Venus Retrograde Conjunct Lilith – Emotional Catharsis –

The upcoming Venus retrograde in Leo (July-Sept. 2023) is sort of a journey. 

The depth peak of the Venus retrograde transit is between August Sixth-August ninth 2023, simply when Venus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith and squares Uranus on the identical time.

That is an insanely intense combo that’s virtually assured to result in an emotional catharsis of some form. 

What’s emotional catharsis?

Emotional catharsis is a course of through which our feelings are displayed in all their rawness. 

Despite the fact that it’s usually fairly “dramatic,” emotional catharsis is just not unfavourable. Fairly the opposite – it is rather liberating. Emotional catharsis helps us perceive and categorical what we’re feeling. 

Once we ‘suppose’ about what we really feel we don’t truly really feel. We do the other – we suppress our feelings. It’s not emotions that will get us in bother. What will get us in bother is containing or denying our emotions.

Once we suppress our true emotions for too lengthy, the eruption of those bottled emotions can take everybody without warning – together with ourselves.

However there are methods to consciously work and even induce emotional catharsis. Actually, catharsis was a course of Sigmund Freud used in the beginning of his psychoanalysis periods.

Venus Retrograde Conjunct Black Moon Lilith 

Coming again to Venus – and why this Venus retrograde will carry emotional catharsis. Venus retrograde is by default a wild card, particularly within the signal of Leo. Leo is the signal of the Self – Leo doesn’t actually care what others suppose. Leo simply needs to specific him or herself. 

Venus retrograde in any signal is an unpredictable Venus as a result of it goes towards the norm. Venus direct is what everybody finds fascinating. Venus retrograde is what YOU discover fascinating and price pursuing. 

After which now we have Black Moon Lilith. Lilith was Adam’s first spouse. The legend says that when she refused to be submissive, she was forged out of Eden. Lilith didn’t like that – so in a chart, or by transit, Lilith is the pure expression of the wild, unleashed female spirit.

Lilith is our uncooked instincts, the forbidden fruit, the liberator. Lilith is named Black Moon Lilith as a result of she is actually black – she is just not a planet or an asteroid, however a mathematical level calculated when the Moon is at apogee – or the farthest distance from Earth. 

As a result of Lilith doesn’t truly exist in bodily type – she guidelines our deepest repressed needs which might be troublesome to be expressed within the materials, 3D actuality. It speaks to the darkest components of ourselves that we’re usually afraid to acknowledge or the place we really feel criticized or misunderstood. 

Black Moon Lilith is the place we refuse to undergo others and search equality. Lilith is a logo for the darkish aspect of the female vitality; ‘darkish’ not as a result of it’s unfavourable, however as a result of it’s not acknowledged.

Once we suppress our feelings (Venus), they are going to finally erupt in unprecedented methods.

Venus Retrograde Sq. Uranus

Venus retrograde and Lilith are additionally sq. Uranus. Uranus is the planet of freedom and liberation. Uranus strikes like lightning, illuminating the apparent in a flash. Uranus doesn’t look after social conventions – it solely cares for fact. 

All these energies mixed: the unpredictable Venus retrograde, the uncooked Lilith, and the freedom-seeking Uranus – and we all know we’re up for fairly a journey this Venus retrograde. 

Learn how to work with this very intense vitality? The worst factor could be to attempt to suppress it. This Venus retrograde is just not about avoiding issues “I’m not doing ‘this’ as a result of Venus is retrograde”. With this energetic buildup it’s subsequent to inconceivable to keep away from what’s coming. 

Your uncooked, bottled-up emotions will come to the floor anyway. So a significantly better strategy is to tune into this vitality and work with it, quite than towards it. 

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