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After about 6-months of lucid dreaming, then the subsequent and strongest part started. It’s what I now know to be my ‘kundalini energy’ that was woke up…

The Kundalini Awakening
After waking up between 3.00 – 3.30am after which going again to sleep, I might start lucid dreaming after which one thing else began occurring. I awoke inside the dream and I used to be in my room, in my home, absolutely conscious of every thing round me and but I couldn’t ‘bodily transfer’. It was acutely aware dream paralysis and it was scary. At this level, I might use all my power to will myself to wake-up. It normally occurred after a number of makes an attempt. This might go on evening after evening, growing in depth.

The Dimensional Shift – The Noises ~ The Rocket Ship of Rising Vitality

Once I was awake, however unable to maneuver, I might hear noises in my home. What gave the impression of knives being sharpened, cutlery being moved within the draw and paper crumbling in my ears. Then the buzzing would start (like a hive of bees inside me and throughout me) and finally my physique would begin rumbling. What felt just like the engine on a rocket ship was inside me.

It could begin up and construct energy in my decrease backbone. Night time after evening this might occur, till finally the rumbling started to maneuver up my backbone. Often when it received` to my lungs and coronary heart, I might wake-up, as a result of I felt that I wasn’t in a position to breathe.

One evening, I used to be within the midst of this expertise and regardless of how onerous I attempted to will it to cease, it wouldn’t. It was at this level, grappled with worry, that one thing inside me, mentioned “Wait, is that this an excellent factor?. The second that I had that thought, the rumbling subsided. I felt validated and I relaxed and I made a decision to go along with it and to see what would occur subsequent.

What occurred subsequent…
Because the rumbling moved up my physique, when it received to my lungs, I felt that I needed to take a deep breath. It felt that I used to be being submerged beneath the water (certainly, the waters of life). So, I held my breath and the rumbling went proper up into my mind. I knew that I felt extremely excited. The solutions that I so desired had been coming to me. Then as soon as the rumbling received to the highest of my head, I felt my physique sink again into my mattress and “I” left my physique, by way of the highest of my head and I used to be out, inside what felt like a cosmic curler coaster of sunshine.

Being ‘Consciously’ Out of Physique
I used to be out of my physique and but, I used to be nonetheless me. I bear in mind being so cognitively conscious of that. I used to be travelling in area, by way of a darkish power tunnel, with hundreds of thousands of colors flying by me. It was exhilarating and I did not have to direct it. I knew precisely the place I used to be going and I had by no means felt extra ‘alive’. I used to be my very own entity and but I additionally felt that I used to be part of the universe that I used to be travelling by way of. It was full unity.

The Colors
Once I received to the top of this dimensional journey tunnel, I paused after which every thing went silent and nonetheless. I used to be ready, with a lot anticipation at what was subsequent. Then the colors got here. Probably the most good colors that I’ve ever seen in my life. So vivid and geometrically patterned. It seemed like luminous, cosmic stained glass. Then the scene modified and I used to be in one other dimensional actuality – absolutely acutely aware. It was at this level that the whole thing of the place I used to be, took over me and I immediately snapped again into my physique. I awoke, again in my mattress, in my room. I lay utterly nonetheless for what appeared like half-hour. Then I slowly started to maneuver. I used to be so current and my physique was so heavy.

Cosmic Consciousness
I by no means forgot this primary time, the place my core religious power rose up from the bottom of my backbone and activated each centre in my physique. It turned on my mild physique, in order that I may journey out of my bodily physique, whereas nonetheless with the ability to come again in, to deliver this cosmic consciousness into my bodily life. I’ve since created a number of stunning Guided Journeys together with Becoming Your Highest Self Accessing Your Akashic Records and Opening The Third Eye

It was pure for me
The kundalini rising expertise occurred dozens and dozens of occasions after this. I misplaced depend of what number of occasions. And I by no means compelled it to occur and I by no means requested for it to occur. It simply did – naturally, because of this (I consider) of my honest religious in search of – and I like that.

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