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A few years in the past I prompt that historic Atlantis civilization could have really existed (and nonetheless does) as a high-level religious dimension that’s accessed through the power centre over the ‘Atlas Bone’ – the religious gateway – quite than a bodily place.

After we open up and activate our coronary heart chakra with each day love based mostly intentional practices, this instantly accesses – soul. When our soul is free to rise within the physique, this then results in the opening of our mouth – through the throat (the voice). This prompts the again of the neck – what I name ‘the religious gateway chakra’.  This resonates to the ‘blue’ frequency.

As soon as the religious gateway prompts it then sends an lively sign to our pineal gland and pituitary gland – forming a pyramid or mild inside the mind that joins up with the again of the neck. Moreover, an energetic DIAMOND LIGHT can be shaped between the charged up pineal and pituitary glands, the religious gateway and the guts.

In the event you’re in your religious path and usually expertise a stiff or aching neck and/or a sore throat (significantly when there are highly effective cosmic alignments occurring), it may very well be that your ‘religious gateway chakra’ is activating – you’re connecting with different dimensions. This may be noticeably sturdy throughout your sleeping hours.


  • Be keenly conscious of utilizing good posture always. Tuck your chin barely in and lengthen the again of your neck.

  • Breathe deeply out and in of the stomach.

  • Open your chest (and coronary heart centre) by rolling again the shoulders.

  • Stroll with an ‘lively foot’ – that means push although your complete size of your foot when strolling and depart the heel down barely earlier than stepping off – this naturally opens up the again of your legs and backbone and encourages your arms to swing naturally forwards and backwards when strolling.

  • Therapeutic massage over the atlas bone every day with a sacred anointing oil of your alternative. I additionally counsel that you just therapeutic massage over the guts centre, throat and third eye, as properly. See all of those power centres linking up in a golden pyramid of sunshine.

Let me know within the feedback under in case your religious gateway has activated? I welcome your loving interactions.

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