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Pricey Cosmic Neighborhood,
Lately on my Facebook Live I spoke concerning the energy of the Tremendous Moon and what number of in our group of sunshine had been experiencing sore necks on the identical time that cosmic vitality was intensified. I additionally spoke concerning the Vagus Nerve in relation to this and the way The Vagus Nerve was extremely essential for transporting mild via your physique and in addition in catapulting your religious development.

So, what’s the Vagus Nerve and why must you find out about it and start to champion it’s energy inside your physique?

In in the present day’s ALL-NEW weblog put up, let’s uncover the unbelievable world of the Vagus Nerve, its position in leisure, the head/coronary heart connection and the way it’s your gateway to a deeper religious realizing…


What’s The Vagus Nerve and the way does it serve you?
The Vagus Nerve begins its journey via the human physique rising from the medulla which is the decrease a part of the mind stem. Named after the Latin phrase for ‘Wandering’, the Vagus Nerve (The Wanderer Nerve) is the the longest nerve of your whole nervous system. Like a system of roots operating down the again of your neck, branching off to the left and proper aspect of your physique, it’s chargeable for inter-phasing with the parasympathetic management of your coronary heart, lungs and digestive system. It’s your parasympathetic nervous system that’s chargeable for relaxation, mild and digestion. Certainly the Vagus Nerve can decelerate your coronary heart charge, decrease blood stress and improve digestion.

Activating OR (Stimulating) The Vagus Nerve
The Vagus Nerve naturally performs its very important work of regulating your inner organs, digestive system, respiratory charge, coronary heart charge and sure reflex actions corresponding to sneezing, coughing and swallowing. But, you may also be taught to bodily ‘activate’ and switch up (referred to as stimulating) the frequency of those capabilities. If you bodily activate the Vagus Nerve, you’ll immediately ship a message all through your whole physique to chill out, let-go and permit mild to extra simply flood your being. It’s a observe that may upshift your consciousness, as you’re employed with the body-mind connection in a real-time, targeted method.

Activating your Vagus Nerve may also launch caught vitality within the physique, enabling you to extra simply let-go of past experiences the place you should still be holding on. It’s additionally fantastic for grounding religious experiences into the physique and for aligning the consciousness of your head and coronary heart (the character and soul).

The best way to Activate your Vagus Nerve and Activate Your Religious Mild

  • Breathe slowly out and in of your stomach. Start the breath proper down into the stomach and take it up all over your lungs, earlier than you slowly exhale. Take an entire physique breath, bringing into motion the whole use of your lungs, filling up your physique with mild.

  • Pilates, Yoga and Sluggish Stretching additionally all naturally activate the Vagus Nerve. It’s why you are feeling so relaxed and ‘within the circulate’ whenever you full such lessons or workouts. They’re splendidly good for each your bodily and religious well being.

  • Exposing Your self to Chilly – A brisk morning stroll within the chilly air with lighter clothes, or ending your bathe with a chilly blast lowers your ‘struggle or flight’ response and will increase the physique’s skill to chill out.

  • Chanting OM – The Vagus Nerve is related to your vocal cords, in order that whenever you chant OM or hum in a deep resonance you naturally activate the nerve endings, sending a flood of stress-free mild via your being. Chanting builds up immunity too.

  • Meditate – The act of meditation naturally releases rigidity in your muscular tissues, which will increase vagal tone and permits messages between your head and your coronary heart to extra simply circulate.

  • Therapeutic massage and Vitality Therapeutic – Each of those practices naturally launch rigidity within the physique. Working via the top, neck and ft stimulates vagal tone, as does working straight on the precise aspect of the neck, gently massaging the carotid sinus.

  • Sleeping in your proper aspect (moderately than left aspect) – This retains your coronary heart traces free and open, in order that vagal exercise is greater. I additionally liken this to the Reclining Buddha stance. The Buddha laid down, reaching enlightenment, throughout bodily transition – on the proper aspect (the bodily aspect), with coronary heart and soul (on the left aspect) open and free.

The Head and Coronary heart Connection (character into soul)
One of many biggest roles that the Vagus Nerve serves in your bodily physique is the best way through which it so intricately carries vitality info between your head and coronary heart – between your character and soul.

To grasp the excellence between character and soul (head and coronary heart vitality) simply think about that soul expresses itself, through the portal of your heart And it’s through the portal of your head (your mind) that your character is expressed. Your character is created by the soul. It’s your human position and character, with the aim of life being to wake-up to who you are as you naturally join head into coronary heart to take direct steerage from soul. When you are able to do this, your character turns into the spokesperson for soul. That is when your head and coronary heart are built-in and the Vagus Nerve carries nice duty in facilitating this connection. The extra lively and flowing your Vagus Nerve is, the simpler it’s to guide your life from soul and to mood the noise of your character.

By retaining your Vagus nerve activated, you give your self nice alternative for the top and coronary heart to move info to 1 one other with out interruption, as vitality messages circulate unhindered between the 2 nice centres of consciousness.

The Head and Intestine Connection (your intestine emotions)
And simply as the top and coronary heart are energetically and bodily related, so is the head and the intestine (character and energy centre). Certainly, you’d be acquainted with the expression ‘trusting your intestine emotions’ or to ‘go along with your intestine’. But, have you ever ever puzzled why and what this implies from the religious perspective? Nicely, it’s the Vagus Nerve that’s chargeable for this info circulate.

Your intestine has innate intelligence. It’s a centre of consciousness in your physique, simply as your head and coronary heart are. Your intestine is your energy centre and it tells you when to ‘bodily’ make a transfer, pull again or keep. By using the related teamwork between your head (character), coronary heart (soul) and intestine (energy centre) you turn into aligned along with your instinct and physical/spiritual feedback Guaranteeing that your Vagus Nerve is wholesome and lively, naturally promotes this 3-way connection of consciousness.

Therapeutic Your Physique – Growing The Mild
One other essential operate of the Vagus Nerve is that when it’s activated, it actually flushes your physique with mild. Specifically, you’ll discover that the act of ‘yawning’ whether or not pure or induced, prompts the Vagus Nerve and promotes the circulate of therapeutic mild in your physique.

Yawning and The Head/Coronary heart Prompt Connection
If you yawn, you open up the jaw and whole again of your neck, massaging the Vagus Nerve and stimulating the ‘zeal energy centre’ on the base of your neck – close to the atlas. So, recurrently yawning (a pleasant, large yawn) is improbable for flooding your physique with mild and immediately connecting head and coronary heart. Attempt it earlier than meditation. Attempt it whenever you’re drained. You could even discover that you simply naturally yawn when stretching, meditating and when training Yoga or Pilates. Yawning is a pure – easy (but high-tech) mind-body connection impetus.

Creating Consciousness
You’re beginning to see how essential the Vagus Nerve is in carrying vitality info between the most important centres of consciousness of the physique. Certainly, to grasp your human existence (working as a soul via your human physique) it’s important to develop your thoughts/physique/soul connection.

By focusing upon easy Vagus Nerve activation workouts every day, you possibly can speed up your religious development. You’ll additionally develop a deeper appreciation of how religious vitality works at the side of the bodily. You’ll expertise (first-hand) how your physique is a divine instrument that works seamlessly with the inter-phase of vitality, mild and spirit

Creating Empathy, Instinct and Telepathy
And eventually, an excellent benefit of growing good Vagus Nerve consciousness, with a wholesome connection between the top, coronary heart and intestine, is that your pure empathic and telepathic abilities, plus your instinct will improve and circulate unhindered. So usually, folks can distrust their very own instinct, due to poor interior connections. But, merely working with heightened Vagus Nerve consciousness, you possibly can shift this.

As you be taught to visualise the Vagus Nerve speaking between your main vitality centres, you’ll start to belief within the info that you simply obtain. The secret is to use (to motion) what your instinct and intestine emotions let you know. Act on the voice of your coronary heart and mood the over-use of your character, as you be taught to take directions from the soul. As you do that, you’ll discover your entire life opens up and takes on better which means, reward, satisfaction and goal.

I belief that you simply’ve discovered this weblog put up insightful and uplifting and are actually ever-aware of the magnificent Vagus Nerve and the very important position that it performs in growing your mind-body, head-heart and deeper religious connection right here on Earth.

Be happy to share. I’d love to listen to your suggestions within the feedback beneath

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