Three Liliths ~ Lunar Apogee, Asteroid & Ghost

Tlisted here are three Liliths in astrology you can place in your chart. Now we have Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith and the lesser recognized Darkish Moon Lilith. I used to see them collectively because the Triple Moon Goddess and thought it made sense to make use of them in that method. I then discovered that Demetra George had provide you with an analogous idea about Lilith, so I assumed we is likely to be onto one thing. Evaluating the three Liliths to the bible story she says:

“The Asteroid Lilith describes the primary stage within the legendary journey the place she is suppressed, humiliated and flees in a fiery rage to the desolate wilderness. The Darkish Moon Lilith depicts the ache of her exile the place she plots and executes revenge. The Black Moon Lilith exhibits how she transmutes her distorted picture again into its pure wholesome expression” [1]

Nonetheless, I now consider that splitting the vitality of Lilith into three separate elements dilutes its that means and confuses issues greater than it clarifies. I hold this submit up simply so individuals perceive the distinction between the three of them. 

The lunar apogee model, the Black Moon Lilith has at all times been my main Lilith, however I now not use the imply model in my analysis or readings now. I’ve found that solely the True Lilith model has significance astronomically. After extra analysis, I’ve discovered that the astrology appears to assist that too. You possibly can examine why I got here to that conclusion in my “Are We Moon Food” submit.

I might say nonetheless, that Asteroid Lilith does appear to have lots to do with third wave, neo-Feminism and can revisit that submit at a later date. Like all asteroids, Asteroid Lilith is extra fascinating as a software of divination and synchronicity slightly than something classically astrological.

My research of Eris and Ceres have proven these our bodies have much more cosmic meat than a hypothetical physique or level. Eris and Ceres are each now classed as dwarf planets, placing them on the identical degree as Pluto. Anybody who has gone by way of a major Pluto transit is aware of that it’s something however ‘dwarf’.

However for people who wish to make clear which Lilith is which here’s a quick description of every of the Liliths.

Asteroid Lilith


(1181 on The one strong illustration of Lilith present in the primary asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

ORBIT. Takes 4 years to orbit the Solar. Found in 1927. Diameter of 67km.

Black Moon Lilith


That is the Lilith most on the whole use. Contains True Osculating Lilith (h13 on  & Imply Lilith ( from their common drop down menu.)

Black Moon Lilith orbit

ORBIT. Imply Lilith has a 9 yr orbit and spends 9 months in every signal. The true model fluctuates wildly.

This isn’t a strong object, it’s a level of alignment. The Black Moon is the apogee of the Moons orbit, the purpose that’s farthest from the earth. Simply as there’s a Lunar Imply and True Node, so there’s a Imply and True (osculating) Lilith.

Dark Moon Lilith


Also called the Waldemath Moon or Sepharial’s Moon. (h58 on Sighting of this mysterious 2nd Moon goes again so far as 1618. it’s presupposed to resemble a sphere formed mud cloud. In 1918, Astrologer Sepharial claimed to have confirmed the existence of Waldemath’s ‘ghost moon’.

ORBIT. It flies by way of the chart, like a witch on it’s broomstick taking 119 days to journey around the earth spending 10 days in a single signal.

The Three Liliths In Your Horoscope

Create your chart HERE. It should take you to a web page that exhibits says free Horoscopes at Astrodienst.
Scroll right down to proper on the very backside and click on on “Prolonged Chart Choice
In “Extra objects“, choose “Lilith”. That is Black Moon Lilith (Imply)
Within the field for “extra asteroids or “hypothetical” planets” add 1181, h13, h58. This can present asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith (True/Osculating) and Darkish Moon Lilith in that order.

1. Discovering our Method by way of the Darkish. Demetra George. pg 92.

Extra Lilith

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