What’s it Wish to Turn out to be Enlightened?

By Ted Orenstein

Religious enlightenment just isn’t hocus pocus, witchcraft-type stuff. It’s actual. It’s the actuality discovered by Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, and different legendary individuals, however it has additionally been skilled by many extraordinary individuals such as you.

Certainly, enlightenment might be skilled by logical, rational individuals. It’s a transcendent consciousness that anybody can expertise. It isn’t contradicted by logic, but just isn’t restrained by logic.

Simply As a result of You Haven’t But Skilled One thing, Does Not Imply It Doesn’t Exist

How do I do know what it’s prefer to grow to be enlightened? I’ve lived it. 

It was in the midst of the night time in 1969, a day or two after I had gone caroling, when it occurred. I used to be finding out for an upcoming examination with my soul nonetheless buoyed by the joyous loving spirit of Christmas. It struck me with no warning what Christ meant when he mentioned, “Do unto others as you’ll have them do unto you.”          

I Am Inside You and You Are Inside Me 

At our cores, we’re one. We’re linked via human love. That’s the reason I’m joyful once I make others joyful, and I’m sad once I make them sad.  After I first acknowledged this, it was a easy, but profound, realization. Later, via subsequent revelations, it was to grow to be increasingly more profound.  

My Persevering with Path to Enlightenment

A couple of yr after this primary revelation, I met a person who would grow to be my first non secular mentor. Each night time individuals gathered round him and had discussions about spirituality, life, which means, and the very nature of understanding. It was at the moment {that a} revelatory feeling got here to me. It was a sense of being at one with all dwelling issues, with your entire universe. Pure infinite consciousness. With it got here an innate understanding of why persons are what they’re. It was not an understanding within the nature of an mental understanding, however extra of a transcendental non secular consciousness.

I used to be fully in that Nirvana expertise for about three weeks. I developed a philosophy of life throughout that point that has stored evolving over time, though it’s in all probability incorrect to name it a philosophy. A philosophy tends to be mental and is described with phrases. Though these discussions in his house have been comprised of phrases, these phrases have been an try to explain a sense, an existence, an essence that went far past the ability of phrases to explain. These phrases catapulted me to a stage of understanding past phrases. 

I understood others so utterly, and thru that understanding of others, I gained a better understanding of myself. I spotted that the human spirit is everlasting, that there’s a objective and route to the universe, and that it’s good. I additionally realized that there’s a objective to life. That, in truth, life is simply too profound to be meaningless.

I realized that life’s substance is love, that love is the reply to all, and that Absolute Love is the true actuality. I realized that when inside Absolute Love, all is mechanically recognized and there’s no doubt. With it got here the conclusion that such an consciousness has all the time been inside me, inside all individuals, and that every one one has to do is open to the spirituality inside. Regardless that such a revelation can not final indefinitely on this imperfect lifetime on earth, it can’t be forgotten or doubted. It modifications one’s life.

The Assembly of Logic and Spirt

I’m a creature of logic, in addition to of spirit. If I’m to imagine one thing, it should not be opposite to my life expertise. In my school days and past, till my very own non secular awakening, I thought of myself an atheist. Now I do know that non secular enlightenment is that Common Consciousness recognized by many as God and Nirvana. 

I now imagine in God, however haven’t modified my requirement that God not contradict science, historical past, and life’s expertise. What I’ve realized via hindsight is that my drawback with faith was that I had accepted the definition of God taught to me by others, and subsequently was compelled to both reject such a god or droop expertise. What I now know is the Phrase of God just isn’t a booming voice dictating from on excessive, however can be a profound feeling you expertise when you are throughout the Oneness that connects you with all. Maybe this idea of God will allow you to see these outdated non secular teachings with new eyes.

The Oneness Inside

You possibly can expertise non secular enlightenment with its whole understanding and whole readability when you’ve got such a profound innate love and understanding of the universe and its beings that you just actually, naturally, mechanically, perceive others to the core, and see the often-hidden goodness inside them. Absolute Love is the essence of existence and the one true actuality. When experiencing Absolute Love all is understood; there isn’t any want and no want. It has all the time been inside us and might be discovered by opening oneself as much as it.

This love lets you join with others regardless of variations you might have with them. You acknowledge your self in them. In spite of everything, you, your self, aren’t all the time one of the best particular person you might be, however hopefully others will nonetheless settle for you and such as you. 

This idea has been recognized since earlier than recorded time and has been proposed by enlightened individuals of each tradition and age.


Right here is one of the best analogy I’ve ever encountered evaluating the Oneness inside us to our self-concept as a person: “The wave awakens to the notice that it’s water; its true origin. Water raises the waves and goes over them on the identical time. There are lots of completely different sorts of waves, completely different types, however water has neither kind nor distinction; water is homogeneous and formless and but the origin of waves of all types. Waves kind and vanish, however water is everlasting and indestructible, and it stays so even when it seems and disappears.” On the coronary heart of all waves is water. Water is the oneness that’s widespread to and connects all waves.

When you possibly can have such a relationship, you’re on the trail to Oneness. The extra which you can have such a relationship with better and better circles of beings, the nearer you come to the essence of The One  –non secular enlightenment, Nirvana, God. 

Coming to Enlightenment

We’re all on this collectively. Your life has no limits and no boundaries. You’re part of everybody else. The concept that you’re separate and that you just achieve at another person’s loss is merely an phantasm. It’s the phantasm born of matter, however because the matter has developed right into a human being, with the potential to conceptualize of a life past its mere bodily physique, we are able to break via the barrier encompassing that phantasm of separateness. 

After we take that step past the truth of the bodily to the truth of the non secular, the dimension the place there are not any boundaries, the place there are not any relativities, we come into enlightenment. 


Ted Orenstein writes, speaks, and teaches about non secular enlightenment. He enjoys sharing that there’s a objective and route to the universe, and that it’s good. A former lawyer, Ted’s mission is to assist others discover better which means and achievement, and a deeper understanding of why persons are what they’re. He’s the writer of Awaken Your Soul: How to Find Your Inner Spirit and Life’s Purpose. Be taught extra at tedorenstein.com/.

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