Transcendental Spirituality, Knowledge and Advantage

By Douglas Charles Hodgson /

We reside in attention-grabbing (a thinly disguised euphemism for chaotic and unsure) instances.

Now we have reached a vital stage in human historical past as we now face unparalleled existential threats to humanity and the planet we inhabit. 

International ice caps are disappearing at an alarming price because of world warming. The extinction of many interdependent species of life, accelerated by deforestation and lack of conventional habitats, is rising at an exponential price. Extreme demand, greed and over-exploitation are depleting the valuable and finite assets of the world’s oceans regardless of the Worldwide Regulation of the Sea. Conservation and sustainability efforts haven’t been profitable. Man-made air pollution together with using chemical fertilizers have resulted in environmental and land degradation and a consequent lack of the planet’s natural world. Arable farmland is now being misplaced to rising sea ranges. Meals and water shortages, due partly to world warming, armed battle and man-made air pollution, have gotten extra frequent. Current generations and political organizations have exhibited little concern or foresight (past lip service or aspirational platitudes) for the welfare of future generations. Can an ever rising and excessively demanding world inhabitants be sustainably supported in these circumstances?

We reside each day beneath the worry of nuclear devastation, added to that are the just lately developed subtle and damaging varieties of weaponry together with drones, space-based weaponry, autonomous weapons programs and Synthetic Intelligence. States now interact in proxy wars towards one another in an surroundings which is more and more disrespectful of the worldwide rules-based order and the United Nations. The extra highly effective States have changed diplomacy and negotiation with bullying, aggressive posturing, financial coercion, threatened invasion and cyber-attacks. Harmless civilians proceed to bear the brunt of armed battle, a transparent violation of Worldwide Humanitarian Regulation and a acknowledged conflict crime and crime towards humanity.

Democracy is failing, notably within the West. Bipartisanship, political good-will and concern for the welfare of the group have been changed by the tribal politics of worry, negativity, division, polarization, cynicism and hatred. We at the moment are going through a failure of political management and a scarcity of genuine voices. Authoritarian, fascist and army regimes now predominate, suppressing all political dissent and the free press and ignoring the issues and welfare of the individuals. Detention centres have been established to ‘re-educate’ or punish those that are thought of a menace to the safety of the federal government. The venerable human and civil rights to freedom of thought, conscience and expression and tutorial freedom are being severely eroded by the evolution of “political correctness” right into a “one-think” or thought conformity political narrative by which careers and livelihoods are in danger for non-conformance, with the choice being a coerced silence of what one actually believes.

Within the globalization period, wealth, energy, affect and management have gotten more and more concentrated, co-ordinated and consolidated throughout the globe, with the so-called and largely unregulated “Tech Giants”, “Large Pharma” and sectors of the worldwide banking system within the vanguard. Billionaires are competitively pouring huge sums of cash into house journey for the choose rich few who can afford it when so many issues at residence stay unsolved and ignored.

All of the whereas, humanism and what it means to be human are being devalued. We’re fast to criticize and condemn others whereas conveniently overlooking our personal faults. Governments and societies haven’t sufficiently protected essentially the most weak in the neighborhood from little one sexual abuse and neglect and elder abuse and neglect. Take into account the alarming crime charges and incidences of home, sexual, homophobic and racially-based violence, individuals trafficking for the needs of exploitative labour and prostitution, illicit substance abuse and over-dependence on pharmaceutical medicine, a meals trade which produces artificial (reasonably than pure) meals, the oppression of religions and perception programs within the identify of righteousness, abortion on demand, using human fetal tissue in medical analysis and cruelty to animals. Widening social and financial fairness gaps are undermining human dignity ensuing, for instance, in homelessness. Psychological well being points are affecting better numbers of individuals. Armed battle and financial drawback have compelled many to uproot themselves from their houses, leading to mass inhabitants displacements and refugee actions throughout nationwide boundaries. Though many well-meaning and well-intentioned people and organizations are striving to mitigate these ills, we’re shedding a way of group and belonging and that means in our lives.

And greed is now and actually thought of good and ensconced inside a First World society characterised by insatiable consumerism and rampant materialism (topic to potential Covid supply-chain interruptions). A scarcity of self-restraint of the senses has led to over-indulgence and excesses. Weak enforcement by monetary and tax regulatory programs has resulted in company fraud, corruption, insider buying and selling, offshore tax havens and worldwide cash laundering. 

We now reside in a digitized and digital world of cyber-space. Whereas the Web has supplied us with a outstanding and instantaneous supply of knowledge and data, it carries issues of its personal, starting from social media cyber-bullying, scamming and trolling to ISIS beheadings, reside streaming of mass shootings and the so-called “Darkish Internet”. Web habit and gaming are making a technology which is blurring the road between the true and digital worlds. Cell telephones have enabled us to take ‘selfies’, maybe symptomatic of our penchant for superficiality over substance and a pathological self-preoccupation. An unsolicited State-mandated digital footprint is encroaching upon our lives, accelerated by the response to Covid, enabling digital monitoring of what as soon as was thought of personal and confidential private data. 

And there’s no longer one Fact however many malleable, selective, believable and relativistic truths, enabling apologists for essentially the most egregious and outright acts of evil. These organizations able of energy, affect and accountability such because the Tech giants and the mass media not objectively report the info however have taken it upon themselves to imagine the function as the ultimate arbiter of the reality by selectively disclosing and withholding info and knowledge and censoring data and views which don’t conform with their explicit political narrative or agenda.

The Questions

Is there no finish to, or escape from, these woes which humanity now confronts and is basically accountable for? At this level in human historical past, we should be asking extra important and profound questions as to how now we have arrived at this level and the way we are able to avert an impending human and planetary disaster. These issues are all interconnected with one another, however so are we with one another, Mom Earth and all different sentient beings.

Because the French thinker Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has noticed, we’re not human beings having a non secular expertise however reasonably we’re non secular beings having a human expertise. Though materialistic scientific and medical reductionism would have us imagine (at the very least till just lately) that human consciousness doesn’t survive bodily demise, is that actually so? For Vaclav Havel, Consciousness precedes Being and that the salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than within the human coronary heart, within the human energy to mirror, in human modesty, and in human accountability. And more and more post-materialistic medical science is opening to the chance that human consciousness survives bodily demise.  

What then is the that means or function to our earthly existence? What ought to we be striving to realize throughout our fleeting time on this realm?

Why have historic Japanese and Western knowledge and advantage been forgotten or discarded as retro or irrelevant? Have we develop into empty earthly vessels devoid of all spirituality? What are the locations of faith and spirituality in our lives and what’s the relationship between them?

Are we contented and peaceable souls? Have we forgotten the great thing about simplicity? Is there an excessive amount of noise in our lives and never sufficient quietude and stillness? Are there too many pointless attachments, distractions and non-essentials cluttering our lives that stop us from ‘seeing’ and ‘understanding’? Are we overwhelmed by the ever rising data and knowledge that we’re confronted with every day and discover problem processing all of it? And has the world discovered find out how to make the most of knowledge and understanding to use to that data and knowledge to make a greater world?  

Are we separated from God/the Supply of all that’s, and can we admire the results of that separation?

The reply to those questions already exists, and could also be discovered within the knowledge and advantage of the ancients and the elders. It’s for humanity to rediscover this knowledge and advantage and apply it to handle these issues earlier than it’s too late.

 The Resolution

Transcendental Spirituality, Knowledge and Advantage identifies and explains the that means of 36 Divine Virtues or Common Moral Ideas forming the inspiration of the world’s nice religions, traced again to a single Supply unifying and connecting all. It makes an attempt to reply what’s the level to, and that means of, our present existence and what we should always attempt to realize daily throughout its fleeting time period. It reveals in a sensible and understandable means how historic Japanese and Western advantage and knowledge could also be utilized to at this time’s more and more advanced and difficult world to offer sanctuary, consolation, that means, contentment and a return to simplicity. Drawing upon remarkably related common moral ideas underpinning the world’s faiths, this ebook offers a sound platform for private therapeutic and development and non secular wealth and a information to how we are able to higher relate to different sentient beings and the pure surroundings in our each day actions.

The friction which ends from ignorance will be decreased solely by the unfold of common data and the unification of the heterogeneous parts of humanity (Nikola Tesla). In a world which more and more emphasizes, and is racked by, divisions, variations and polarization, Transcendental Spirituality, Knowledge and Advantage identifies widespread non secular, ethical and moral floor and data which may unify and reunite a fractious and fractured humanity that has drifted away from what actually issues on this our earthly journey. In a world which is tearing itself aside each day in centrifugal negativity and cynicism, this ebook seeks to construct up and edify, concentrating as an alternative on centripetal constructive and healthful influences and desiderata.

If we don’t change course, we’re prone to find yourself precisely the place we’re headed (Chinese language proverb). As Mom Earth growns beneath the exploitative burdens positioned upon her by humanity, this ebook gently whispers and reminds us of the timeless and dynamic knowledge of the elders and the ancients, offering a pathway to avoid the upcoming abyss. In an age when Fact is dismissed as deception and deceit, and falsehood and misinformation are dressed up and afforded respectability and plausibility, this ebook offers the reader with a criterion for judgment or ethical or moral compass to extra precisely assess the huge quantities of knowledge, editorializing and commentary we’re offered with every day.

Transcendental Spirituality, Knowledge and Advantage is an easy-to-navigate, one-stop pocket-guide that permits the reader to dip out and in of for each day inspiration, equally serving the entire newbie and those that are extra well-travelled alongside the non secular path of awakening.

Whereas the ebook could seem naïve and simplistic to some, it is going to be a salvation and panacea to others. With out a world revolution within the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the higher (Vaclav Havel). We should due to this fact now increase and elevate our particular person and collective consciousness and understand and admire that magnificence comes of all issues.

Transcendental Spirituality, Knowledge and Advantage by Douglas Charles Hodgson is accessible from and from wherever books are bought.


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