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I stay in South Australia which is residence to level 44 on the world grid, the one level intersecting over and thru mainland Australia. In my expertise, the place these vortex factors happen, an enormous wave of pulsating mild is shipped into the bottom beneath and above into the sky, very like a pyramid vitality impact (as above, so beneath). In the event you stay close to these areas (even inside a number of hundred kilometres) you turn out to be activated with a powerful consciousness elevating harmonic.

That is why highly effective historical buildings nonetheless resonate with activation vitality once you go to them. It’s the invisible vitality grid that’s anchored by the stone (typically quartz) buildings constructed inside and upon them, which attune (like a tuning fork) one to the upper vibrational frequency of the grid.

Have you ever ever visited an historical energy level? In that case, was your third eye, coronary heart and photo voltaic plexus being stimulated and turned onto excessive? That is why locations just like the Giza Plateau and Angkor Wat nonetheless entice non secular pilgrims in the present day. On a deeper degree, soul is aware of the place to take us to show us again onto the grid of sunshine that connects all souls within the universe.

I’ve been drawn all around the world connecting with international energy factors, together with:

  • The traditional rose colored metropolis of Petra in Jordan – I notably felt a powerful female vitality emanating right here

  • In Egypt – The Giza Plateau, Dashur (extremely previous purple pyramid), Saqqara, Abydos, Denderah (my beloved Temple of Hat-or), Valley of The Kings and Queens, Thebes/Karnak/Luxor Temples, Temple of Horus…

  • Greece – historical Atlantean outposts of Santorini (Akrotiri), Temple of Phaistos and Knossos.

  • Australia – Crystal Mountain at Level 44 – the world grid, Uluru – sacred Earth pulse.

  • Cambodia – the traditional metropolis of Angkor (constructed on even older sacred floor). I’ve visited over 5 occasions. Angkor is on par with the vitality generated by the monuments of Egypt.

  • Vietnam – Halong Bay, sacred waters and limestone islands.

I invite you to do your individual analysis and research into the world vitality grid. Ask soul to take you to an influence level that may activate your mild. Chances are you’ll very nicely discover one ready for you, in your very personal yard…

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