The Magic in Working with Kundalini Power

Have you ever ever stopped to mirror on how actually highly effective you’re? Are you aware how a lot vitality you carry inside your discipline, most of which has been mendacity dormant and untapped, prepared in your discovery and activation? You’re a main power discipline. And one of many biggest presents you may give your self is to realize a higher consciousness and understanding of all that you’re and the immense energy you possess. The most effective locations to begin is along with your kundalini vitality. On this weblog, we are going to uncover and uncover the magic in working with kundalini vitality.

Kundalini vitality is starting to floor in conversations in ways in which it hasn’t at all times earlier than. And I imagine it’s time. There are such a lot of individuals who cease shy of residing utterly in what they’re right here to do, usually considering they don’t have the abilities, expertise, or capacity to manifest and present up within the methods they really feel deep down they will. Kundalini vitality may also help with that and when activated, has the flexibility to rework your life and the lives of these you’re right here to contribute to.

Awakening the sleeping large

So what precisely is kundalini vitality? Kundalini is the primal vitality that lies coiled on the base of the backbone and it’s a GREAT power. It’s the vitality of transformative sexual awakening, religious enlightenment, and new states of consciousness. In Hinduism, kundalini is related to the Divine Female vitality that’s nestled on the Muladhara or Root Chakra. When the kundalini vitality is activated it strikes up the backbone much like how a snake strikes. It begins in your Root Chakra, the place it shakes and stirs, then strikes into your Sacral, Photo voltaic Plexus, Coronary heart, and Throat, round your neck and as much as your Third Eye, winding and winding till it reaches your Crown. When kundalini is woke up in an individual, new ranges of knowledge, perception, and inventive energy are reached; the deepest wells of magic are tapped into and harnessed.

Beneath, I’ll share with you some methods you can begin unlocking and dealing with kundalini vitality to stay a life that’s extra reflective of the immense treasure home of creativity, ingenuity, ardour, knowledge, and heightened consciousness that you’re and maintain.

5 Methods to Work with Kundalini Power

1) Breathe and Come into Your Physique

What I discover stunning and most attention-grabbing about kundalini vitality is that it brings you right into a higher consciousness of your physique. As religious beings on the trail to awakening, we will tend to deal with our journey to enlightenment a lot that we miss out on the wonder within the expertise of being in kind in a physique. One of many presents of embodiment is experiencing the senses and having the ability to play and create and name into kind the visions we maintain in our minds. By respiration and coming right into a higher consciousness of your physique temple, you consciously direct the vitality to what you’ve centered your consideration and intention on. Not solely are you envisioning and feeling into the bodily manifestation of the factor desired, however you’re additionally giving the kundalini vitality one thing to work with. As soon as these energetic facilities are activated, we emit a resonance and vibration that then attracts to us what we now have seen in our minds.

2) Deliberately Work on Clearing Your Tales

Each particular person’s kundalini awakening is exclusive. Though there are similarities in experiences, no two are precisely the identical and the benefit and/or rigor of the awakening shall be largely influenced by the traumas and tales that should be cleared. Because the vitality uncoils, spend time visiting, therapeutic, and releasing the tales that could be saved in every of your energetic facilities. What tales about stability and safety do you carry in your Root Chakra? What tales do you maintain round your capacity to expertise and categorical ardour and creativity which might be saved in your Sacral Chakra? Do you’re feeling empowered and radiant? Or is your Photo voltaic Plexus carrying a narrative that you simply’re unworthy? Proceed to do this type of evaluation along with your Coronary heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Because the vitality rises, pause to go to and clear every of your chakra factors. Work with this expertise by releasing beliefs, patterns, and methods of being which might be not reflective of who you’re. These tales could have served you prior to now, however they gained’t serve you in the identical method as you unfold and develop. Be OK with permitting what was to fall away, like previous pores and skin, opening to higher expressions of your fullness.

3) Transfer Your Physique

Kundalini vitality is about motion and circulation. You possibly can work with this vitality by discovering practices and actions that enable you to to maintain the vitality flowing whereas opening, stretching, and lengthening your physique. You are able to do this via yoga, tai chi, pilates, tribal dance, stomach dancing, and any bodily exercise that retains you flowing and limber. And, you’ll want to take heed to the physique’s cues when it asks you to easily be nonetheless.

4) Shift Your Weight loss plan

One other indicator of an awakening kundalini is a noticeable change in how, when, and what you eat. The meals you will have discovered gratifying earlier than not entice you. It’s nearly as in case your physique has no want to partake in sure meals anymore and is urging you to rethink what you set into it. Ask your self, “Does this meals gasoline me or sluggish me down?” Enable this query to information your consuming selections and the frequency of your consuming. Keep in mind, meals is vitality and carries a vibration. Because the kundalini awakens, it’s possible you’ll discover it tougher to bask in that bag of chips or fried rooster as you probably did beforehand. And that’s OK. Connect with the knowledge of your physique and discern what meals to devour that can maintain this vitality flowing and help your journey, versus hindering and slowing it down.

5) Really feel Into Your Finest Potential Expression

Kundalini is an awakening of the Divine Female inside every of us, which is linked to our creativity, goal, and the methods we categorical and contribute to and in life. An awakening is the proper time to faucet into the best expression of your life; it presents the chance to play in your creativeness and unconscious, extracting the nuggets of knowledge there. What’s yours to provide on this lifetime? In what methods are you right here to disclose extra magnificence, love, abundance, creativity, wealth, well-being, excellence, and extra? Meditate usually on these questions, holding a journal close by to report the messages that reveal themselves to you.

In Closing

You’re right here to be extra. I imagine one of many presents of awakening kundalini is that this: The conclusion that you’re huge past measure. As you open to the total energy of your beingness, you develop into an empowered vessel via which Spirit can channel extra of its goodness, bounty, knowledge, love, creativity, and intelligence. You develop into obtainable for Supply and what higher present is there in life than that?

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