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Warrior in battle with sword & shieldWarding Off Psychic Assaults: My Information to Power Safety

How are you, beautiful soul? On this bustling realm of vitality and vibrations, it’s not simply your Wi-Fi sign that wants defending. Oh no, your religious Wi-Fi – your energetic discipline – deserves some critical safeguarding too! 

Thanks for taking the time to learn my vital however lighthearted information on the artwork of vitality safety, serving to you thwart any pesky psychic assaults whereas conserving your vibes positively charged. These methods may also work in case you’re an empath that suffers from the vitality of these round you whether or not it’s intentional on their half or not. All of us give off vitality & feelings, like a WIFI sign, nevertheless empaths can’t assist however be affected except they take proactive motion.

So, seize your imaginary protect and let’s embark on this journey of safeguarding your vitality within the enchanting world of the metaphysical.

  • The Energetic Bubble Tub

Think about this: you’re enveloped in a soothing, glowing bubble tub of pure constructive vitality. That is your private vitality bubble, and it’s unapologetically yours. As you float via your day, envision this protecting bubble wrapping you up, shielding you from any undesirable energetic interference. Identical to an invisible cloak of awesomeness, it deflects negativity like a professional, leaving you feeling as cosy as a bug in a positive-radiating rug.

  • Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Who’s probably the most energetically protected of all of them? That may be you, after all! Image a magical mirror, reflecting again any adverse juju that comes your method. Like a boomerang, the negativity flys proper again to its supply, there’s no karma right here, you didn’t ship it to them, you’re simply returning what’s theirs! When you had been to ship something nasty their method of your individual accord, that’ll carry karma. It’s like having a religious ping-pong match, however you’re the champion, and good vibes at all times win.

Laughter actually is one of the best drugs, even within the metaphysical realm. Think about your self with a magical wand that turns adverse vitality into bubbles of giggles. Anytime you sense an vitality drain or a psychic assault lurking close by, simply wave your wand and watch as these energy-dragging vibes pop into pleasant laughter bubbles. Not solely are you protected, however you’re additionally spreading positivity wherever you go. Win-win, proper?

  • Feathered Mates of Safety

Ah, feathers, these elegant reminders of the celestial. Image an impressive eagle hovering excessive above you, its wings outstretched to type a protecting protect. As you stroll via your day, think about this magnificent hen accompanying you, sweeping away any adverse vitality with each swish flap of its wings. You’re not simply protected; you’re basking within the majestic vitality of your very personal feathered guardian. You’ll be able to ask any hen so be at liberty to alter the eagle to a robin).

Crystals aren’t simply fairly rocks; they’re like energetic superheroes! Select a crystal that resonates with you – maybe a strong amethyst or a protecting black tourmaline – and carry it with you. As you maintain your crystal shut, set your intention: “This crystal is my cosmic bodyguard, avoiding negativity and conserving my vitality discipline sparkly and robust.” Your crystal ally will amplify your intentions, conserving your vibes excessive and your vitality protect unbreakable.

When you’re a sci-fi fan, you should use the Starship Enterprise forcefield or no matter technique of safety/armour you want out of your fave movie, you are able to do this along with your fave fantasy movie too, keep in mind your deed is your intent. Simply think about your self because the character inside no matter their safety mechanism is and away you go!

Are you aware these toys that you simply get within the slot machine arcades with the mechanical claw that grabs a toy in a plastic ball? Think about you’re within the ball, the shell of the ball is your safety, it may be no matter color you want, when you’re within the ball, you’re good to go.

You’ll be able to after all name in your Guides & Angels to work with you, to maintain you secure and to neutralise the psychic vitality being thrown at you. Archangel Michael is a strong protector however any angel you resonate with will assist or simply name on them as a collective.

If you recognize who’s sending you the psychic assault, write their title on a bit of paper, pop in a bottle of water, add sugar & pop within the freezer, as soon as it’s frozen the sugar will sweeten their vitality & the frozen ice will freeze their vitality from getting at you.


And there you could have it, pricey vitality warrior! Armed along with your enchanted bubble, playful mirrors, laughter wands, majestic feathered mates, and the magic of crystals, you’re now prepared to bounce via the whimsical world of vitality safety. Keep in mind, safeguarding your energetic house doesn’t need to be all critical and stern – it may be a lighthearted, enchanting journey full of laughter, positivity, and a contact of the magical.

So, go forth and radiate your protecting brilliance, spreading good vibes and repelling any psychic shenanigans that dare to cross your path. Together with your newfound vitality safety toolkit, you’re not simply avoiding negativity; you’re inviting a symphony of positivity into your life. Maintain these vibes excessive, and should your energetic bubble at all times be glowing and safe!

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