What are the impacts of Kuja dosha in married life?

Impacts of Kuja dosha on married life

Kuja dosha, also known as Manglik dosha or Chovva dosham in Vedic Astrology, is a outstanding astrological consideration that may considerably have an effect on one’s married life. This dosha arises from the unfavorable placement of the planet Mars (Kuja) in particular houses of a person’s birth chart, or Kundli. Understanding its implications and treatments is essential for these looking for a harmonious and affluent marital life.
The implications of Kuja dosha in married life could be difficult. It may result in fixed conflicts, critical disagreements, and even numerous types of abuse throughout the conjugal relationship. In some circumstances, the unfavorable affect of this dosha could lead to hardships brought on by the partner’s habits, doubtlessly resulting in separation or different difficulties within the marriage.
திருமண வாழ்வில் செவ்வாய் தோஷத்தின் (Sevvai Dosham) தாக்கம்

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To mitigate the detrimental results of Kuja dosha, Vedic Astrology prescribes numerous treatments. These could embrace marrying an individual with an identical dosha to steadiness out the energies, worshipping Lord Hanuman, visiting Hanuman temples on Tuesdays, reciting Hanuman Chalisa, fasting on Tuesdays, and providing prayers to Mars. Moreover, some people are suggested to delay marriage till after the age of 28, as it’s believed that the depth of the dosha decreases with age.

Traits of Kuja or Mars:

Mars, often known as Kuja, is a big planet within the celestial realm. At its core, Mars embodies a spectrum of qualities, encompassing each constructive and detrimental traits, which manifest otherwise primarily based on its place inside a person’s start chart, or Kundli (कुंडली). Listed here are the important thing traits related to Mars:

Optimistic Traits:

  • Braveness: Mars is the planet of braveness, endowing people with the bravery and dedication to confront challenges head-on. It empowers them to take dangers and face adversity with power.
  • Vitality: Mars infuses individuals with dynamic and very important power. It propels them to behave and obtain their targets with enthusiasm and vigor.
  • Confidence: Mars instills self-assurance and assertiveness. It allows people to belief their skills and make choices with conviction.
  • Willpower: Mars is synonymous with robust willpower and dedication. It helps people persevere by obstacles and obtain their goals, even within the face of adversity.

Unfavourable Traits:

  • Anger: One of many detrimental features related to Mars is its potential to set off anger and irritability. When improperly channeled, it may well result in impulsive and rash habits.
  • Aggression: Mars can gasoline aggressive tendencies, making people susceptible to confrontations and conflicts. It might lead to a aggressive and combative nature.
  • Competitors: Whereas competitors could be wholesome, an extra of Martian power can breed extreme competitiveness, resulting in rivalry and discord in private {and professional} relationships.
  • Sizzling Mood: Mars can contribute to a scorching mood and impatience. People influenced by this planet could discover it difficult to regulate their mood throughout disturbing conditions.

Causes for Kuja Dosha:

Kuja Dosha emerges because of the positioning of the planet Mars (Kuja) in particular homes inside a person’s start chart or Kundli. This dosha, often known as Manglik dosha or Chovva dosham, can have far-reaching penalties on numerous features of 1’s life, notably within the context of marriage. To achieve a deeper understanding of the explanations behind Kuja dosha, it’s important to discover its circumstances and implications.
Kuja dosha manifests when Mars is located in any of the next homes throughout the start chart:
2nd Home: Kuja dosha is triggered when Mars is positioned within the 2nd home from the ascendant, Moon, or Venus. This home primarily pertains to household and speech, and the presence of Mars right here can affect communication throughout the household, doubtlessly inflicting conflicts.
4th Home: Mars’ placement within the 4th home can activate Kuja dosha. The 4th home pertains to home happiness and feelings. Mars right here could result in emotional aggressiveness and instability throughout the household setting.
seventh Home: Kuja dosha is mostly related to Mars occupying the seventh home, which is instantly associated to marriage. This placement is believed to create disharmony, disputes, and potential challenges in marital relationships.
eighth Home: When Mars is discovered within the eighth home from the ascendant, Moon, or Venus, it may well additionally contribute to Kuja dosha. The eighth home offers with transformations, and this placement could result in vital disruptions or transformations in marital life.
twelfth Home: Mars within the twelfth home can set off Kuja dosha. The twelfth home is related to losses, bills, and solitude. Mars right here could lead to monetary difficulties and solitude-related challenges.
Nonetheless, it’s necessary to notice that the mere presence of Mars in these homes doesn’t assure the manifestation of Kuja dosha. Particular planetary mixtures, features, and the general planetary alignment throughout the start chart should additionally align with these placements to activate the dosha’s results.
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Impacts of Kuja Dosha on Marriage:

Kuja dosha can exert vital and sometimes difficult results on one’s marriage. The affect of this dosha is especially pronounced when Mars, the planet related to battle and aggression, influences the seventh home within the start chart, which is intimately related with marriage and partnerships. Understanding the implications of Kuja dosha on marriage is essential for people looking for harmonious and enduring marital relationships.

1. Fixed Quarrels and Disagreements:

When Mars impacts the seventh home adversely, it tends to ignite conflicts, quarrels, and frequent disagreements between spouses. The fiery and aggressive nature of Mars can result in a hostile and argumentative ambiance throughout the marriage, making it troublesome for {couples} to seek out frequent floor.

2. Potential for Abuse:

In extreme circumstances, Kuja dosha can escalate past mere disagreements and lead to numerous types of abuse, together with bodily, emotional, or verbal. The risky power of Mars could manifest as aggression, making it difficult for {couples} to keep up a peaceable and loving relationship.

3. Hardships As a consequence of Partner’s Conduct:

The detrimental affect of Kuja dosha can create hardships stemming from the habits of 1 or each companions. This may occasionally embrace impulsive actions, rash choices, and an general turbulent demeanor, which might disrupt marital concord and stability.

4. Chance of Separation:

In excessive cases, Kuja dosha could contribute to such irreconcilable variations and turmoil throughout the marriage that it may well result in separation and even divorce. The fixed strife and incompatibility brought on by the dosha can pressure the connection to the purpose the place {couples} really feel compelled to half methods.

The right way to Discover Kuja Dosha:

Figuring out Kuja dosha includes a nuanced evaluation of a person’s start chart (Kundli). Kuja dosha’s presence and severity depend upon a number of elements, making it important to consult professional astrologers for an correct evaluation.

Listed here are key insights into the best way to discover Kuja Dosha:

Mars’ Placement:

Whereas the basic issue is the location of Mars within the 2nd, 4th, seventh, eighth, or twelfth home from the ascendant, Moon, or Venus, this alone doesn’t verify Kuja dosha. Mars’ place should align with a number of of those homes to set off the dosha’s results. Furthermore, the signal (rasi) through which Mars is positioned may also affect its affect.

Planetary Elements:

Skilled astrologers think about planetary features of Mars throughout the start chart. The features, that are traces of sight or affect between planets, can both amplify or mitigate Kuja dosha’s results. Optimistic features from benefic planets could reduce its malefic affect.

Different Planetary Influences:

The general configuration of the start chart, together with the positions of different planets and their features, can both improve or diminish the dosha’s affect. Benefic planetary positions and mixtures can counterbalance the detrimental results of Kuja dosha.

Moon’s Placement:

The Moon’s place with Mars is one other important issue. Kuja dosha is categorized into differing kinds primarily based on the Moon’s placement. Its proximity to Mars and the home it occupies play a task in figuring out the dosha’s power.

Transits and Progressions:

Skilled astrologers additionally think about planetary transits and progressions to evaluate the timing and length of Kuja dosha’s affect. These elements may help predict when the dosha’s results could also be most pronounced.

Dasa and Bhukti Durations:

The timing of Kuja dosha’s affect could coincide with particular intervals ruled by Mars in an individual’s life. These are generally known as the Mars Dasa and Bhukti intervals, throughout which the dosha’s results could intensify.

Cures for Kuja Dosha:

Kuja dosha usually warrants the consideration of varied treatments to mitigate its potential hostile results. These treatments are geared toward appeasing Mars (Kuja), the planet related to the dosha, and restoring concord and steadiness in a single’s life, particularly within the context of marriage. Listed here are a number of treatments generally beneficial to handle Kuja dosha:

1. Marrying a Particular person with a Related Dosha:

One conventional treatment for Kuja dosha is to hunt a wedding alliance with a person who additionally has Kuja dosha of their start chart. The assumption is that the detrimental energies of each companions neutralize one another, fostering a extra harmonious conjugal relationship.
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2. Worshipping Lord Hanuman:

Lord Hanuman is taken into account the deity who can pacify the energies of Mars. Participating in common worship of Lord Hanuman may help mitigate the dosha’s hostile results. This may occasionally contain visiting Hanuman temples, performing particular pujas (rituals), and providing prayers and choices to the deity, particularly on Tuesdays.

3. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa:

The Hanuman Chalisa, a sacred hymn devoted to Lord Hanuman, is revered for its protecting and auspicious qualities. Reciting it each day, particularly on Tuesdays, is believed to invoke the deity’s blessings and scale back the depth of Kuja dosha.

4. Delaying Marriage Till After 28:

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Some people with Kuja dosha are suggested to delay their marriage till after the age of 28. It’s believed that the dosha’s affect wanes with age, making it much less malefic in later years. This precaution is taken to make sure a extra steady and harmonious marital life.
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5. Fasting on Tuesdays:

Observing fasts on Tuesdays, generally known as Mangalvar Vrat, is a standard follow to appease Mars. Throughout these fasts, people abstain from sure meals and have interaction in prayers to Mars, looking for its favorable affect and safety towards the dosha’s results.

6. Providing Prayers to Mars:

Performing particular rituals and prayers devoted to Mars may help scale back the dosha’s depth. This includes lighting a lamp or a ghee diya in honor of Mars and providing purple flowers and purple sandalwood paste.
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1) Can a person with Kuja Dosha marry a lady with no Kuja Dosha?

Sure, a person with Kuja Dosha can marry a lady with no Kuja Dosha. The affect of Kuja Dosha primarily impacts the one that has Mars positioned unfavorably of their start chart. Marrying a lady with no Kuja Dosha doesn’t essentially exacerbate the detrimental traits related to Mars within the man’s horoscope. It may assist steadiness the energies.

2) What if each husband and spouse are Manglik?

If each husband and spouse have Manglik dosha or Kuja Dosha of their respective start charts, it’s believed that this example can neutralize or cancel out the dosha’s results. This alignment is usually known as “Manglik to Manglik” or “Kuja Dosha cancellation.”
The reasoning behind this perception is that when two people with Mars placement within the 2nd, 4th, seventh, eighth, or twelfth home (the positions that set off Kuja Dosha) come collectively in marriage, the energies of Mars are thought to harmonize or negate one another. Due to this fact, it’s usually thought of a treatment for Kuja Dosha, and the dosha is believed to lose its malefic affect in such circumstances.

3) Can we take away Mangal Dosha after marriage?

Mangal Dosha, often known as Kuja Dosha or Manglik Dosha, is an astrological situation believed to be current in an individual’s start chart because of the unfavorable placement of Mars (Mangal). Whereas it’s historically related to pre-marital concerns, there are treatments that some individuals undertake after marriage to mitigate its results or search safety from its potential challenges.
Listed here are some post-marriage treatments which can be generally advised to handle or alleviate Mangal Dosha:

  1. Sporting Purple Coral: Sporting a purple coral gemstone embedded in gold on the ring finger is believed to pacify the affect of Mars and supply safety towards the dosha’s results. This follow is taken into account an astrological treatment.
  2. Fasting on Tuesdays: Observing a quick on Tuesdays, generally known as Mangalvar Vrat, is a standard follow to appease Mars. Throughout these fasts, people abstain from sure meals and have interaction in prayers to Mars, looking for its favorable affect.
  3. Preserving a Mangal Yantra at Residence: A Mangal Yantra is a sacred geometric diagram that represents Mars. Preserving this Yantra at house and worshiping it usually is believed to neutralize the detrimental results of Mangal Dosha.
  4. Chanting Mantras: Reciting particular Mantras, such because the Hanuman Chalisa or Mars-related Mantras, is believed to alleviate the dosha’s affect. Often chanting these Mantras may help search safety and blessings.
  5. Visiting Nava-Graha Temples: Visiting temples devoted to the 9 planetary deities (navagrahas), together with Mars, on Tuesdays may help search favorable planetary affect and alleviate the dosha’s results.
  6. Donating Purple Material and Feeding Animals: Donating purple material on Tuesdays, feeding grains and sweets to birds and animals, and different acts of charity are thought of auspicious and may help mitigate the dosha’s results.
  7. Donating Blood: Some people select to donate blood as soon as 1 / 4 as a charitable act to offset the detrimental influences of Mangal Dosha. That is believed to have a constructive affect on one’s karma.

4) How lengthy does Kuja Dosha final?

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Kuja Dosha, as soon as current in an individual’s start chart, is believed to persist all through their life. It’s true that after the age of 28, the character of Mars is believed to vary, and its results could develop into much less intense. Nonetheless, this doesn’t essentially imply that Kuja Dosha is eradicated.
The notion that marrying somebody with an identical Kuja Dosha can cancel or neutralize the dosha’s results is a standard perception in Vedic Astrology. Such marriages are also known as “Manglik to Manglik” or “Kuja Dosha cancellation” marriages. In these circumstances, it’s believed that the detrimental influences of Kuja Dosha in a single associate’s start chart are balanced or nullified by the same dosha within the different associate’s chart.
For many who don’t marry somebody with the identical Kuja Dosha, acceptable remedial measures, equivalent to carrying gem stones, observing fasts, performing rituals, and visiting temples, are beneficial to attenuate the dosha’s results. These treatments are meant to appease Mars and mitigate its potential challenges.

5) Was Aishwarya Rai Manglik?

Sure, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is believed to have had Manglik or Kuja Dosha in her horoscope. To deal with this astrological consideration and guarantee a harmonious married life, it’s reported that she participated in a ritual generally known as “Kumbh Vivah” or “Manglik Prayaschit,” through which an individual with Manglik Dosha marries a tree or an inanimate object earlier than marrying a human. In her case, it’s stated that she married two bushes, a peepal tree in Varanasi and a banana tree in Bengaluru, to nullify the potential results of Kuja Dosha.
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