Venus Trine Venus Synastry –

Venus trine Venus synastry symbolizes a harmonious mix of affection, aesthetics, and shared values, fostering robust, affectionate relationships. Two celestial our bodies 120 levels aside in a natal chart or synastry type a trine. If there are three planets with 20 levels between them, they type a grand trine. 

In a trine, the planets are in the identical modality, resembling fireplace, water, earth, or air. Trines are very constructive and harmonious facets of astrology. They assist the energies of the planets concerned within the side to stream in a appropriate method. 

When one particular person’s Venus trines one other particular person’s Venus, their connection shall be glorious. This romantic relationship may very well be one of many happiest companions have and even turn into a lifelong bond. 

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