/Neptune persons are artists who’ve created superb items that contact the lots.

They’ll additionally focus that vitality in the direction of charity and volunteer work. By giving their discontent a wholesome outlet, their companion doesn’t develop into the main target of their pissed off goals.

This fashion, the Venus/Neptune individual can reside in the true world. They may develop into a mild, delicate companion who has realized to supply genuine love.

Are you a Venus/Neptune individual, or in a relationship with a Venus/Neptune individual? Inform us about it in feedback under.

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