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As soon as this 5D template was in place across the planet (again in June) the nice push for souls to begin working with 5D consciousness (en masse) had begun. So, in the event you assume again to June 2019 an enormous wave of positivity swept the globe, particularly as Jupiter was at its closest to Earth all 12 months on June 10/11. We acquired an enormous injection of sunshine from the cosmos serving to many 1000’s of souls to spontaneously wake-up and for many who had been woke up (of all ages) to cycle up in acutely aware consciousness.

What’s The Shift to 5D?
To place it merely, our regular on a regular basis 3D world isn’t going anyplace, anytime quickly. Neither is your notion of duality. What IS now totally different is that souls can extra simply entry their non secular actuality (the fifth dimensional frequency).

Which means our consciousness and understanding that we’re non secular beings (fabricated from power/mild) in fixed communication with the divine has been turned onto excessive. Not solely are extra individuals experiencing their life in 5D, trusting within the messages that they’re receiving from the cosmos (through soul’s instinct) however they’re additionally DOING one thing to use and ACTION these messages. They’re taking their 5D concepts and making them actual in 3D. We’re integrating our non secular actuality into our human life.

Earth’s Improve to a Larger Working System
Now, certainly having acutely aware entry to a 5D actuality isn’t something new. Souls have been connecting with the divine for the reason that daybreak of time, however they haven’t all the time absolutely trusted in that connection or that they may change the 3D world through their communication with the cosmos. There have been a scattering of related souls like Pythagoras, Da Vinci, Tesla and so forth. who did know that they had been related. Simply have a look at what they did. What IS totally different now (since June 2019) is that the non secular dimenion is extra accessible in our human life to extra souls than it’s been in 1000’s of years. It’s like Earth has been given a huge system improve to a better working system.

July – August 2019
Following June’s entry of The 5D power template round Earth, July introduced in some distinctive cosmic occasions, which additional served to floor us right into a 5D working actuality. It was one of many busiest power months of the 12 months with the eclipses, Mercury retrograde, Chiron retrograde, Saturn’s closest strategy to Earth all 12 months and on July 31/August 1 the primary of three Tremendous New Moons in a row,. This was a month the place we expanded and lots of souls acquired a enormous wake-up name. We reached a important mass of woke up souls on Earth that created a domino like motion, waking up those that had simply accomplished a darkish evening of the soul.

Mass Wake-Up Calls – A World Taking Motion
We can’t underestimate simply what number of souls have woken up and have had their blinders eliminated with reference to being acutely aware of the realities past the bodily, since June/July. Many of those souls are concerned within the enterprise of mass rallies and protests worldwide. Lots of them are youthful souls and the kids (now younger adults) of the souls of GENERATION X. I spoke concerning the importance of Generation X in our future in a blog earlier this 12 months. These born between the mid 60’s to mid-80’s are The Cosmic World Bridgers. When Technology X had been youngsters (or kids) the world additionally appeared in disaster (assume ongoing threats of nuclear struggle, mass famine (Feed The World – Reside Support) and environmental disasters). They wished to assist, however the degree of worldwide communication between souls was a lot lower than it’s immediately. Now ‘everybody’ is related, due to the rise of the pc age. Souls are mobilised and future centered.

We’re additionally seeing many souls of Technology X and The Boomers (1940’s to 1960’s) be part of within the international rebellion. These souls really feel the solidarity with the youth and are prepared so as to add their power to the wave of change sweeping the globe.

Future Centered – World Motion
Once we first wake-up to our non secular actuality or if we haven’t but gone to sleep (like so lots of the younger souls on this planet now rallied) one in all the primary issues that we do is to take motion. We would like change, to enhance our life and we all know that we CAN make it occur. We really feel empowered. And beneath the 5D template, it’s now not solely about ME, nevertheless it’s about WE – the spirit of oneness (unity inside duality).

In October 2019 alone, there have been massive (in lots of circumstances mass and constant) protests occurring in…
Hong Kong, The UK, Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Indonesia, France, Ecuador, Peru, The US, The Netherlands, Haiti, Lebanon, Syria, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Russia, Iraq (and the record goes on). Little doubt the place you reside as effectively.

We’ve additionally seen the rise of XR (Extinction Riot) mobilizing a whole bunch of 1000’s of souls worldwide to behave in small or massive teams bringing disruption to most main cities across the globe, through in your face, societal consciousness to Earth’s local weather emergencies.

The present international unrest is an outcropping of 1,000’s of souls having a mass wake-up name. It’s what Earth has wanted and there’s a definite future focus to it and a cosmic motive behind it. Souls are deeply involved concerning the future and what’s occurring to Earth and all sentient beings and so they now know that their particular person voice, power and and actions carry nice weight. Consciousness has risen.

Authority is being challenged when it doesn’t present for equality, peace and a acutely aware, sustainable future. Together with the rise in 5D consciousness, is our important must embody and train self-responsibility and self-governance. Have you ever seen this in your individual life? Making empowered selections?

The Cosmic Power of August, September & October 2019 – The Cosmic Kite & The Greater Image
Now, after July’s expansive power, each August and September had been heavier power months that required enormous quantities of resolve, notably from seasoned non secular seekers. Private relationships had been delivered to the sting. Many souls departed the planet and others needed to dig in deep and re-evaluate just about every little thing. Are you able to relate? With two extra Tremendous New Moons and the entry of The Cosmic Rectangle planetary alignment in August, we had been challenged every day to face all facets of our life that had been out of alignment with our private authenticity.

The Cosmic Rectangle planetary alignment (think about Earth within the centre of an brisk cosmic rectangle in our photo voltaic system, made by the intersecting power traces of the outer planets) started in late August and continued all through virtually your entire month of September.

Schumann Amplification Spikes to an influence of 99 – Many Seasoned Religious Seekers Went Quiet
Then on Friday September 20, we had an enormous spike energy in amplification (quantity) Earth’s heartbeat to 99 (base degree is 7.83Hz) – The Schumann Resonance, on the identical day as FridaysForFuture rallies occurred throughout the globe. Simply after this, proper on Equinox (which was enormous) we had an enormous tumbling and fact reveal with the start of the impeachment inquiry in The US and the Brexit manouevres in The UK. Worldwide motion ramped up after September 20 and lots of open and conscious spiritually aligned souls, retreated to their house bases and fairly areas with the intention to maintain the power for the globe.

The Cosmic Kite and World Future Focus
Then as October started, so too did the planetary alignment of The Cosmic Kite (think about Earth within the centre of an brisk cosmic kite in our photo voltaic system, made by the intersecting power traces of the outer planets). The Cosmic Kite asks us (similar to a kite) to stand up and SEE the larger image forming. It’s affect in our life pushes us to have a acutely aware, far-reaching future focus, which is EXACTLY what the worldwide unrest is all about. Our future as a planet. What’s occurring on Earth proper now could be a direct outcropping of what’s occurring cosmically. As above, so under…

What’s developing? – The World Wake-up Shake-Up
Persevering with in October, November and December is The Cosmic Kite. World unrest is not going to be dying down anytime quickly. I prefer to name it the worldwide wake-up shake-up, as that’s what it’s on an brisk degree. It’s about souls following their inside steering (their 5D actuality) and truly doing one thing about it – taking motion.

We’re heading into a brand new power decade (2020) and new power period (The Aquarian age) the place we’ll see higher development in 10 years than we now have prior to now 10,000 years.


  • What you are able to do proper now could be to not panic, hand over or lose your motivation for residing an unbelievable life

  • The world hasn’t gone mad. It’s simply woken up

  • That is what 5D integration into 3D seems like and that’s what we’ve wished and labored in direction of, as acutely aware non secular beings for 1000’s of years

  • Plan your future and comply with your inside steering every day. Do your greatest to not put down those that have simply woken up or those that haven’t. Be understanding

  • Be genuine and use your distinctive abilities to uplift your self and in flip help these round you

  • Be constant every day, focus and take a look at to not soar from one factor to the subsequent

  • MEDITATE every single day and ask to speak with the divine

  • Then ACT on the inside communication you obtain – this IS 5D residing

Are you prepared to begin every day with SOUL main you forward? A soul-led life brings which means, satisfaction and the fulfilment of your best wishes!

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Sending you my love and help in 5D, as you…expertise your soul
Elizabeth ♡

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