White Moon Selena and Calculation Quandaries

I just lately did my bimonthly Q&A with my patrons and one of many questions was about White Moon Selena. Right here’s the query:-

Are you able to please clarify White Moon Selene? Do you discover it vital, and is it associated in any respect to Black Moon Lilith?

Now this query led me down such a rabbit gap! Earlier than I even discover the which means of White Moon Selena, it’s needed to speak about some technical calculation points. On the Swiss ephemeris documents for this level (h56) it says:-

This can be a ‘hypothetical’ second Moon of the Earth (or a 3rd one, after the “Black Moon”) of obscure provenance. Many Russian astrologers use it. Its distance from the Earth is greater than 20 occasions the space of the Moon and it strikes in regards to the Earth in 7 years. Its orbit is an ideal, unperturbed circle. In fact, the bodily existence of such a physique will not be attainable. The gravities of Solar, Earth, and Moon would strongly affect its orbit.

So, the very first thing I did, as I haven’t used this level earlier than, was to calculate Selena alone chart utilizing photo voltaic hearth astrology software program. As you’ll be able to see right here, it’s at 21 levels of Taurus. If I needed to do the identical calculation on Astro.com, I would want to make use of h56 within the extra objects tables.

Now, right here is the issue. In fashionable astrology, particularly up to now few years, White Moon Selena has been mentioned to be the perigee of the Moon. Let’s simply take a look at that first so we perceive what this implies – and for this, I would like to speak about Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith - Apogee and Perigee

So, as you’ll be able to see from this picture above, the Moon’s orbit across the Earth isn’t an ideal circle. As an alternative, it’s an ellipse. If it have been an ideal circle, then the centre of the Earth could be the gravitational level round which the Moon would circle. However an ellipse has two gravitational factors or foci. A type of gravitational factors is contained in the Earth and the opposite is in house. That gravitational level in house is Black Moon Lilith. Maintain that thought.

Now, as a result of the Moon has an elliptical orbit, typically it’s far-off from the Earth – which is known as the apogee and typically it’s nearer to the Earth which is the perigee. If we on Earth are trying in direction of the apogee of the Moon, our technical line of sight would go proper by means of that gravitational level I spoke about above. So, to be clear then, from our vantage level on Earth, Black Moon Lilith is the second foci of gravity of the Moon’s orbit and the apogee of the Moon. We base our interpretation of Black Moon Lilith on these astronomical details in addition to in fact the story of Lilith who was first spouse to Adam.

So the place does H56 and White Moon Selena match into all this? Effectively, that is the quandary I found.

After I calculated White Moon Selena on my chart, as you’ll be able to see above, it’s nowhere close to the opposition of Black Moon Lilith. If White Moon Selena is the perigee of the Moon, then technically, that ought to be someplace reverse Black Moon Lilith. However right here you’ll be able to see that Selena, this hypothetical Moon, is nowhere close to the perigee of the true Moon’s orbit. So, all of the interpretations that I may need considered, concerning H56 White Moon Selena simply fell aside underneath scrutiny as a result of it isn’t linked. It’s merely a hypothetical level that has no foundation in actuality as famous by the Swiss Ephemeris paperwork.

However, if I apply all that’s mentioned of White Moon Selena to the precise perigee of the Moon, that to me makes far more sense and is an illuminating and intriguing contrasting story to Black Moon Lilith. To seek out this White Moon Selena then, I suggest you’ll want to calculate the true place of Black Moon Lilith (h13 on astro.com) in your chart and there you will see Selena, within the opposing diploma of true (not imply) Black Moon Lilith.

After I requested my astrologer associates about all this, my colleague astrologer Lynn Hayes pointed me to an article by Richard Nolle. It fascinates me that we each got here to an analogous conclusion independently that the archetypal story of Selena is extra in line with the purpose reverse true Black Moon Lilith than with the hypothetical White Moon Selena (h56) level that everybody generally makes use of. Really, Nolle then goes on to posit the concept that the purpose reverse Black Moon Lilith ought to actually be referred to as Eve, so there we’ve one other avenue to discover! After which I haven’t even talked about that in Continental Europe, there are some astrologers who take into account the perigee, the purpose reverse Black Moon Lilith, to be Priapus, a lusty fertility God. Okay, so now we’ve extra prospects for methods to discover Lilith’s shadow/reverse/counterpart. Perhaps all of them are proper, layers of interpretation making a 3D rounded image.

So, that is the quandary that surrounds White Moon Selena (h56), and it will be as much as private desire as to which level folks use to discover this story – both h56 or the diploma reverse true Black Moon Lilith, i.e., the Moon’s perigee. My desire is for the latter as I’m uncomfortable utilizing a hypothetical moon that can’t have any foundation in actuality. However others could really feel attuned to the symbolic which means and motion of this level and I can’t argue with that.

I also needs to say that there’s at all times slightly room for error with any calculation of the lunar apogee and perigee because the Solar’s gravitational tug on the Moon’s orbit will trigger perturbances. However nonetheless, the diploma reverse Black Moon Lilith is rather a lot nearer to the perigee than Selena H56. It’s also possible to calculate perigee on Astro.com utilizing h22. It gained’t be precisely reverse Black Moon Lilith until certainly one of them is conjunct or sq. the Solar however nonetheless, it is perhaps price taking part in with the concept too.

So then, technicalities out of the way in which (my head remains to be whirling!), how can we play with this imagery, story and symbolism to higher perceive White Moon Selena? While I’m outdated associates with Black Moon Lilith as she is instantly conjunct the Solar in my natal chart, White Moon Selena is a brand new character on my archetype stage. Listed here are the concepts I’m interested by, starting first with my acquainted darkish Goddess earlier than I transfer to the sunshine.

As Black Moon Lilith is on the apogee of the Moon, far, far-off from Earth, we sense her, a gravitational pull from house, a tug deep inside. However we can’t see her. She is a wraith, an insubstantial factor who was as soon as made flesh and allowed into Paradise to be with Adam. However Adam didn’t deal with her properly. Adam thought he was higher than her. So Lilith, who was so highly effective that she knew the identify of God, mentioned no! No, I cannot be subservient! She left the Backyard of Eden and for her audacity, for her impudence, Lilith has been demonised ever since, as has the divine female and the Earthly feminine all through historical past.

Black Moon Lilith’s place exhibits the place we’ve huge inventive potential, but she can also be the place we really feel demonised, the place we really feel unacceptable. She is what we are saying no to, the place we refuse to be mistreated but usually expertise mistreatment. She is the a part of us that appears unreachable and out of contact and but we really feel her deeply, powerfully, an inside void, ready to be crammed. She is the witch, whose archetype has been polluted all through time, the cursed one, the scapegoat for the horrors of the world. Black Moon Lilith is the facility of our magic after we focus our intention. Simply as Lilith mentioned, I need to be made flesh, we too make our needs manifest.

So, what of Selena? Selene in mythology was a Moon goddess – maid, mom, crone, moderately just like the fates Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos with whom Selene was typically linked. Out of curiosity, Lachesis is the one who presents us our guardian angel, or spirit information that may accompany us by means of life. Finding asteroid Lachesis in your natal chart can provide you extra details about that. However, going again to Selene, she is in mythology, the Moon, the guiding gentle by means of the darkish. There may be a lot extra to her myths in fact however that is what I’ll work with proper now.

If Lilith is what we are saying no to, then Selena is what we are saying sure to. She is the place we all know with out query that that is the way in which. She is the place we really feel blessed, the place we’re in contact with our guardian angel, the place we really feel protected. Black Moon Lilith, solid out of Paradise, was not protected. In lots of tales, it’s mentioned she birthed the horrors of the world. She was the mom of demons and killer of human youngsters. There was nobody there to sing her praises, raise her up, or defend her legacy.

If Black Moon Lilith speaks of descent of heavenly powers into earthly manifestation, then possibly White Moon Selena, on the actual reverse diploma of true Black Moon Lilith, represents the transmutation of fabric to religious. If Selena is the perigee of the Moon, then the explanation we join along with her so instantly is as a result of she is nearer to us. We discover her simpler to embody, simpler to narrate to as a result of she is one way or the other extra like us than Black Moon Lilith. With Black Moon Lilith so far-off, so past our understanding, she turns into the scary witch with a crooked nostril and a wild cackle, the depraved witch of the west. However with Selena so near us, she’s extra like the type outdated lady who lives within the final home of the village. She’s the one you go to quietly after Church on Sunday afternoon since you want slightly potion to tickle your lover or remedy an sick or attraction away slightly unhealthy luck. Perhaps Selena is the nice witch of the north. If Black Moon Lilith is the ghost that haunts us, then maybe White Moon Selena is a fairy Godmother, granting needs, one, two, three. Now click on your heels collectively.

Nonetheless, if we’re to create an axis from these two, Black Moon Lilith and White Moon Selena are two sides of the identical coin, all referring to our lunar expression, all connecting to our emotional journey as souls. There may be magic sure inside them each, not darkish or gentle however a impartial power that shifts relying on our intention. While we’ve phrases like black and white, darkish and light-weight to explain them, they aren’t merely polarities. Neither is wholly unhealthy or good. Black Moon Lilith exhibits us the place we have to honour ourselves for who we’re, even when all others forsake us. She is instantly linked to our manifestation magic. Keep in mind, she is aware of the identify of God! In shadow, White Moon Selena can lurch in direction of religious bypassing if she will not be embraced with readability and grounded consciousness.

So, these are just a few ideas I’m considering round White Moon Selena. As I mentioned earlier, personally, I’d apply all these meanings to the diploma that’s precisely reverse to Black Moon Lilith’s true place within the chart moderately than the h56 level because of the latter not being an actual level or physique in our materials universe. Nonetheless, I current these concepts gently, with consideration to different astrologers who could have totally different theories, observe and expertise and with the data that our self-discipline is ever evolving as we uncover extra in regards to the heavens and ourselves.

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