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Expensive Cosmic Group,

It has been a captivating week of cosmic vitality will increase. So many people ’empaths’ have been reporting difficult days, the place we have picked up on the ache and heaviness of others. It has been troublesome at occasions figuring out what’s our vitality and what belongs to a different. I have been doing my greatest to maintain us all updated and within the circulate with each day fluctuations, by reporting in-depth in The Tip-Off World Power Forecast and in short on my Facebook page

For many of final week, I saved saying that there was a brand new HIGHER vibration filtering by way of Earth. This vitality was palpable and has come within the wake of the latest eclipses and is why so many individuals are clearing out at a mobile stage. It is also why so many individuals have felt a bit flat or despondent whereas they’re upgrading to be in alignment with the cosmos.

On Friday, I learn a report that backs this up, as a excessive velocity photo voltaic stream presently impacting Earth’s poles is inflicting our magnetic discipline to ‘RING LIKE A BELL’. It is being referred to as a ‘PURE, SWEET TONE’. That is excessive vibration vitality and it is coming into the Earth on the north and south pole. You possibly can learn it here

I find it irresistible too, how on Thursday night of this week,  I intuitively took us all into the CORE of the Earth, which was like an enormous crystalline signing bowl. This meditation is in direct alignment with the present vitality. I encourage you to observe it to obtain essential private messages from soul.

All the time belief your instinct and know that there’s at all times a cosmic cause for why you are feeling the way in which you do. As above, so beneath….

Elizabeth ♡

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